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HR Interview
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Bhavya Rambhia said:   3 weeks ago
Yes, sir, I have a few questions to ask.

I would love to hear from you about the working environment of the company.

Is there any incentive system to keep up the spirit of employees and maintain a competitive environment?

What can I expect from the company in return if I am ready to pull in 100% of all the skills I have for the company?

Harshit Garg said:   4 weeks ago
Will I able to fit for this position or not?

Arnav Thorat said:   4 weeks ago
Yes, If I had to improve myself what do you think where would it be?

Anjali Mali said:   1 month ago
Yes, sir, I have one question.

What can I do to prepare myself better for this job if I get selected?

Sumayya Younas said:   1 month ago
What are the challenges for the fresher after joining the company?

Ganesh Yewale said:   2 months ago
What is the perfect quality for this job?

Pavitra Patidar said:   2 months ago
Yes sir, I have one question.

How was my performance?

Ganesh Yewale said:   2 months ago
What are the quality perfect for this job?

Unknown said:   2 months ago
Thanks for giving me such an opportunity.

I have a question for you, sir.

That is what skills I have to develop in myself.

Ayyanar said:   2 months ago
If I am selected what I need for this role sir?

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