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A good way to figure out the relationship in a given question is to make up a sentence that describes the relationship between the first two words. Then, try to use the same sentence to find out which of the answer choices completes the same relationship with the third word.

Elated is to despondent as enlightened is to
Answer: Option
Elated is the opposite of despondent; enlightened is the opposite of ignorant.
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Vinit said:   2 years ago
What is meant by elated?

Nastasha angus said:   2 years ago

What meant by uneducated?

DEBARAN DAS said:   2 years ago
Ignorant means Uneducated.

Prankur said:   4 years ago
Thank you guys.

Rishabh said:   4 years ago
Ignorant means?

Laxmi Narasimha said:   4 years ago
Thank you @Ashritha.

Ashritha said:   4 years ago
Meaning of miserable means a state of unhappy & discomfort.

LAKSHMIKANTH REDDY said:   5 years ago
What is mean by miserable?

Manu said:   7 years ago
What is meant by elated and despondent?

Devi said:   9 years ago
Despondent = discourage, low spirited, low hearted, dispirited.

Enlightened = informed, aware, educated.

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