When I woke up in the morning I saw?

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Annamarie Nowak said: (Nov 6, 2020)  
Everything in my room moved what was hanging on the wall is now on the bottom of the room the ceiling was on the side of the room and the furniture was hanging on the walls and the room shrunk to a smaller weird shape box I sat there for a couple minutes totally freaked out then I just said go away and shut my eyes and laid back down and then my eyes opened my room was back and into the format that it was what does that mean it's been happening a lot lately.

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Akash Karale said: (Aug 23, 2020)  
I wake up in morning first of all I say Thanks to the God that give me a wonderful mom that daily help me wake in the morning.

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Archana said: (Aug 12, 2020)  
At first, thank God for making me born again on this new day. I was starting a new day with a smile on my face. I visualise the pleasant view of the day before starting it. I wish this day would be better than my past days and experiences. Somethings it will happen if it may be anything. But I am capable of handling it in my own way.

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Poovizhi V said: (May 26, 2020)  
Every time when I was waked up I feel fresh and reborn. By saying happy morning to my family and friends the positive vibes and the bond was getting increased. I'm the type of person who expected the unexpected things to happen in life. So, I didn't expect anything. I just want to live all moment with meaningful and happy and I try to create more memory in my life. Because memories never fade away.

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Anshu said: (Nov 27, 2019)  
As usual I woke up at 6 in the morning to do my daily chores. Generally, I exercise, meditate and then go to office after I wake up but that day was somewhat different. There was this strange vibe that I got from within. A lazy morning was all that I craved for. When I was busy with all my thinking I could see a bird from one side of the window which was busy building a nest for itself. This gave me an idea of how busy everyone is in their lives. We generally tend to forget to live. Everyone is busy struggling to make a better career, get better jobs or spouses, finding ways to show off their lavish lifestyle. People are so busy with setting targets and achieving their dreams that they don't get time to sit and appreciate what they have with them now. Being happy has now become a luxury for people. We are living in a world where people are happy only in social media and problems discussed as a topic of conversation.

Working hard is good, being successful, dreaming big, achieving targets all are important in life but along with this, we should spare out some time for ourselves, our families and friends too. The real pleasure is found in spending time and being happy rather than all the material things we crave for.

I hope all of us out here give a thought to it and spend a minimum of 1 hr a week celebrating all these little and big things we have done in our life.

Thank you :).

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Saumya said: (Oct 19, 2019)  
When I woke up morning I saw through the window of my room a plane crashed down between the trees of street. I was shocked. I wore my trousers and hurried up to go there there my father was stood at the scene and trying to take out passengers from plane.

Till I reached there all were rescued. Everyone was putting effort. I later came to know it was due to damage in engine.

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Mohan Kumar said: (Aug 24, 2018)  
When I woke early in the morning.

Firstly, I will pray to god and will say thank to god that he has given me a new and lovely day. Then I will make promise to myself that I will not do anything wrong by which somebody get hurt. I will also try to create my present day the best day of my life.

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Rahul Shrivastava said: (Jun 6, 2018)  
When I woke up in the morning and thanks God and pray save my life because I have to do something in this life. I pray to God that unless I get my goal, I do not anything. I celebrate with God that because of me there is no trouble for any misfortune, I do not want to make such a mistake, I always fear that.

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Latha said: (Mar 11, 2018)  
When I woke up in the morning I want to forget yesterday and want to start a better today:-).

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Ayush said: (Jan 9, 2018)  
When I woke up in the morning first of all I thanks to my parent for giving such a wonderful life.

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Kartik said: (Nov 24, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

I don't want to tell about the last night in which I dreamt about an imaginary picture, but I have to describe the ideas that came to my mind and disturbs me now.

When I woke up in the morning I saw a lot of diversities between the people, which I had not seen before.

The diversity is of religion, nature, behavior and etc.

For which India now the one and only country where we gain our ideas. The best thing I see in India that " unity between diversities".

Is it real or not?

Thank you.

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Priya said: (Nov 9, 2017)  
I woke up with my dog licking my face happily and asking me to take a walk which gave me instant happiness and excitement to start a new day. I love being woken up by my dog. It's a pleasure to see his happy face daily which makes my start very happily.

