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Discussion :: Artificial Language - Type 2 (Q.No.2)

Translate from an imaginary language into English. Then, look for the word elements that appear both on the list and in the answer choices.


Here are some words translated from an artificial language.
slar means jump
slary means jumping
slarend means jumped
Which word could mean "playing"?

[A]. clargslarend
[B]. clargy
[C]. ellaclarg
[D]. slarmont

Answer: Option B


According to this language, slar means jump. The suffix -ing is represented by -y. Since choice b is the only one that ends in the letter y, this is the only possible option.

Joe said: (Sep 19, 2015)  
What I didn't get it.

Pallavi said: (Jun 16, 2016)  
It's simple.

Playing and jumping in both the words "ing" is common so slar which means jump (after observation).

So only 'y' in denoting ing.

Which is common in the word playing is 'y' according to the given option 'y' came only in B sentence.

Therefore, the answer is b.

Bhavani said: (Jan 28, 2019)  

it is very simple.

slar =jump
slar+ y =jump +ing
slar+ end =jump +ed.

Here we can observe " y" refer to" ing".
So in the given options we can see commonly in word playing is "y" according to the given option "y" came only in option B.


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