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Discussion Forum : Analogies - Type 6 (Q.No. 9)
Directions to Solve
Choose the pair that best represents a similar relationship to the one expressed in the original pair of words.

finicky : thoughtful
cautious : emotional
envious : desiring
shy : familiar
asinine : silly
Answer: Option
To be phobic is to be extremely fearful; to be asinine is to be extremely silly.
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Shubh said:   5 years ago
An envious person desires what is possessed by others, either qualities or materialistic things.

Gautam said:   8 years ago
An envious person must be desiring?

Tim T said:   1 decade ago
While E may be the better answer, this analogy could be interpreted as: a phobic person must be fearful and an envious person must be desiring; an asinine person may not be extremely silly as they could also be extremely stupid per the definition. this chain of logic leads to an answer of C rather than E.

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