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Discussion Forum : Inner Classes - Finding the output (Q.No. 2)
What will be the output of the program?
public class HorseTest 
    public static void main (String [] args) 
        class Horse 
            public String name; /* Line 7 */
            public Horse(String s) 
                name = s;
        } /* class Horse ends */
        Object obj = new Horse("Zippo"); /* Line 13 */
        Horse h = (Horse) obj; /* Line 14 */
} /* class HorseTest ends */
An exception occurs at runtime at line 10.
It prints "Zippo".
Compilation fails because of an error on line 7.
Compilation fails because of an error on line 13.
Answer: Option

The code in the HorseTest class is perfectly legal. Line 13 creates an instance of the method-local inner class Horse, using a reference variable declared as type Object. Line 14 casts the Horse object to a Horse reference variable, which allows line 15 to compile. If line 14 were removed, the HorseTest code would not compile, because class Object does not have a name variable.

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Suresh N said:   6 years ago
Output is compilation error.

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem:
at HorseTest.main(

Anyone help me to resolve it.

Cutie said:   7 years ago

I also want to ask the same question. Can anyone answer this? Please.

Mani said:   9 years ago
Horse h = (Horse) obj;

How it works? Can any one explain.

Sai said:   9 years ago
There is no default constructor. So I suspect answer is compilation fails.

Avi said:   1 decade ago
Is this "public Horse(String s)" Parametric constructor?

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