We Need More Entrepreneurs than Managers

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Pallavi said:   7 months ago
There is the wave of entrepreneurship that has emerged in India. And, I believe that to become an entrepreneur a person should have the ability to take risks, make firm decisions and should not fear losing. India needs more entrepreneurs for development but that does not mean that we don't need managers when a company grows it'll need more people and one person alone can not handle everything. Being an entrepreneur and manager requires different skill sets and both are important for a business to run.

Nitesh said:   9 months ago
Hello everyone,

I am very glad to hear and a very warm welcome to all in GD topics" We need more entrepreneurs than managers".

So firstly, I will say that entrepreneurship originates from the internal capability to take risks on behalf of any field. It produces your skills, ideas, and coordination. Manager's job is also typical but relaxable because her employees work there. He only takes biodata of that and did not have any type of pressure. This way entrepreneurship is the stairs to success where you should think abroad.

Aman said:   10 months ago
Joyful afternoon everyone.

Yes, we need more Entrepreneurs because they are the ones who have great risk-taking ability and also focus is on customer satisfaction with innovative ideas whereas in the case of managers they have limited responsibilities also they are fewer risk-takers than entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur also provides jobs which is one of the important factors for our country and also helps in the growth of the economy. Managers are also an important part of the ecosystem because managers will manage things at their level.

Anomie said:   1 year ago
Hello Everyone,

So, Our GD topic is "We need more entrepreneur than manager".

Yes, we need more entrepreneur than manager Because A entrepreneur is who developed a new idea, Skill and create employment. Developing Country like India the biggest problem is unemployment. We should create awareness between people to attaract towards creat entrepreneurship. Our PM Narendra Modi also introduced many schemes like Startup India, Make in India. Obviously This scheme helpful to all the young Generation who are interested to Entrepreneur. Besides everything I think entrepreneurship is only the to create employment and to make a developed country because we have the 2nd most human resource which we can use their knowledge, experience, risk taking capacity and new idea can make our country developed.

Rahul sharma said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

Thank you for having me here. I am glad to be here.

1) As per my perspective, entrepreneurs is more needed at this time for a better economy in India.

2) Right now lots of entrepreneurs are investing in India and Indians are just ready to do their jobs. That is a big reason for unemployment.

3) We should spread the awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship, after the development of business in India, we will not depend on any other country. Youngsters will get new opportunities and jobs.

4) But problem is that everyone wants an easy life, 6 digit salary, and a comfort zone because in business we have to give extra time and energy for development.

5) Right now we are in the developing phase economy has been totally vanished due to the covid pandemic.

6) Indians are also very talented and enthusiastic in every aspect. But it is the duty of govt to give opportunities to these young people and invest their money.

A.krishna said:   3 years ago
According to me, entrepreneurs are more important as it is an encouragement to the youth to achieve big and dream big we have a lot of entrepreneurs as an example of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Apple. Inc), google by larry page and Sergey Bin, Bhavesh Aggrawal (ola) etc.

The entrepreneurs bring the new innovative and inventions in the respective fields by the employment opportunities increases. Whereas managers manage and improve the ideas with strategies which are already invented and they became one part of the company for its growth.

Abhijit said:   3 years ago
Entrepreneurship is important as it has the ability to improve standards of living and create wealth, not only for the entrepreneurs but also for related businesses. Entrepreneurs also help drive change with innovation, where new and improved products enable new markets to be developed.

Shruti said:   3 years ago
According to my perspective, we need more entrepreneurs than manager. As we see our today's condition everyone wants to become a job seeker no one wants to be a job giver. Because being an entrepreneur is risk-taking and no one wants to take the risk. Our government has started many programs like MAKE IN INDIA and STARTUP INDIA but no one is aware of that. So I think schools and college classes should be started so that they can get an idea and innovative minds.

Gaurav Rajput said:   3 years ago
Entrepreneurs are risk-taking individuals or a group of individuals who come forward to make money while creating job opportunities for mass. The need for entrepreneurs is because of the greater mismanagement of managers in an enterprise. Why we need more entrepreneurs than managers because they have risk taking ability.

Entrepreneur is an independent body where as managers are ruled by entrepreneurs. Independent bodies are always welcomed as they are much more creative and innovative.

Encouraging entrepreneurship means encouraging more job opportunities. Managers provide service. But they can't create services. Starting from a small private school to any government sector enterprises such as NTPC enterprises have created jobs in plenty.

Entrepreneurs are more concerned for service satisfaction and not merely monetary need unlike managers.

They are least corrupted as they have no one to cheat except themselves. But managers can avail all opportunities to get profit for themselves. Managers have less sense of belonging to the organization where as entrepreneurs are more dedicated.

Entrepreneurs are experts in risk management and are daring to try new technologies. This is a silver line for the corporate sector.

Vamshikrishna said:   3 years ago

I'm vamshikrishna.

Our GD topic is we need more entrepreneurs than manager's.

Yes, we are in a country were doing the world leading population country in world.

We have very least employment opportunities in our country.

We need more entrepreneurs than manager's because entrepreneurs can improve the business and make more innovations day by day And can decrease unemployment rate In India.

As we have opportunities like statup and make in India program which is started by our respected prime minister.

Which can support innovative ideas of business and creating employment were developed.

Example : cognitrex, Byjusapp a startup company created employment for many people.

So, I conclude by saying that we require many entrepreneurs than mangers.

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