Give me an example of your creativity.

HR Interview
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Harsh Sharma said:   2 months ago
It's like having a good knowledge of a particular domain and then using your skills to do it creatively.

Kajal tiwary said:   4 months ago
Creativity for me is to reuse the waste items and turns it into a new thing of home.

Somu Navya Sri said:   5 months ago
According to me, Creativity is nothing but doing ordinary work in an extraordinary way.

Like; a software employee solves a problem by first analyzing it, then designing and then coding and finally testing it.

Manjeet singh belwal said:   7 months ago
I think creativity is the most important thing to improve my skills and learn something new.

Abhishek Dhpe said:   7 months ago
Creativity is like doing some work in an extraordinary way by using less effort and getting more output.

Ramya said:   11 months ago
Creativity is nothing but, If more we get more knowledge on that particular environment or on a particular subject then we can do it in a creative manner.

Saakeeth said:   1 year ago
Creativity is something like doing the same work in an extra-ordinary way.

Naga Harshitha said:   1 year ago
Creativity comes from hard work. Making things with different ideas and innovations within less period of time we need to get a result in a smarter and simple way.

Naeem said:   1 year ago
According to my own opinion, Creativity is an ability of a person which something unusual performing in an extraordinary way.

Manisha Badhuk said:   1 year ago
I think creativity is the most important thing to improve my skill and learning something new.

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