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Directions to Solve
Each question has an underlined word followed by four answer choices. You will choose the word that is a necessary part of the underlined word.

Answer: Option
To harvest something, one must have a crop, which is the essential element for this item. Autumn (choice a) is not the only time crops are harvested. There may not be enough of a crop to stockpile (choice b), and you can harvest crops without a tractor (choice c).
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Vardhani said:   4 years ago
Agree, D is the right option.

Priya said:   4 years ago
Stockpile - They save large amount of supply for future purpose.

Ashu said:   5 years ago
What is stockpile?

Ashwin said:   7 years ago
Without crop there is no use of season, tractor etc.

Mundrusanthi said:   8 years ago
Period of gathering corps is called harvest.

Joravar singh said:   8 years ago
Cutting of crop is called harvest.

Madhu said:   9 years ago
Harvest means if crop is ripened then we will collect the raw materials. This collection of materials is called harvesting.

Vikas chaudhary said:   9 years ago
Please tell me full answer.

Anuj said:   9 years ago
Harvest is also of water, so why only crop.

LUcky said:   9 years ago
Please tell me answer.

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