Will Reliance Jio be a sustainable business model in a country like India?

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ABHISHEK NANDY said:   4 years ago
According to my point of view, yes Reliance Jio will be a sustainable business model in a country like India. Reliance jio, the great telecom industry is leaving a great impact in today's era. Within 1 month of launching jio, it got 500 million subscribers. The features are not comparable to any of the telecom industry be it Vodaphone, idea or airtel. The amount of data Jio is providing is amazing. Jio also got many services like jio money, Jio cinema and many more making our life much more comfortable. Recently they launched jio Giga fibres which provide huge data with magnificent network speed. They too got jio fi which is very portable and gives unlimited of data when recharging with a specific amount.

Money can be transferred from one account to another account and vice versa. What more we want! Just believe me at night time the network speed touches to a great height.

In a nutshell, reliance jio is just taking the power of technology in its palm. Recently, they also launched 5g that too very early.

Nevertheless, they are just taking the world to a different level.

Khusboo said:   5 years ago
According to me, it has a sustainable business model because only one month they have got 500 million subscriptions and they are provided free of cost subscription and free calling and very less amount have provided internet service and message and calling service. It was like the biggest challenges they were giving Competitor.

Yadav said:   5 years ago
Good morning sir, I am Amit Yadav.

According to my view, it is a sustainable business because within 1 month it has got near about 500 million subscribers and it provides free service to the customers by which costumers start doing promotion of the company and they give good feedback to other people and it provides high speed by which people attracted. When people become habitual it imposes some impose some money on the data and Colling free and it data cost is to low as compared to other company this is also the reason for people attraction.

Raja said:   6 years ago
Yeah, @Shyam.

I agree with your point, definitely this point has to publish in newspapers. As jio has made many benifits to the people, I Think they have made quite an impact after introducing Welcome offers free of cost for all and they have achieved around 500 million subscribers which itself says it all. No wonder that Jio brings a lot of advantages and offers which no other service provider could deliver before.

Shyam said:   6 years ago

I'm Murali, In my point of view, Jio will be a sustainable business model in our country like India because in our country all people will think with low price they should get more benefits, by this Jio has created the facility and he started the business.

In the negative side the Jio is having many defects like all the youth are addicted to the social media and connected to talking the useless things for more time and only if the mobile is having volte then it can be easily used or else it will be difficult to use.

Sivakanth said:   6 years ago
This is Sivakanth, in my view, jio be a sustainable business why because firstly they have given lots of data freely, they habituated the people to speed net, so people are habituated to net, they are using it for every purpose so they can, t be without net, so if there is huge increase in prices they will buy because they were habituated. As well there are other telecom services but jio is already differentiated from them as per customer-centric and also as per prices.

Raghav said:   6 years ago
According to me, Reliance Jio is not sustainable business model for country like India. Because, lets understand what is jio model. Mr Anil Ambani is putting billions of dollers in investments. He is capable of bearing short term loss for the growth of his company. But there are less number of rich businessmens in India like Ambaniji. So this model is only for those sections of businessmen. Another problem with this model is that, after the arrival of jio in India with cheaper rate, almost all telecom componey get into loss. Except some big componies like Idea Airtel etc, most of the company either merge themself to reduce their loss, or declare themself bankrupt. Hence Jio's monoploy even though is benificial for Indian customers, but is not suitable for telecom sector as well as economy of India. I have an example in my mind. Recently the 6th ranked telecom compony Aircel declare themself bankrupt, because they were already in loss/deficit, and they don't switch to new technology like VoLTE 4G. Lack of innovation and adaptablity in the most of the telecom companies deteriorate the economy of India. Finance ministry of India should focus on those business model, which do economically betterment of commen businessmen of India.

Mohit Sharma said:   6 years ago
Hello friends,

So on this topic, I want to say that especially in the country in the country like India consumers are ready to buy the products and services those are of the less price and of the good quantity and once these consumers would become loyal for a particular brand than they start buying the products of the brand. No matter later on the price of that particular product or service is high or low but most of the companies after making the goodwill in the market rise their price and quality accordingly.

So if we talk about the Jio it is having a great sustainable model in the country like India wherein initially, they were providing the data of high quality with the free SMSes, callings etc. For free and the consumers were just fighting among themselves to get the plans of jio as soon as possible and as I said the consumers in India always search the things those are of low price and high quality. Nowadays internet plays a crucial role in each and every person's life. Even if a person is having the headache so that in this condition instead of going to a doctor he or she prefer to search the medicine on the internet so you all can easily think that at what level the internet is in mind of the today's generation.

So, talking about the further strategy of Jio wherein they now charge some amount of money to give the plans to the consumers but this amount is still somewhere is less if we compare it with the other brands like Airtel, Vodafone etc. Like nowadays the lowest amount plan of Airtel is of rs. 59 in which they are providing the local and STD calls (Unlimited), 100 sms, 500 MB data for the 7 days but if we talk about Jio the lowest plan of Jio is of 52 rs. Wherein they are providing the local and STD calls (unlimited), 1. 05MB data (0. 15 MB per day), and 70 sms and this plan of Jio is of the 7 days. So, I just want to say that Jio is providing the much benefits compares to any other brands.

Jio is also providing the good range of networks like if you belong to Delhi and your sim card is also of Delhi and you are going to any other state just for enjoyment than you will find out no change in the quality of the networks of Jio. The speed of data can become high but not low but somewhere it can be low but much difference would not be there.

Sanjay said:   6 years ago
Hello everyone.

I am Debparna. Yes, According to me, Jio is of course sustainable. Jio was started by Reliance and it disbanded the bondage of limited internet. The plans given by Jio are awesome and are also present in reliable price. Initially, the SIM was given in free and unlimited internet and calls were given to the public for free initially for a certain period. Even now the internet plans given are great and we really don't have to worry about the mobile calls.

Jio has completely changed the limited availability of calls. It has made a major change in the lives of the people. Initially, we always had to worry about the balance left on the phone for calls and never felt free to talk elaborately unless it was urgent. But now because of free calls, we can talk as long as we want.

But although there are so many benefits, there always lies a chance for some negativities. Because the Jio subscription completely takes our Adhaar details which don't seem comfortable to many people. And it has also degraded the market of other mobile network companies and indirectly urged them to provide similar offers like Jio to the extent which they could never have imagined before. But at the same time, they are not able to make the offers reach up to the mark of Jio.

Anita singh said:   6 years ago
Yes, Jio is very beneficial and it will definitely sustain for a long time. As the strategy used by Jio is awesome. As it is serving our nation but most of the businessmen think about themselves only and they do not think about other people of the country. But Ambani understood the concept of economy of scale and because of this concept only Jio is famous and success full in India. It has tried to solve a lot of problems in India as we know most of the poor people in India are not able to take proper higher education but now the can get all types of knowledge in the internet which is very cheap and easily affordable. Now, most of the problems can be solved by the internet as we can get an answer of anything in the internet.

Thanks to Ambani for jio.

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