Will Mumbai's Film Industry ever evolve into a Truly Modern Corporative One?

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Girish said:   1 decade ago
Well in terms of money of innovation in our storyline, direction not really. I think we just copy for here and there and merge them to make a film. But the real dilemma is that these films do well while the movies which have some refreshing new script and direction are left behind.

Mukesh said:   1 decade ago
Well every thing in the film industry depends on the viewer, the audiences love it that's why they make it. Also most of the movies now are copy paste or we can say that the bollywood is losing its originality which was seen earlier in the 80's or 90's.

Shubham said:   1 decade ago
Bollywood has its originality. The change is that it presents movies in new way that is demanded by today generation. Old script with new ways are presented so I think it is ever evolve in a truly modern corporative one.

Pinky said:   7 years ago
Yeah of course.

Clearly, we see that youngsters prefer Bollywood more than Kollywood which tells us that Mumbai film has put effort to be popular. So it seems Mumbai film industry trying to evolve as corporative.

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