There is No Right Way of Doing the Wrong Thing

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Preeti Gupta said:   10 months ago
I also agree with the statement "THERE IS NO WAY TO DO WRONG THINGS IN A RIGHT WAY" of course, wrong is wrong. We can't convert a jackal into a tiger by covering it in another way. Reality always shows its face. Suppose if you are doing a wrong thing, thinking that it is right in your opinion but for everything, there is an absolute value and everything is compared with this absolute value and is rated. So, we can say that there is no way to do wrong things in the right way.

Utkarsh pratap singh said:   2 years ago
Wrong and right are subjective. Something can be right but may not be good.

Ex. A sage who never told lie faced a situation in which a person hides in his place who was followed by dacoits, when dacoits asks sage about the person he tolds them and that hiding person gets killed.

Here sage has done right thing and upheld the value of speaking always truth but that was not the right thing to do.

Rakesh said:   3 years ago
Hello, all good morning.

I don't agree with this term because there is not any describing term that it is written or wrong it is only our mindset that it may be wrong or right so if we want to do something in purely mind so there may be a wrong result but this wrongness is from people view not of my view so there is a wrong way to do the right things and vice versa so if your mindset is positive so every work is right but that work must be peoples favour so I concluded that there is a way of doing something for people for social wellbeing and it is a wrong way or right wahy this is depend's upon people, mindset.

Sushma said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone,

I'm a student and I have analyzed this topic in the perspective of a student.

As we all know, there is no success without failures I believe that there is Wrong when we do something Right and vice-versa. They are interrelated and we cannot separate them. We find and learn to create new things when we do something Wrong which we think is Right. Because to our eyes, something is precious but to others it's silly. Therefore we all do good some but it may be bad to others. Therefore there is no right way of doing the wrong thing.

Om prakash said:   4 years ago
Yes, I agree with all the above-maintioned points There is no Right or Wrong but its only different points of view on the basis of their Culture, Religion. Caste standard of life perception and mindset of individual because Right or Wrong is totally depended upon ethics morale and thinking of the individual.

Sunaina Mishra said:   4 years ago
Hello friends,

I am student so discuss in the topic in there is no right way of doing the wrong thing. I can be said there is right way to do wrong thing. Thus according to me bad always be bad and right always be right.

Wrong thing may different form for person to along with the circumstance, but given that liberty one can clearly see that the wrong thing is very wrong to do because of a reason.

According to is no way for doing anything right or wrong thing.

Ishank choudhary said:   4 years ago
Yes, I agree with this statement but some ways are wrong and some ways are good of doing a particular thing. We should follow the morals which we learnt in our early life. These morals helps us a lot to diffrentiate between right and wrong. So, we should do every work according to the situation.

Ruchita zope said:   4 years ago
But the thing is right things and wrong things depend upon our mindset.

Everything had positive and negative points. If we think the right things in the right way it is good for yourself to explain the right thing to others in the right way.

Naveena D said:   5 years ago
Hello friends,

Obviously, There is no right way for doing wrong things. Because every things should be in right way for good things. Wrong thing will not live many years. It does not make good things. Sometimes wrong things makes wrong person in life. It will never give good results in our life. So there is no right way of doing wrong things.

Santhi said:   5 years ago
Yes, I agree with this statement there is no right way to do wrong thing. But some people think that what they done that is the correct and some people firstly understand what is correct and what is wrong and then only they continue to furtherly. If you do right things then society will give respect to you and if not you face many problems from society.

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