Women Empowerment - A Cause for Increasing Divorce Rate in India

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Antima said:   2 months ago
Greetings All !!

Yes, it is right that women's empowerment is working as a catalyst to increase the rate of divorce in India but if we go in-depth about the reason we may understand the situation.

In the early days, women were not literate and they do not allow to go outside the house. They did not have options other than their family maintenance.

So, they had to compromise whatever was the situation. This compromise was mostly from one side i.e. women's side.

Nowadays, women are becoming literate and working. Also, they are successful in each and every field as much as men. Now, they have the option to live their life in their own way. As women is empowered, they want equality in society whether it is workplace or home. Women expect compromise from men and their family side.

Sometimes in-laws are also not supportive as women expect their family with them as she grown up. At the other side, male inherit thoughts can not be changed in a day- like kitchen help and housework are not men's jobs, men's egos may be hurt by talking their wives with male colleagues or by their wife's success. These thoughts are not in the control of men that should be understood by women. How a hundred of years thought can change in some decade of years. The evolution of thoughts will take time.

Everyone wants freedom and to live happily and peacefully. So, she starts to compare worsened married life with what can she make life with her ability. Now she has one more option of self-dependent. She can earn herself, she can take care of herself and she can live as she wants. So she has to choose divorce. She does not compromise as her mother or grandmother did.

In this situation, both persons should understand the situation, try to mould themselves according to the partner's wish if it is ethically right. They should respect each other's opinions. After keeping their personal ego aside, they should think about how can they change for each other. They should understand how can a person who has been living in a different environment for 25-30 years, change suddenly for you. If compromise will not happen from both sides, divorce will happen.

Usually, women respect those men who treat them equally. Women also need to understand that their short-time efforts, love and respect can save their longtime married life. If both will treat each other equally with respect, only married life can run. Divorce happens due to clashes of two different thoughts i.e. women's empowerment and inherit thoughts of men.

S. Shiva said:   3 months ago
Women's Empowerment refers to uplifting women in every aspect such as economic, political, and social.
Women empowerment is not a cause for increasing divorce rate in India. There was a time when women were told that marriage is sacred and their ultimate goal was to serve her husband, in-laws and her children.
Women were not allowed to dream anything beyond this. They dedicated their entire lives to look after their family. Women had no freedom to complain even if they were subjected to domestic violence or harassment or any other form of violence from in-laws.
They respected their husband's wishes even though they didn't like them. Due to lack of education, many women didn't know their rights. Even if women were educated they didn't have the financial independence to look after their children after divorcing their spouses. As a result, many women had to compromise in their marriage
This has slowly changed over the course of years with women being educated and gaining financial independence. Women can approach the court in case of domestic violence, harassment or any pressure from in-laws regarding dowry for the justice to be served.
Divorce rates are high in urban areas. Divorces could happen among the spouses due to 'n' number of reasons
- Infidelity (could be a wife or a husband).
-Not a happy marriage.
-Domestic violence.
-Pressure from in-laws regarding dowry.
-Divorce with mutual consent
- To make their own choices and decisions.

- Have equal rights to participate in social, religious and public activities.

- Have equal social status in the society.

- Have equal rights for social and economic justice.

- Determine financial and economic choices.

- Get equal opportunity for education.

- Get equal employment opportunity without any gender bias.

- Get safe and comfortable working environment
Women Empowering give her equal status with respect to me
Thank you .....

Pragya Agarwal said:   7 months ago
Women's Empowerment refers to uplifting women in every aspect such as economic, political, and social. In recent times, not a single woman neglects her needs.

Like men, women also want to be benefitted by every decision they make. I want to make it clear that I agree that divorce rates are going up because of women's empowerment. Women now understand their needs and want.

She wants to be happy with every decision she makes. And if the decision doesn't satisfy her, she have the audacity to back off from the decision. A marriage is a decision made by both man and a woman. Likewise, a woman can file for divorce if her present-day needs are not met. In earlier times women constricted themselves by the norms of society and the rules made by their In-laws included a lot of sacrifices and holding back tears because they didn't have any personal identity rather than someone's daughter or someone's wife. But now they are independent and make their own money and have a safe living without the need of a men to look after them. Now that women can speak for themselves and will not tolerate any injustice, the divorce rate is increasing.


