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Which statement is true?

[A]. Memory is reclaimed by calling Runtime.gc().
[B]. Objects are not collected if they are accessible from live threads.
[C]. An OutOfMemory error is only thrown if a single block of memory cannot be found that is large enough for a particular requirement.
[D]. Objects that have finalize() methods always have their finalize() methods called before the program ends.

Answer: Option B


Option B is correct. If an object can be accessed from a live thread, it can't be garbage collected.

Option A is wrong. Runtime.gc() asks the garbage collector to run, but the garbage collector never makes any guarantees about when it will run or what unreachable objects it will free from memory.

Option C is wrong. The garbage collector runs immediately the system is out of memory before an OutOfMemoryException is thrown by the JVM.

Option D is wrong. If this were the case then the garbage collector would actively hang onto objects until a program finishes - this goes against the purpose of the garbage collector.

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