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Directions to Solve
Each question has an underlined word followed by four answer choices. You will choose the word that is a necessary part of the underlined word.

Answer: Option
The necessary part of a book is its pages; there is no book without pages. Not all books are fiction (choice a), and not all books have pictures (choice c). Learning (choice d) may or may not take place with a book
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Lukas said:   1 year ago
Yes, Audiobook has no pages.

Zee said:   3 years ago
Guys what if the book has blank pages?

No learnings then, I would go with pages only.

Priya said:   4 years ago

An audiobook is a is a recording of a book that you can listen to.

Kanishka Roy said:   4 years ago
An e-book has e-pages. What about an audio book?

Yash Goel said:   8 years ago
A book may also be an e-book. So it doesn't necessarily have pages. But every book, even a comic, has some learning associated with it. So I suggest that D is the right option.

Mayur patel said:   8 years ago
Book is composed of pages. So pages is the right answer.

Vikas patidar said:   9 years ago
It is right contain provide book page without page is not possible of learning.

So right answer is page.

Jayanthi said:   9 years ago
Yes it is right the book contain pages.

Anish sae baja said:   9 years ago
Yep learning may be a right answer when we read book. Rather if we don't read then there is no learning but still have pages on it.

Upender Singh Rajput said:   9 years ago
I Think learning is the right ans, and page is the right answer for copy note book.

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