Prashant said:   8 months ago
Women's empowerment is a major social issue it is a matter to talk about in today s world since we got freedom India has working towards empowering women today's women are working shoulder to shoulder with men the Indian government has launched a series to schemes and programme for example "Beti Bachao Beti Padao Ujjawala Yojana women empowerment is the need of time of the society we need to eliminate the gender inequality when women are empowered whole society benefits.

Rahul pandit said:   11 months ago
Women were dominated from ancient time. Patriarchy reached every corner of our society. Every religion have there own patriarchal outlook and features. Women have there own identity and rational outlook, they also want liberty of thought. But due several social corruption and ignorant behavior of men lead to women down gradation in every field. In this modern world, women education build consciousness of liberty, equality and men domination. The question arrived what women should do when her husband beat or she become a victim of extreme domestic violence. Divorce is only solution for womens to abolish marriage. But divorce lead social stress, aloneness, family pressure etc. This also lead to phobia and women have to fight for there better life. Divorce is easy in modern society but in traditional it is partially impossible.

Soumya Shubham said:   1 year ago
When women empower themselves they are capable of deciding what is wrong or what is right for themselves and they took decision. It doesn't mean that it is only reason for divorce, divorce can not be a result of only one cause it must be numerous of region. Women empowerment can only provide women that courage to take decision for herself.

Ajay IAF said:   1 year ago
It is very serious and important matter in the present time.

Women empowerment means -' Encouraging women for their rights and making them self-dependent. It also helps in the overall development of women.

Govt takes many steps and schemes for women empowerment like " Beti bachao betu padho yojana, Kanya samerdhi yojana, apke beti hamre beti. ".

If we show in every field like politics, sports, defense and education women are doing very well. PV Sindhu and Hima das in sports are doing well. Nirmal siraman nad Dropadi murumu doing well in poltics. So many women are in high posts in business like CEOs and directors .

We should encourage women in every field.

In rural areas, parents understand and encourage women in different fields.

If we know that men and women are an equal parts in progression in society then why we can't encourage women? And why do we suppress women's voices?

Thank You.

S Khan said:   1 year ago
Hello everyone my name is Sharif Khan.

Let's come to the topic i.e. Women Empowerment -A cause for Increasing Divorce Rate in India.

Women empowerment means to give powers to women to empower them socially, Politically and Economically to improve their standard of life. We know that about 50% population of our country is women and more 70% population residing in rural areas where lacking basic amenities and status of women is still questionable. Yes women empowerment is one reason behind the Divorce but not only there are so many others reasons which including Extra Marital Affairs of both, Lack of understanding, Age gap, due recognition to opposit gender and to take otherwise to women's.

Sakshi Agrawal said:   2 years ago
First of all, Women Empowerment encourages them to take initiative for them. In the past, women were forced to live inside the house, can't get educated, have to put a long veil on her face, were not allowed to speak to male members, were not allowed to take any decisions. They were living like a maid who only had to work in the kitchen. Nothing else, But now the time is changed. They can speak up for their rights. They can take their own decisions. They can make them educated. They have the right to do something for themselves. So, if you say women empowerment is a cause for divorce. I do not agree with this. It is happening because of not spending quality time with each other. They are not have a good conversation. Also, because of misunderstandings!

Sanjay singh said:   2 years ago
In my point of view, women's empowerment is beneficial for all women because it encourages them to do something for themselves. Now, women can do whatever they want no one can't stop them from doing anything. That's why we see women give gold medals for us. In the past period, women have no rights and freedom to do anything whatever she wants in her life women in the past period lives there live like a prisoner but today scenario is totally changed women have a right to raise her voice. We can't say that it increases the divorce rate is totally dependent on the misunderstanding between each other like and dislike.

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