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Discussion Forum : Analogies - Type 6 (Q.No. 2)
Directions to Solve
Choose the pair that best represents a similar relationship to the one expressed in the original pair of words.

fallacy : dismay
genre : mystery
satire : anger
mimicry : tears
horror : fear
Answer: Option
Slapstick results in laughter; horror results in fear.
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Burey said:   4 years ago
Yes, why not c?

Irene said:   5 years ago
Just like slapstick being a genre results in laughter, similarly, satire being a genre might arouse anger.

Meghana said:   5 years ago
Satire can also result into anger. Then why not c?

Fayu said:   5 years ago
Why not option c?

Talib said:   7 years ago
How it can be decided this option will be answer otherwise there are many other similar answers like mimicry and tear, the tear is also a result of mimicry.

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