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Discussion Forum : Letter and Symbol Series - Type 2 (Q.No. 14)
Directions to Solve
Look carefully at the sequence of symbols to find the pattern. Select correct pattern.

Answer: Option
Each arrow in this continuing series moves a few degrees in a clockwise direction. Think of these arrows as the big hand on a clock. The first arrow is at noon. The last arrow before the blank would be 12:40. Choice b, the correct answer, is at 12:45.
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Chandra Bdr. Chaudhary said:   5 years ago
I am interesting for practicing such things because it helps to sharpen the mind.

Anju162 said:   6 years ago
The first arrow of all the options moves upward, 2nd moves towards the right, 3rd moves down then the 4th arrow may moves to left.

Deena said:   9 years ago
Consider the arrows like wall clock. The first arrow shows 12'O clock & second 12.10 and so on. & final arrow 12.35.

Arvind kushwaha said:   9 years ago
I thing each arrow rotate 45 degree angle in clockwise direction.

Sabir ali said:   1 decade ago
The arrow rotate 45 Degree in clockwise direction. AT the last total rotated angle by arrow would be 270 degree.

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