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Rana Pratap Singh said: (Nov 6, 2017)  
When I woke up in the morning I saw beautiful lady. Who stood front of me. And called me woke up sun. It's your Tuition time. No one she was my mom who was trying to woke up me. It was my superb morning.

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Ishu said: (Oct 18, 2017)  
When I woke up in the morning I first see my dads face mostly because he is the person who makes me wake up. And I pray and I ask God, for one thing, please make my life easy then with all the hope for what I had prayed I keep making my work.

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Shalini said: (Sep 15, 2017)  
When I woke up in the morning first of all I thank to god for giving this wonderful day and spcly the nature tht give me positive hope.

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Pooja said: (Aug 11, 2017)  
I saw a sunrise. Little birds chirping in their nests. Clear sky. I breathe in fresh air. And I remember my parents and the way they used to force me to wake up when I was in school. It brought a smile on my face. And then I was back to my daily routine.

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Harika said: (Aug 5, 2017)  
When I woke up in the morning I see a portrait of GOD and then my MOM with a wish to pass off the day well with lots of fun and memories.

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Zoin said: (Jul 28, 2017)  
When I woke up everyday thers nothing exiting but when the days go on me myself start feeling exited.

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Anushka said: (Jul 11, 2017)  
When I woke up in the morning. Firstly, I say thanks to God for giving me new opportunity to see a wonderful life. After that, I saw my mother face because she motivates me every morning and caring person. And I want to fresh, after a bath and then eat my breakfast. After some time my all friends come to my home and we are starting group study for preparing the competitive exam. After that, we all friends going outside to make fun.

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Sanika said: (Jun 29, 2017)  
I saw beautiful flowers that were dancing in the air. Which calm my mind.

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Harshita said: (Jun 13, 2017)  
How sweet the morning air is and how that one little cloud floats like a pink feather from some gigantic flamingo. I felt the warmth in the lap of nature. :-) :-).

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Kriti Shah said: (Jun 8, 2017)  

When I woke up this morning, I kept my feet on the floor, and as soon as I did that I thanked this 'UNIVERSE' for giving me the opportunity to see a new sunrise and for blessing me the most priceless thing! My life and every little breath that keeps me alive.

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Viswa said: (May 14, 2017)  
When I woke up in the morning I saw my hands.

"You can change your life no one can change"after that say thanks to my parent's thanks for giving this life.

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Ganesh Pradhan said: (Apr 17, 2017)  
When I woke up in the morning.

I had the very first thought running in my mind that this is the best day to do things that really matters and I checked my to-do-list and I thought I will spend my entire day just by the way I have planned it.

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Zubair Mansuri said: (Mar 31, 2017)  
When I woke up in the morning.

I say thanks God for give me 1 more chance to change my life.

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Vignesh said: (Mar 7, 2017)  
When I wake up in the morning. I have planned myself. What to do today? What the things I need to achieve today. Before doing that none of the people I won't cheat and I won't hurt.

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Kayla said: (Mar 4, 2017)  
When I woke up in the morning I saw that.

The clouds outside my window are a little different than yesterday.

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Zahra said: (Feb 27, 2017)  
When I wake up first I check my emails and massages and then have a walk.

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Zuber said: (Feb 25, 2017)  
When I woke up in the morning I saw my phone to see whether it was fully charged!.

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Lipsa said: (Jan 20, 2017)  
When I woke up in the morning first I'm praying god for the day will be gone fine today and very next I'm charging my phone and open the windows and exercising.

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Madhuri said: (Jan 6, 2017)  
When I woke up in the early morning, firstly thanks to god for giving to me a new day. I opened the window and I saw lots of coconut tree, the coconut is very tall, it gave the positive think for success.

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Vinayak Raj said: (Jan 6, 2017)  
When I woke up in the morning I saw a object in a shape of 4 number. Can anyone tell what it indicates. I am believer in god, ghost & science.

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Pruthivishree said: (Dec 27, 2016)  
That the small beautiful birds chirping outside my window I was very happy to see it then I pray god to prevent the nature forever.

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Marie Rose said: (Dec 17, 2016)  
@Deborah Follmer. This is an oppressive demonic being. It plagued me for 9 months. It would come during the twilight sleep, when I was just falling asleep or just waking up. During this part of sleep is when we are most vulnerable (powerless or weak). I was always afraid to go to sleep at night or even take a nap.

