Where do you see yourself five years from now?

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Hemant Sharma said:   3 months ago
In 5 years, I see myself having developed a professional mindset and a strong foundation in my respected field of work.

My short-term goal is to get good at speaking in front of a group of people by practising or taking an online course, which will eventually help me in my long-term career goal, such as getting leadership roles.

However, My long-term career goal is to gain valuable experience and skills [ for Eg - professional communication, problem-solving, Critical and creative thinking, Leadership, project management, Emotional intelligence, etc. ] to take on more responsibilities and leadership roles or maybe specialist roles and continue contributing to the growth and success of the company.

Before applying, I reviewed your job posting. It seems like this position would offer some significant challenges and learning opportunities for someone relatively new in their customer service career like myself.


Gaurav sharma said:   4 years ago
Sir, I would like to see myself after the five years in one of the respective position in the organisation.

I will be a huge learning curve. I want to absorb much of my knowledge and also to sharpen my technical abilities. I see myself playing a various role in a team from a developer to leading a team. I want to see myself with leadership qualities at a senior position. I see myself inspiring another other individual for their career through my speech. I will be handling more responsibilities and would be working to fulfil the Organisation Exceptions. I also improve my knowledge and skill toward the works and it will definitely improve my growth as well.

Prateek said:   5 years ago
To be honest, I think it is a bit difficult to know now exactly where I will be 5 years from now. Certainly, my main goal is to move forward and to get ahead to a senior managerial position of central answerability. Sometimes while doing so we also imbibe qualities not related to the present task of expertise, but it's a constant learning process that I will follow. Thus I need to continue my learning in the areas that are essential to this company and which will also stand me in good stead for my personal and professional betterment. This is something I look forward to doing. Once I have given it my two years from now I can define my goals more narrowly.

Saurabh Singh said:   4 months ago
In the five years, I see myself as a highly skilled and experienced professional, having taken on greater responsibilities and made significant contributions to the growth and success of the company.

I hope to have expanded my expertise in my field, developed new skills and knowledge, and established a reputation as a reliable and dedicated team player.

Additionally, I see myself as a leader in my field, sharing my insights and experiences with others and helping to drive innovation and progress.

My long-term goal is to continue to grow and develop professionally, making a positive impact in my work and the lives of those around me.

Ishaan Pandey said:   5 years ago
Sir, honestly the only thing I have been interested in since the age of six is astronomy. I am irritated of not being able to try my luck for my dream job. I know the names of all of Saturn's moons and the temperature of interstellar space and how much is absolute zero and if you want, I can name 35 galaxies and 20 stars without a single fumble. I know how a rocket's engine works. I know the entire structure of the ISSS and a spacesuit. So, I shall do what I desire. In the future, I would like to be remembered as a revolutionary scientist who took this world to the next generation of astronomy.

Riyaz said:   1 year ago
One of the things that excite's me the most about this job is the opportunity to do many things. As a fresher, in the next 5 years, I would develop and learn skills and my passion in learning new technologies that would help me in enhancing in practical knowledge and also in the growth of the company. Once I have established the skills to understand the Companies protocol in the next 3-5 years I would like to this role in a bit of where I can lead and help my team and be helpful and supportive to other team members by carrying out my work completely and diligently. Thank you, sir.

Ray S. said:   6 years ago
Entering the corporate world as fresher and a management graduate, I want to concentrate on learning while performing to the maximum, so that in 5 years' time I can start contributing to the organization, not just at project level but at tactical and strategic levels.

I would like to gradually reach a position of strategic management in my organisation, from where I can see to it that we are continuing to be able, not only to leverage our competencies to reach our targetted heights, but also to widen our target boundaries.

Vishal said:   3 years ago
(1) After 5 Years, I would like to see myself more matured, Experience, knowledge, and a Responsible person in your company.

(2) Make a good relationship with all office members and staff.

(3) And Now, I will be the most valuable and responsible person in this company.

(4) I would like to see myself more matured, experienced and good knowledge of my work & responsibilities along with a challenging career.

(5) I want to see myself as a responsible person at a respected position in a reputed company like yours.

Shirish said:   7 months ago
I see myself from 5 years working in the organisation in the same role or in a higher role with greater communication skills and patient management with high standards of treatment procedure I would be following the rules laid by the health care organisation and I would have left the rules made by NHS to maintain the high standards patient quality and care and following the core values of NHS to prove myself in this 5 years and so on to maintain the standards of Physiotherapy treatment patient care and recovery.

Anubhav gupta said:   2 years ago
First, I will break my 5 years into batches of 1-2 year goals. In the initial year, I would like to be the more knowledgeable or skillful person for the current position. And the second goal would be to get experience because I believe that as a student we can get skills but the experience can only be got by working in an organization, working under deadlines etc. And after some time I would like to contribute my knowledge to my juniors and will take responsibility more seriously for growth of the company.

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