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Directions to Solve
Choose the statement that is best supported by the information given in the question passage.

During colonial times in America, juries were encouraged to ask questions of the parties in the courtroom. The jurors were, in fact, expected to investigate the facts of the case themselves. If jurors conducted an investigation today, we would throw out the case.
This paragraph best supports the statement that
juries are less important today than they were in colonial times.
jurors today are less interested in court cases than they were in colonial times.
courtrooms today are more efficient than they were in colonial times.
jurors in colonial times were more informed than jurors today.
the jury system in America has changed since colonial times.
Answer: Option
The paragraph focuses on the idea that the jury system is different from what it was in colonial times. There is no support given for choices a, b, and c. Choice d is incorrect because, even though jurors in colonial times were expected to investigate and ask questions, this does not necessarily mean that they were more informed than today's jurors.
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Pratik Patil said:   6 years ago
Jurors are not as well equipped to handle the investigation today. So we won't be interested in the case if it is investigated by the juror.

Marcel said:   9 years ago
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