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A good way to figure out the relationship in a given question is to make up a sentence that describes the relationship between the first two words. Then, try to use the same sentence to find out which of the answer choices completes the same relationship with the third word.


Window is to pane as book is to

[A]. novel
[B]. glass
[C]. cover
[D]. page

Answer: Option D


A window is made up of panes, and a book is made up of pages. The answer is not (choice a) because a novel is a type of book. The answer is not (choice b) because glass has no relationship to a book. (Choice c) is incorrect because a cover is only one part of a book; a book is not made up of covers.

Cherry Dabalos said: (Sep 4, 2015)  
It is good since a followup discussion is provided.

Sahin said: (Apr 26, 2016)  
However, the purpose of the window is that we can keep it open when we want air/light/view. Similarly, we open the cover of the book when we want to read it, that is its purpose.

In both cases, the pane and the cover make way for us to use them.

R.K. said: (Oct 18, 2017)  
What is pane?

Gavidi Srikanth said: (Oct 26, 2017)  
A piece, section, or side of something: such as. A :a framed sheet of glass in a window or door. Frost on a window pane.

Vinit said: (Oct 22, 2021)  
Pane means?

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