When I woke up in the morning I saw?

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Titli said:   3 months ago
I always try to wake up before the rising of the sun.

First of all, we should thank God for giving us the chance to see a new day. A new day is compared to a new beginning of life.

We should start our new day with positive vibes and try to spread our positivity among others also.

Before that, we have to keep our minds in calm condition because when you are calm, you have the capability to take the right decision.

In the morning, our mind is also refreshed and we have more power to complete work more efficiently. Thus we should try to do that vital work in the morning times.

According to my opinion, we should avoid reading or hearing any negative news. Nowadays most newspapers are filled with negative news.

So I think that we should avoid reading newspapers or any things for two hours after waking up because these negative vibes can ruin 27% of the day.

We should surrender ourselves to god and he will definitely help us to reach our goals or wishes.

So, that's all come to my mind when I wake up.

Thank you.

Annamarie Nowak said:   3 years ago
Everything in my room moved what was hanging on the wall is now on the bottom of the room the ceiling was on the side of the room and the furniture was hanging on the walls and the room shrunk to a smaller weird shape box I sat there for a couple minutes totally freaked out then I just said go away and shut my eyes and laid back down and then my eyes opened my room was back and into the format that it was what does that mean it's been happening a lot lately.

Akash karale said:   3 years ago
I wake up in morning first of all I say Thanks to the God that give me a wonderful mom that daily help me wake in the morning.

Archana said:   3 years ago
At first, thank God for making me born again on this new day. I was starting a new day with a smile on my face. I visualise the pleasant view of the day before starting it. I wish this day would be better than my past days and experiences. Somethings it will happen if it may be anything. But I am capable of handling it in my own way.

Poovizhi v said:   3 years ago
Every time when I was waked up I feel fresh and reborn. By saying happy morning to my family and friends the positive vibes and the bond was getting increased. I'm the type of person who expected the unexpected things to happen in life. So, I didn't expect anything. I just want to live all moment with meaningful and happy and I try to create more memory in my life. Because memories never fade away.

Anshu said:   4 years ago
As usual I woke up at 6 in the morning to do my daily chores. Generally, I exercise, meditate and then go to office after I wake up but that day was somewhat different. There was this strange vibe that I got from within. A lazy morning was all that I craved for. When I was busy with all my thinking I could see a bird from one side of the window which was busy building a nest for itself. This gave me an idea of how busy everyone is in their lives. We generally tend to forget to live. Everyone is busy struggling to make a better career, get better jobs or spouses, finding ways to show off their lavish lifestyle. People are so busy with setting targets and achieving their dreams that they don't get time to sit and appreciate what they have with them now. Being happy has now become a luxury for people. We are living in a world where people are happy only in social media and problems discussed as a topic of conversation.

Working hard is good, being successful, dreaming big, achieving targets all are important in life but along with this, we should spare out some time for ourselves, our families and friends too. The real pleasure is found in spending time and being happy rather than all the material things we crave for.

I hope all of us out here give a thought to it and spend a minimum of 1 hr a week celebrating all these little and big things we have done in our life.

Thank you :).

Saumya said:   4 years ago
When I woke up morning I saw through the window of my room a plane crashed down between the trees of street. I was shocked. I wore my trousers and hurried up to go there there my father was stood at the scene and trying to take out passengers from plane.

Till I reached there all were rescued. Everyone was putting effort. I later came to know it was due to damage in engine.

Mohan kumar said:   5 years ago
When I woke early in the morning.

Firstly, I will pray to god and will say thank to god that he has given me a new and lovely day. Then I will make promise to myself that I will not do anything wrong by which somebody get hurt. I will also try to create my present day the best day of my life.

Rahul shrivastava said:   5 years ago
When I woke up in the morning and thanks God and pray save my life because I have to do something in this life. I pray to God that unless I get my goal, I do not anything. I celebrate with God that because of me there is no trouble for any misfortune, I do not want to make such a mistake, I always fear that.

Latha said:   6 years ago
When I woke up in the morning I want to forget yesterday and want to start a better today:-).

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