Give me an example of your creativity.

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Saakeeth said:   3 weeks ago
Creativity is something like doing the same work in an extra-ordinary way.

Naga Harshitha said:   2 months ago
Creativity comes from hard work. Making things with different ideas and innovations within less period of time we need to get a result in a smarter and simple way.

Naeem said:   3 months ago
According to my own opinion, Creativity is an ability of a person which something unusual performing in an extraordinary way.

Manisha Badhuk said:   5 months ago
I think creativity is the most important thing to improve my skill and learning something new.

Nitish Kumar said:   6 months ago
It is the concept of seeing something from a different perspective in order to make things more doable, less time-consuming and more interesting.

Nabyendu said:   6 months ago
I think creativity comes with more practice.

More you will practice, better version of creativeness you can make to anything.

Sejal Shefalika Khadiratna said:   7 months ago
According to me, creativity is doing an ordinary task in an extraordinary way.

Like, I handle a hard situation by analyzing it first and finding where the fault is occurring then working on it with a cool mind.

Shakthi shetty said:   7 months ago
Creativity means presenting simple things or concepts in an attractive way. Basically, I always find my own & easy solutions to handle the problem.

Swathi said:   8 months ago
According to me, creativity is nothing but do things in a different way by using innovative ideas and make attractive in less time period.

Priyanka D said:   9 months ago
Creativity means doing the long procedure work in a very simplified manner and gain the result very early and also handling the hard situation in different manner.

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