When it first happened, I was so terrified that I called on the name of Jesus. Usually, I ended up saying Jesus's name 3 times fast so the demon would go away fast. I noticed that it vanished before I said Jesus' name a 2nd time. These demons not only RESPECT the name of Jesus, but they FEAR HIM. If you are experiencing sleep paralysis during its visitation, THINK the name of JESUS. It still works; the demonic being will vanish.

In the meantime, get into a Bible based church and get yourself and your children baptised. Baptism is a commitment that you are making to God, The Father that you believe in Him and wants a personal relationship with Him----you want to be part of God's FAMILY.

This is my personal experience and opinion---Stand your ground against this demonic enemy, draw closer to God, the Father through Jesus and this oppression will end. I can't give you a time frame. Mine was 9 months. When you have Jesus' hand of blessing on you, the demonic being will leave permanently. If it checks in on you from time to time through the years, you have confidence that Jesus will give you strength against this enemy. The demon won't stay long, it's just checking to see if it can get a toe hold back into your life. Don't let it. Stay close to Jesus, then if the demon peeks in on you, you won't fear it anymore. You will be confident that Jesus is standing right behind you protecting you. Return to God, the Father through Jesus. Become a part of God's FAMILY. May our Heavenly Father bless you and strengthen you through HIS SON, JESUS.

Right now this thing is intimidating you by oppressing you and scaring you. Read the book of Job in the Bible. Satan tested Job for many months. This is what you are experiencing. You are being TESTED. If you have strayed from your religious faith, from God, The Father then RETURN to Him through Jesus. You are part of God's family, He wants you back. Return to your Heavenly Father; He is your anchor. He will NOT abandon you. Return to Him.

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Deborah Follmer said: (Dec 4, 2016)  
I didn't wake I'm not sure what happened but it's getting worse and worse. I can't tell family bc they say I'm crazy but I'm so scared today was the worse one yet, I actually saw what this thing was and felt it as well its was black and had course hair and smelled like rotten eggs, I wasn't able to move, I could feel my body moving but I couldn't see it also the entire time it felt as if my body was vibrating of some sort as it has in the pass but not nearly as bad but when I came out of it my body was twisted then when I went to stand I fell to the floor. I don't have a clue what to do my heart is pounding just writing this as of something is watching me, I'm so scared and don't know what to do someone please help please I'm a single mother of five and its so hard.

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Nilesh Ginjal said: (Dec 4, 2016)  
Today s morning I woke up & see. And, I sleep again.

Ohh god why should I woke up? It's Sunday.

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Mrinmoy said: (Nov 8, 2016)  
When I woke up in the morning I saw the ceiling up above me which gave me wings to my thought.

When I woke up in the morning I saw the walls around me which say loudly and repeatedly to remain strong.

When I woke up in the morning I saw the clock which whispers me not to waste a single second of my life.

When I woke up in the morning I saw the door which always tells me to set a goal in my life and proceed towards it calmly and carefully.

When I woke up in the morning I saw the window which introduces me to nature and to love everyone unconditionally.

When I woke up in the morning I saw me in the mirror which tells me not to do anything bad so that you feel ashamed whenever you see the mirror for the next time.

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Arya said: (Nov 2, 2016)  
That the world was not the intended recipient.

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Morrell said: (Nov 1, 2016)  
A girl I've never seen and she was gorgeous.

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Abdullah said: (Oct 24, 2016)  
When I woke up in the morning it's late to offer my prayers, every morning I am in hurry to get ready for the office, and every morning I promise to myself that next I will sleep early to get early in the morning, most of the time I am getting out of home without taking breakfast.

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M Bilal Sheikh said: (Oct 12, 2016)  
When I wake up in the morning I hate it & I do like to sleep again because my life get stuck I'm 27 no relatives, wife, girlfriend or even friends.

I hate my dad because he never educates or supports me ever but another side sometimes I pamper him I love my mom but she never cares or loves me back why? I don't know maybe she had tragic past because of my dad. When I was child I always wish some day I will be man but now I wish become child again.

