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Directions to Solve
Choose the picture that would go in the empty box so that the two bottom pictures are related in the same way as the top two are related.

Answer: Option
Towel is to bathtub as chest of drawers is to bed. The towel and bathtub are both found in a bathroom; the chest and the bed are both found in a bedroom.
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Mike said:   9 years ago
Its not socks because you don't put the towel into the bath tub. But what I was thinking was that the relationship is that you use the towel after you are done (get out of) with the bath tub and you use the dresser after your are done (get out of) the bed.

Akash said:   9 years ago
Why shouldn't we answer as the socks are kept in the drawer?

Mervyn said:   9 years ago
This is some what inappropriate.

Ritvik Mohapatra said:   9 years ago
Socks can also be true I guess.

Gaurav said:   8 years ago
Nice explanation, Thanks @Mike.

AJay said:   6 years ago
What they mean is a towel and the bathtub both is said to be in the same room that is bathroom. Same way chest of drawers and bed stays in the same room. That is what they meant. But we even can have socks in the same room as the chest of drawers.

Kaddy said:   3 years ago

That's good explanation and I hope all understand it very well. Thanks.

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