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Directions to Solve
Choose the picture that would go in the empty box so that the two bottom pictures are related in the same way as the top two are related.

Answer: Option
A U.S. flag is to a fireworks display as a Halloween mask is to a pumpkin. This relationship shows symbols. The flag and fireworks are symbols of the Fourth of July. The mask and pumpkin are symbols of Halloween.
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Beast said:   7 years ago
When American independence happen there is lots of bomb bursting to celebrate it n same when Halloween an American social program happens then Americans are dressed like ghosts and celebrate the festival.

SANDIP KUMAR said:   7 years ago
Please anyone explain it.

Vishalakshi said:   8 years ago
Yeah, not getting this, Please explain it.

Mhk said:   8 years ago
I am not able to understand fourth of July, can anyone explain this?

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