I don't know who make tea or breakfast for me because my mom usually wake up in the afternoon. If there is my sister home by chance she makes me otherwise I just make tea myself and go for work without breakfast sometimes all day in work I never eat but nobody, scare.

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Haneesha said: (Oct 10, 2016)  
When I woke up in the morning I thank god for giving another day to be successful and happy.

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Yasmine Singh said: (Oct 4, 2016)  
When I woke up in the morning I thank god for the new day.

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Mustapha Chah Gwara Gwara said: (Oct 1, 2016)  
When I woke I was dreaming while driving a golf, but when I woke up in my right hand was holding a bible.

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Anand Raj said: (Sep 15, 2016)  
When I woke up in the morning ,first of all, I thank god for giving me a new day and thanks to god for better life and after that I proceed for my further work as usual but before my work I also ask to god for giving me an enough energy and strength that can help me to endure difficulties in the same day.

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Rash said: (Sep 14, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

When I woke up in the morning I saw ceiling fan rotating faster and faster which gave an impression of my life running in the same path.

Without a break. Which even concludes that we have to stay strong in our path of life without allowing ourselves to come down.

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Lavanya Desula said: (Sep 10, 2016)  
Hai, friends.

When I woke up in the morning I saw god face it gives me energy and hope that all that day was good.

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Sujeet Kumar said: (Sep 5, 2016)  
When I woke in the morning I saw the nature, because that gives the good impression there is no artificial material so that make us to active person for the entire day. In the morning there is different world everything looks like it is smiling.

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Rikita said: (Aug 30, 2016)  
Hi all,

Frankly speaking When, I woke up in the morning,

Hope for something new change, something good unexpected things happen with me and how my life will become more beautiful & interesting?

Think that what and which works I have to complete today?

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Araanvi said: (Aug 20, 2016)  
Hello, everyone. Really very interesting topic for GD.

When I woke up I saw myself in the mirror. But it was not so usual as before as it was my future. I saw myself as a successful person with the dreams in my eyes, smile worn on my face and feeling proud of myself. I can see the reflection of the future I want and that made me think this is me and my future, Yes I can do it, I will do it.

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Guddu said: (Aug 19, 2016)  
When I woke up in the morning I saw my mother's face. Which I wish to see every morning. She is my mentor. From her I get positive vibes and my whole day become wonderful. Her smile gives me peace. Everyday I work hard for her beautiful smile.

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Arun Thakur said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
When I wake up in the very first morning I saw the beauty of nature, birds were chirping, a cool breeze was blowing. I really found one thing special and that thing was nature which was seeming like lady who has worn the ornament although beauty does not need ornament softness can not wear the weight of ornament but I felt so there are dew drops on the grass the shine like is pearls everything which I found was looking fresh like just in heaven.

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Tanusmita said: (Jul 23, 2016)  
When I woke up in the morning I saw -It was raining very heavily. I went outside & found my lawn was flooded with water. That day I also had tuition to go but I planned not to go & to stay at home & enjoy the weather.

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Raghav Dhoot said: (Jul 17, 2016)  
When I woke up in the morning I saw something new in me. A desire to do some new things, to explore my capabilities. As it was a new beginning of another day I decided to start the work again which I left behind.

And when I told about this to my parents I saw happiness, a smile of trust for me on their face.

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Vanshika Agarwal said: (Jun 30, 2016)  
When I woke up in the morning I saw a Barbie who was talking to me. It was pretty unusual which had happened to me.

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Rohan said: (Jun 27, 2016)  
When I woke up in the morning I saw that it was 7:00 AM and my bus will be coming at 7:30 AM so I woke up I brushed I take bath I eat my breakfast and ready for my school bus so I'm glad that bus has come 10 min late so felt happy and I am very thankful to God and I learned that God helps us in our every problem.

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Bhupesh Thakur said: (Jun 26, 2016)  
Today, I woke up at 3 am. I woke with a fear in my heart. Fear of laziness and loosing focus, but behind this fear, I saw my dream. I want a classic physique. I go to gym two times a day, at 5 am. In the morning and 4 pm. In the evening. I train 4 hours a day and 7 days a week. I thank god for giving me one more day. I focus on the present day and live like if it is my last day. I try to put 100% efforts to my work and give god a solid reason that why do I deserve one more day. When I do hard work it makes me feel alive. People pointed out me with wonder. They tell me to stop going crazy about my goal but I don't take them seriously. I am who I am and they are who they are.

