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Discussion :: Artificial Language - Type 1 (Q.No.2)

First, you will be given a list of three "nonsense" words and their English word meanings. The question(s) that follow will ask you to reverse the process and translate an English word into the artificial language.


Here are some words translated from an artificial language.
hapllesh means cloudburst
srenchoch means pinball
resbosrench means ninepin
Which word could mean "cloud nine"?

[A]. leshsrench
[B]. ochhapl
[C]. haploch
[D]. haplresbo

Answer: Option D


Hapl means cloud; lesh means burst; srench means pin; och means ball; and resbo means nine. Leshsrench (choice a) doesn't contain any of the words needed for cloud nine. We know that och means ball, so that rules out choices b and c. When you combine hapl (cloud) with resbo (nine), you get the correct answer

Bunty said: (Jul 9, 2013)  
How can we identify that 6 letters out of 9 letters belong to the first word and others to second word?

K.Bhavyamadhuri said: (May 19, 2016)  
It's hard to learn but interesting to solve the problem.

Arshad said: (May 23, 2017)  
What is a basic trick to solve this problem? Can anyone tell me?

Mozammil said: (Jan 3, 2020)  
I'm not understanding this, please anyone tell me in detail.

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