Explain how would be an asset to this organization?

HR Interview
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Arun said:   2 weeks ago
I am eager to learn and take them in practice which will be an asset for the organisation.

Vinayak said:   4 weeks ago
As fresher what makes us different from experience employees is that we are entering in this field with a new mind, enthusiasm and most crucially creativity, thinking outside the box will make us a critical asset to any company.

Swathi said:   4 months ago
I assure you that I give 100 % best to the company through hard work and leadership skills. I think it will be a great asset to our company.

Samuel Lauda said:   4 months ago
As well as if I help to increase the value of this organization by my skills, experience, dedication then I will come an asset to this organization.

Nimuel Behera said:   5 months ago
As I will be working for my company so I would give my 100% effort to complete my task as well as to help my teammates to achieve their target so that we would bring the maximum amount of profit to the respective project as well to the organisation.

My goal would be to work efficiently so that the organisation can get maximum revenue.

Anusha said:   7 months ago
An asset which helps to generate income for the organization.

As well as, if I help to increase the value of this organization with my skills, experience, and dedication then I will come an asset to this organization.

JAGADEESHA said:   9 months ago
I would like to give the best performance to your company from my side and be honest, hardworking, whatever your organisation provides the work with I finished on time.

Ramandeep kaur said:   9 months ago
Asset which helps company to generate more income and more respect as well which can be beneficial for the complete growth of company.

Sonal jain said:   10 months ago
According to me, an honest and hardworking employee is an asset to any organization.

Alekya said:   11 months ago
If I will work hard automatically am asset to our organization.

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