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Puja said: (Jun 22, 2016)  
When I evoke up in the morning then I saw that my mother making tea and brother completing his work, then I remember, today is holiday then I become very happy and our family and I decide to watch the movie. In the afternoon, some guest guest comes in my home, mother cook Food and garnish the food I and my family eat relish Food also enjoy that day.

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Priyanka Nair said: (Jun 13, 2016)  
When I woke up in the morning, I saw the delicious "puttu-kadala", my mother had cooked for me and I thought of how grateful I am to my mother, for always being there to take care of me.

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Anjali said: (Apr 7, 2016)  
When I woke up at morning firstly I want to fresh after a bath then breakfast. Then my school bus comes for going to school. I enjoy so much in my bus. After we went to school my principal stands for welcome us. I said good morning mam and sir. Then I came to my class. I enjoy so much.

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Sruthi said: (Mar 17, 2016)  
When I woke up in the morning firstly I will see my dad's face. That was the beginning of my day. Then I will do some workouts. Every day will be peaceful. And charming for me.

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Swara said: (Mar 4, 2016)  
The rays of the sun were falling on my eyes as I woke up. I could hear the chirping of the birds. I first prayed to god for giving me another day. Then I went near the window and looked outside, I could see people going to their work, kids playing in the sand, oh! I forgot to say I live near the beach, some people were jogging, some were eating at the stall, I will happy by seeing all of them happy.

Then I went to the mirror and saw my reflection and told myself "I will make this day a good day for me and others, I will help everyone, solve problems and will avoid fighting with anyone. Then I began with my Regular routine.

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Rajesh said: (Mar 3, 2016)  
When I woke up in the morning, firstly I would like to thank to the god because he gave me a one opportunity to do something new in my life after that I would like say thanks for myself who is considering myself because nowadays many people be a lazy to during they woke up in the morning.

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Shweta said: (Jan 4, 2016)  
Well as the topic is when I woke up this morning I saw- so I first saw the time just to realize I was not late for work. Then the other activities started with bathing, brushing, getting ready, checking my things to do list and moving out for my work with a short and simple prayer.

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Mohan Kamblemoh said: (Oct 28, 2015)  
When I woke up in the morning first I imagine my pray to my passed away father and mother. Then my gurus to pray for life track and regular happiness for all. Believe nature and truth of life.

Self meditation then think self what is needs to be work today in home. For all family to be happy needs mostly keep happy and always smile needs to clear all difficulties.

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Jeba said: (Oct 17, 2015)  
When I woke up in the morning first I will pray to god, thank for saw this morning and to judge me how to walk to you and give me the full of grace and I love you god.

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Akash Kumar said: (Aug 18, 2015)  
When I woke up in the morning, first I start think about my interview who will have be tomorrow then I have start prepare for my interview and done some grammar exercise. After that in the afternoon I have take my lunch. Then I have rest for some time. Around 4:00 PM I went to dairy to take milk and came back home. And then went to outside from home with my friend. Around 6:30 came back to home and I have spend some time with my family. Then I ready again for prepare my interview. Around 9:00 PM I have take my dinner and watching TV reality show after that around 10:30 I went to sleep.

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Thamanna said: (Jul 1, 2015)  
I wake up in the morning realising that every single is a great blessing of God that he has given to correct your mistakes that you had made the day before. I close my eyes to pray to the almighty. Then I make plans for the day and determines to face everyone with a sweet smile on my face.

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Nikita said: (Jun 26, 2015)  
I woke up in the morning and I screamed my heart out my sister sleeping next to me woke up alarmingly and asked did you have a bad dream. I shook my head and pointed my finger towards the kitten sitting next to me.

The kitten was so sweet and constantly meowing she wanted to play with she was running all around me licking the feet with her tongue. I patted her back and wow her body fur was soft like velvet lovely are these cats and love the way they show their to you.

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Navneet said: (Jun 3, 2015)  
Hi friends,

When I woke up in the morning I think that god has given us the second chance to prove ourselves we don't know when we are going to die we also don't know about our death but the GOD has written our destiny he knows what to do with the persons having different nature.

