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Directions to Solve
A good way to figure out the relationship in a given question is to make up a sentence that describes the relationship between the first two words. Then, try to use the same sentence to find out which of the answer choices completes the same relationship with the third word.

Pen is to poet as needle is to
Answer: Option
A pen is a tool used by a poet. A needle is a tool used by a tailor. The answer is not choice a, b, or c because none is a person and therefore cannot complete the analogy.
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Josephine said:   8 years ago
Poets use pens, so the needle is using by a tailor.

Aamer Shaikh said:   8 years ago

Because there is a poet. If there would be poetry then sewing would be correct.

Yash said:   8 years ago
Why can't it be sewing?

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