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HR Interview
Points to remember before you answer this interview question:
  • Imagine that you are right now seated in front of the HR manager.
  • Kindly answer this question as best you can.
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Pavitra Patidar said:   4 months ago
Yes sir, I have one question.

How was my performance?

Ganesh Yewale said:   4 months ago
What are the quality perfect for this job?

Unknown said:   5 months ago
Thanks for giving me such an opportunity.

I have a question for you, sir.

That is what skills I have to develop in myself.

Ayyanar said:   5 months ago
If I am selected what I need for this role sir?

MD NASEERUDDIN said:   5 months ago
Thanks for this opportunity.

Of course, I've some words in my mind to ask.

Suppose I'll select this post what expectation will management have from my side?

And, If not selected also, Let me know the area of my weakness to improve myself.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to attained this interview.

Mr.wind said:   5 months ago
Yes sir,

What are the qualities of a perfect candidate for the job?

Raghu N said:   5 months ago
No, I don't have any questions. Thank you.

Dinesh sidh said:   5 months ago
What do you expect from the freshers?

Vijaya said:   6 months ago
Yes sir, if I have selected what will be the next process? if I am not selected then where do I need to improve my skill and knowledge? I will not face this mistake again in my life thank you.

Abhishek kumar said:   6 months ago
If I am hired for this role, what are the expectations for me in initial months.

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