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A good way to figure out the relationship in a given question is to make up a sentence that describes the relationship between the first two words. Then, try to use the same sentence to find out which of the answer choices completes the same relationship with the third word.

Sponge is to porous as rubber is to
Answer: Option
A sponge is a porous material. Rubber is an elastic material. (Choice a) is incorrect because rubber would not generally be referred to as massive. The answer is not (choice b) because even though rubber is a solid, its most noticeable characteristic is its elasticity. Choice d is incorrect because rubber has flexibility.
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Mainak said:   7 years ago
Porous means pores and it means hollow so not solid then rubber is solid.

Ashutosh mishra said:   7 years ago
It is talking about material, therefore if the sponge is porous then rubber should be SOLID. Isn't it?

Amber said:   8 years ago
Porous means pores in the sponge.

Sponge means soft.

Saheli Dassharma said:   9 years ago
This forum is very useful. But if many questions related to every type is posted. It will be really helpful.

Ritu said:   9 years ago
What is the meaning of Sponge and Porous?

Manu said:   9 years ago
Observe the relation between the given relation and use the same one to find the answer.

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