In fact my mother told me that live for today and also told me that its not being the best it's about being better than you were yesterday.

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Sai said: (May 12, 2015)  
Thank you God!!! I am still alive.

Yes, you again proved me keeping hope on you, who wakes me alive the next morning with full energy & enthusiastic. You given me a beautiful day to achieve my dreams and to spend time with my loved once.

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Hem said: (Apr 3, 2015)  
When I woke up in the morning first I recall what all the dreams I got and my day begins daily with a new imagination. Like I would be sleeping near a window, cool breeze touches me gently. My hair dances with the air, birds get gathered on the tree beside my window and sing a welcome song for a new fresh morning, sun rays showing me the way to fulfill all my dreams.

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Ravi Malhotra said: (Mar 26, 2015)  
When I woke up in the morning I saw it was raining heavily, I saw out of window of my room, people were escaping their self from rain. Then I looked here and there and I saw a old person was sitting besides the road near to tree, and nobody was looking upon him, I don't know what comes in my mind on that time, and suddenly I took umbrella and went to him, I called him 2-3 times but he didn't respond to me, so I hold his hand to checkout him and then I realize that he is suffering from fever, he was about 55 of age.

I asked him who he is? and from where he came? he was not able to speak on that time, then I realize that he was hungry too, so I ran back to my home and made a cup of tea and toast some bread for him, when I given him the food, he was looking at me very strangely, after having his meal he said thanks to me and blessed me a lot of times. After helping him, I felt blessed and was happy a lot.

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Suneel Yadav said: (Jan 22, 2015)  
When I woke up in the morning 1st I pray my god then open window nearer my bed saw a beautiful picture like all bird flying in tree to other side to find is her own food& also in flying time bird are give very sweet sound and sun signing slowly slowly then wind flow slowly slowly on my room, all people go to do her own work.

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Soumya said: (Sep 21, 2014)  
Hi. Life is beautiful. I can fly, run, walk, do whatever I want. No one is there to stop me. Good God, my wings are so pretty. My Pink color dress never fades away. Because I have become an ANGEL. I just roam the whole world, but I see there are lots of wrong things going on in this world, I wave my magic sticks and there it is! everything is PERFECT. My India is staying in peace. Non Violence and corruption has vanished, People living in India are happy!

But when the clock alarmed at 7am, I woke up thinking about my sweet dream, for a while I forgot that this corruption will never vanish, I was aware that I was not an ANGEL to just wave my magic sticks and correct everything, instead I was still an unemployed girl searching for a job.

So finally when I woke up from my bed, I prayed God and thought that I'll make my day better than yesterday and one day I'll make my Parents feel proud of me. One day for sure.

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Vijayalakshmi said: (Aug 21, 2014)  
When I woke up in the morning, I start to think about my planning in works, then I control myself 'Don't get angry & upset for any kind of situation'. Further I search the newspaper to see the Rasipalan today, Actually I behave like what it on.

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Mehak said: (Aug 8, 2014)  
When I woke up in the morning. I had a very sweet dream that finally the corruption in India had come to an end and all the corrupt leaders had been arrested for their wrong doing. India had become one of the greatest democracies of the world and was helping in the development of other backward nations and there was peace prevailing among all the countries of the world.

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Maduri said: (Aug 5, 2014)  
When I woke up in the morning I will pray to god. Actually I will get up very late every day. Every day I will be a bit lazy to get up. By the time I get up my mother will be shouting at me to get up and get ready. I like my day to be started with peace I want it to be a pleasant day. I want to plan my day and do all the things on time.

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Daljeet said: (Jun 20, 2014)  
When I woke up in the morning I saw, my friends are sleeping beside me. I just thanks to god for beautiful day, then I went to the kitchen and made three cup of tea. One for me rest two for my roommates. After that I follow my daily routine !

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Shankul said: (May 20, 2014)  
When I woke up in the morning I don't saw but I start with it by a voice, voice of my dad. And the same line every morning "Motu wake up ! Its already been 9. Go get fresh otherwise you will create problems in between when I will get ready for office. And then slightly I open my eyes check my phone beside my pillow, time on it and all the whatsapp stuff and wake up. But I never open my eyes with dreams of my night before. I always wake up for dreams I want to pursue in my life. And literally they gives me a great positive attitude for life and myself. And my eyes start sparkling every time I think of my dreams.

