Who has inspired you in your life and why?

HR Interview
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Ganesh Yewale said:   6 days ago
My parents inspired me.

Shruti said:   1 week ago
My father inspired me a lot he is the inspiration for me.

Vijaymani said:   2 weeks ago
Past days inspires me because it teaches me not to do mistakes as I do now.

Aryan said:   2 weeks ago
I got inspired by my parents in my life.

Swathi padala said:   2 months ago
My parents inspired me in my life they faced so many problems in life but they never give up and do hrad work for us. They are the only ones who always supported and motivates to achieve my goal.

Anupama said:   3 months ago
Actually I don't inspire with anyone because everyone has its Life and own problems.

The only thing I can do is, I need to figure out the ways to get out of it.

Vishal verma said:   3 months ago
My inspiration is my father. He faced so many problems in his life but he never give up And do hard work for us.

Vineeth said:   3 months ago
Sir, there are more than one people who inspires me. My father, he inspires me to become a financialy independent person. My friends, they inspires me to acheive a respectable position with a better salary and my mother, she inspires me to get a better life, a healthy life.

Shakthi shetty said:   3 months ago
My inspiration is my father. Because of him, I am here. And he faced so many problems in his life. But he never give up. When I was in tough situation he motivated me with his words.

Helan said:   3 months ago
It's nice to reflect on those who have inspired me. It has been different people who have overtly inspired me. They helped me tap into my strength and influenced my action.

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