What motivates you to do good job?

HR Interview
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Naga Harshitha said:   8 months ago
My self-motivation and my goal give me the strength and confidence to do a good job.

My mom motivates me always and gives me the strength to face challenges in my life.

Md sarvar alam said:   9 months ago
My goal motivates me to do a good job and my needs which are to be fulfilled are motivating me to do a good job.

BITTU YADAV said:   10 months ago
In addition, my past motivates me to do a good job. And for the betterment of my future, everything motivates me. Gaining skills in a positive environment enables one to motivate.

Sandhyashree karan said:   10 months ago
Firstly, my parent's sacrifices and advice motivate me to study and get a good job.

Secondly, I also motivate myself to work hard for gaining knowledge and to get a good job. So, I will try my best to get a good job that can build me to an independent person.

Sravya said:   10 months ago
My goals motivate me to do a good job and my needs which are to be fulfilled are motivating me to do a good job.

Yash kanojia said:   12 months ago
I see how my parents are doing hard for me, how they are struggling for a better future. My parent's sacrifices motivate me the most.

Bommanna B said:   1 year ago
My family is biggest motivator because they supports me in all the time and failure also an motivator because I always believe failure means next step of sucess.

Sejal Shefalika Khadiratna said:   1 year ago
Sir/Madam, I have been seeing how my father struggling and what my parents sacrifices for my study that motivates me most.

Sandhya Mula said:   1 year ago
As I have experienced failure in life that boosts me to become successful. I always believe in the saying that failure is the stepping stone of success.

Shakthi shetty said:   1 year ago
As I already told you that I am self-motivated, my current failure position and future fear motivate me to do a good job.

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