And I love this feeling every morning I have.

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Secular Sohail said: (Apr 18, 2014)  
The dream I never forget which is came on night I always see many types of dreams but there is some different. . I saw that a man wearing a white dress standing in front of me and say me I'm angle I gave some important message about humanity all humanity whose live in whole in world each every belongs their different religion then why they fight each other with the name of religion GOD not create any religion the create by peoples the biggest religious in whole world is humanity GOD is one we are all the soldier of one god every peoples wants to a secular society there is no difference between human.

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Sarfraj said: (Apr 10, 2014)  
When I woke up in the morning I was alive, healthy and happy. So I thanked god for giving me such a wonderful day again. And then I look on the front wall where I hang a picture of my aim and asked god to give me strength and to be always with me to achieve that.

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Swastikw said: (Apr 7, 2014)  
When I woke up early in the morning I saw that a man with a white beard wearing a white robe sort of thing was standing in front of me. I was amazed seeing a strange fellow standing in front of me early in the morning. I asked him who he was and in reply to my question he said that he was god.

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Steffi Evangeline said: (Feb 11, 2014)  
When I woke up in the morning, I offer thanks to my lord for adding another beautiful day in my life and start my morning peacefully with package of expectation. The most interesting fact of human life is that nobody could judge what happens the next moment. I personally love this interesting fact and I do trust my lord the creator of my life. So every morning I start my day with lot of expectations which could make me one step matured and also I expect beautiful turning points that drags happiness to me and my family.

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Prashant Mishra said: (Oct 4, 2013)  
When I woke up in the morning, I break my sweat dream. The dream about my placement, I saw that I clear the written and GD round, and I am waiting for my term for interview. Yupeee finally I got selected for this job. I can't share this good news because I am so happy, and finally I am going to home in which my parents are waiting of me, I hug my ma and papa and tell them, and I saw them my father was starting crying, but my mom not crying, you know why?, because my mom is a deaf and dumb lady, and she is not understand what I am say, but finally I tell them and she understand and she hug me and she is also crying. My father tell Prashant weak up, weak up this is 6:30 and you know today you are going for your campus placement, and I wake up and I am so sad because this is my dream.

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M.Mohamed Ashiq said: (Aug 31, 2013)  
When I woke up in the morning first I see my mom and dad. I ask him that I have any work?

They said yes I will complete and ready for my college. Then I think that what I will do in that day and what new things I will learn in that day. But every time I think that day is most wonderful day in my life.

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Harry said: (Aug 27, 2013)  
Hello friends !

When I woke up in the morning I am amusing about my dream. Most of the day I forgot my dreams. The entire day I think about the dream. While I was traveling by bus,

I think about society. "what can I do for my country? how I am going to contribute the social activities?" These questions are remembering myself.

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Bala said: (Jul 22, 2013)  
When I woke up in the morning I don't actually remember my dream. It was weird one and I was surprised (like a happy weirdness in the dream). The whole day I wonder what my dream was and tried to think on the few screen shots I remember from the dream. I still haven't figured out what the dream was. I would like to describe the screenshots.

Pic1 - A big house colorful calm and addressed to someone great (no idea about his/her name). The house has lot of lamps and look like a "Techy house".

Pic2 - No staircase inside the house, has only one room in each floor. Each room is connected to the ground using half opened tunnels. People residing there sit on the cushions or air tubes and go out and have lifts to get back to room.

I remember this much and I wish if I was able to recollect and see who lived there, time, date and Did I live there.

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Rahul Chitlangia said: (Feb 12, 2013)  
When I wake up I the morning I was full of sweat and was trembling due to fear because I had a dream I which I saw all the people around me and the whole world were bald i.e having no hairs at the head. I was totally shocked because I was engaged into manufacturing of hair oil and if there was on here on peoples head who will purchase the oil.

