How much salary do you expect?

HR Interview
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NAGABABU said:   2 days ago
My primary concern is to learn from you and enhance my knowledge. I want to build a career with work experience.
I will be glad about the package you will offer me as per the company norms and industry standards.

NSya said:   4 days ago
I'm a fresher. I don't have any experience till now. So, l will go with your company norms.

Ganesh Yewale said:   6 days ago
As a fresher, I am expected that amount already designed for this job.

Collins Mwaba said:   6 days ago
My priority is to get a job and learn more about it, where my salary will depend on my output as we go on.

Manu said:   1 week ago
Sir, I'm fresher in this job, I expect a salary according to the norms of the company.

Veena said:   3 weeks ago
I need 30k per month.

Chandra Prakash said:   4 weeks ago
As a fresher.

My first priority is getting knowledge and enhancing my skills and also I want to become financially independent so I will go as per the company norms.

Dinesh sidh said:   1 month ago
I'm a fresher in this company so I will not expect salary. So, I will go with your company norms.

Shivendra said:   1 month ago
It's totally depend on company norms. And my work experience.

Dharmraj singh yadav said:   1 month ago
It's expected based on my experience and knowledge.

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