What motivates you to do good job?

HR Interview
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Priyanka rathod said:   7 years ago
My family motivates me, they encourage me to do a good job.

Dhanalakshmi said:   7 years ago
My failure motivates me to do a good job.

Krishna said:   7 years ago
My elder's advice motivates me.

Vigneshwaran said:   7 years ago
My self-confidence motivates me to do a good job.

Sohan baba said:   7 years ago
To do the work easy for coming people.

Punam khaire said:   7 years ago
Mostly official environment companies plans & policies, working environment also motivate me for better performance.

Adiba said:   7 years ago
My family, my passion and determination towards the work I love to do.

Shadab Malik said:   7 years ago
Physically handicapped people get me motivation to do a good job.

Rahul Yadav said:   7 years ago
I have always been motivated by the desire to do a good job at whatever position I am in. I want to excel and to be a successful in my job, both for my own personal satisfaction and for my employer.

Somaya aggarwal said:   7 years ago
Sir, my aim is to be a successful person which will give me social reputation as well as good life. It was only my dream which motivates me.

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