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Directions to Solve
Choose the picture that would go in the empty box so that the two bottom pictures are related in the same way as the top two are related.

Answer: Option
Grapes are to a pear as cheese is to butter. This relationship shows the grouping or category to which something belongs. Grapes and pears are fruit; cheese and butter are both dairy products.
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Keerthi said:   1 year ago
1 Cheese 3 also looks similarly options are not clearly shown.

Naveen Singh lodhi said:   4 years ago
It seems that it looks like Pizza going by appearance burger is the right choice to be.

And if its a cheese then option A stands correct.

Bushra said:   5 years ago
This picture is not clear. I can not understand in this question. Please anyone explain me.

Bhavna said:   6 years ago
Why not is the slice of bread is the correct one?

ANOOP said:   7 years ago
Picture also looks similar to a piece of cake. So option 3 is also correct as both are bakery product.

Seema said:   7 years ago
I also think that burger is correct answer because the picture is shown is like pizza.

Dimpi said:   8 years ago
Pictures are not clear. The name of the picture should mention below the pictures for better understanding.

Ganesh said:   8 years ago
How would I know that it is cheese and not a slice from pizza? So burger may be answer.

THIYAGARAJAN.S said:   9 years ago
How to answer correct identification?

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