What are your outside interests?

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Ganesh Yewale said:   6 days ago
Travelling, watching movies, and sports are my outside interest.

Dinesh sidh said:   1 month ago
My outside interests are watching movies, cricket and doing exercises.

Suvisesha Kumar R said:   2 months ago
In my free time, I used to read books and write novels. I like to watch cricket and knowing current updates.

Shakthi shetty said:   3 months ago
My outside interests are watching movies, cricket and doing exercises.

Sumit kumar said:   3 months ago
In my free time, Cricket is my outside interest. I give more time to this gameplay. And with Cricket matches and also spend my time with my family.

Swathi said:   3 months ago
I spend with my family members and visit new places and makes them happy.

Hugo said:   3 months ago
Music, Swimming and my family. These are my outside interest because they make me happy what is life without music and family.

Parveen Kaur said:   5 months ago
My outside interests are spending quality time with my family, and going to outside such as spiritual places, because I believe in god. Thank you.

Pooja Bhutada said:   5 months ago
Apart from study, learning new information by exploring my self, reading motivated novel listing music, writing diary. Explore new places and enjoying environment, rain and Love to play chess and badminton etc.

Manjunadh said:   5 months ago
When I am free I like to listen a music, a whole day experience shared with my parents and doing crafts by using a waste material.

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