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Murari Bhardwaj said: (Oct 14, 2012)  
When I woke up in the morning, I break my sweet dream. A dream about a girl. A girl whom I love unconditionally but its still one-sided. I saw that I had went to propose her with full determination. I tell her "i love u" and unexpectedly she starts crying. With her each tears trickling down her cheeks, my heartbeat was making somersault. Then after 3 min break she tells me "i know how much you love me. I too had began loving you. But now nothing can happen. My marriage has been fixed. " Suddenly, I woke up and thanked god that it was only a dream. That day only, I went to her straightaway and proposed her. Now she is my wife.

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Murari Bhardwaj said: (Oct 14, 2012)  
When I woke up in the morning, I break my sweet dream. A dream about a girl. A girl whom I love unconditionally but its still one-sided. I saw that I had went to propose her with full determination. I tell her "i love u" and unexpectedly she starts crying. With her each tears trickling down her cheeks, my heartbeat was making somersault. Then after 3min break she tells me "i know how much you love me. I too had began loving you. But now nothing can happen. My marriage has been fixed. " Suddenly, I woke up and thanked god that it was only a dream. That day only, I went to her straightaway and proposed her. Now she is my wife.

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Hayath said: (Oct 3, 2012)  
When I woke up today I knew my life was going to change somehow,
Either I'd be make through this interview or not,
If I did this would probably be the best day of my life,
If I don't then I guess it was worth an experience to make it to till here,
Today, Whatever it may turn out to be I'd still love to work for this company if I ever get a chance, The morning today was full of questions and excitement.

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Ravin said: (Sep 9, 2012)  
I saw myself as better today than what I was at yesterday, also I thought myself as lucky to have a good prosperity life, even I had good parents on my life at the same time I had one young brother, even more good friends in my life more over this world has given me a good entertainment like TV, INTERNET, ETC. Inorder to refresh our memory, active, avoid lazy, learning more information etc.

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Gnapika said: (Aug 20, 2012)  
Do u know i dont wake up myself everyday my mamma or papa will wake up me.they wake up me b saying see god's picture there in room.then i pray god that everything should be fine and all should be happy.every day i wake up late only after seeing time i will hurry up my self.

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Shweta said: (Jul 12, 2012)  
When I woke up in the morning, what do I see :a beautiful sunrise, smiling faces of the family members etc etc.

But this is really not sufficient to make your day a successful one.

The main thing behind waking up is not just to leave your bed and start your day without any new thoughts, hopes, dreams.

Be the king of your heart. Have few new thoughts, dreams. And that's what I do every morning when I woke up.

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Krishna Kaushik said: (Jul 12, 2012)  
Actually I don't wake up until the sunny son wake me. Although have the whim of having more sleep my plans for future don't allow me. When I woke up I used to have a cross and pray the god for his mercy on me till today and I will see my friend's face because its lucky to me. Then try to recall my dreams that I have last night. Then I will go for planning my day while completing my daily routines.

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Nithish Kumar said: (Jun 25, 2012)  
When I woke up in the morning I will recall the works/promise which I have to complete today. And I will pray my god to give me hope and confidence to reach my target.

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Janavi said: (Mar 30, 2012)  
When I woke up in the morning, I saw it was a beautiful world around me.
God in my heart, my family, friends, tree, birds. And every damn thing which I can see.
I thanked god for giving me such a beautiful life which is full of freshness, joy.
Guys, life is really very great thing its like the way you decorate your room, ha some, things. Its in your hands how you decorate your life.
Seeing a little butterfly smile comes on your face, that one second of your life becomes beautiful so thank that butterfly to make one second of your life good.
In short every morning we should thank god for giving us such a beautiful life.

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Kartika said: (Jan 31, 2012)  
When i woke up in the morning i first prayed to god that this day should end-up good for me and i should try hard to be true at any circumstance.Should work hard to prove myself in college..

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Akash Kumar said: (Dec 20, 2011)  
When I woke up in the morning I was smiling. I had a sweet dream. A dream in which I saw LOKPAL bill was implemented. All the black money stashed away in foreign banks was coming. This money was being used to create huge infrastructural facilities around in rural areas. Tihar jail was bulging due to corrupt politicians. Naxals had joined the democratic process after shunning the violence. PAK and a large part of land encroahed by chinese was returned to India. India had become a superpower. We stood first in London olympics. All the rival groups in north east were at peace. India was giving loan for development to economically weaker nations.

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When I woke up in the morning I saw?

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