The Rush for MBA is really a Rush for Big Money

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Sakshi Jha said:   6 months ago
Yes, Rush for MBA is really big rush for money but I believe if you are able to do any work then you can make money through another way.

Nowadays it's peoples mindset that if they will do MBA then they only can make money. Instead of doing your willing work you can also make huge money.

Well wisher said:   3 years ago
The real purpose of MBA is to instill or to develop the leadership qualities that a professional possess and to impart business intelligence. It is mainly suited for people who already has an experience in the field and it is true that freshers also get admitted to the course. There are mainly three types of people who pursue an MBA.

1. Those who are interested in entrepreneurship, growing their business or passionate about management.

2. Those who don't have an idea about to what to pursue after their graduation.

3. Those are interested in making money fast.

So rush for big money is also a reason for people pursuing MBA.

But what really matters is your inner calling and only that path will make you content and happy not just money.

PRATAP SINGH RAJPUT said:   3 years ago
Yes, The rush for MBA is really rush for big money.

I can explain you.

For doing an MBA, People have many goals and objectives behind it. Today everyone knows about MBA and the money which can earn by this. First of all, the person who is the owner of any organization or business and company, who wants to continue his business and company for next-generation than his son or daughter has to do MBA for better Management skills, communication skills, leadership quality, good knowledge, etc. For increase and handle his business carefully.

Today MBA has become a luxurious way which everyone wants to earn it because MBA helps to increase Management skills, communication skills, leadership quality, good knowledge which is very useful in big multinational companies.

But you have to know that MBA is not a vegetable which anyone can buy it, its a degree of Master which wants good quality and personality inside you and that quality can be grown by a good institution and colleges like IIMs, Delhi University, etc. And to get admission in these institutions you must already have good quality and knowledge than you will get a big package of money by Multinational companies.

So, my conclusion is, The Rush in MBA is really for Big Money.

Thank you.

Kriti rai said:   3 years ago
I'm neither in FAVOUR of this topic nor it's AGAINST. As per my opinion, the answer may differ from the objective of the student to student. Some students might join the MBA course in order to get a good package in the company and others might to get a specialised knowledge in the management field.

Srinivas said:   4 years ago
Yes. I do support the line "The rush for MBA is Rush for Big Money. MBA is a course with a Masters to a bachelor's. Doing masters help us in getting a good package in the companies. We can get a good position which we deserve to get in. MBA teaches beyond studies, like how to face society and how to deal with managerial situations.

Naresh Singh said:   5 years ago
Yes MBA is very important for improving yourself and if you are an MBA so somewhere you will get a job but it is not only for job by MBA you can manage to your communication, and understand how to you manage money in your life that's why we need to do MBA for getting new things and creating ideas.

Mohd shahbaz said:   5 years ago
Good evening to one and all my opinion is that MBA is just a degree without communication skills of personality development is MBA just a waste of money but its true duration of 4th semester I learn a lot of knowledge to enhance my communication and a good knowledge of different subjects I am glad to do my MBA and it will help you to how to manage the things or any situation and also a way of to earn money when you really passionate for any startup.

Srikanta said:   6 years ago
Hi there! I am against of this rush for MBA is not just for money, because in this two years of managerial studies the persuing graduates will be developing their managerial skill how to handle the business or the accounting or the finance part everybody will be developing their skill in their respective background. If someone is interested to start his business or run his patriarchy business, in this case, he/she is doing just get to know the tactics.

I agree that yes it does MBA gives money but to the deserved ones but that's a side part.

Wagisha said:   7 years ago
The Rush for MBA is really a Rush for Big Money but it's totally depends on the placement of college and college repo and well capability of candidate how skilled he is his communication skill, management, knowledge, experience. If actually you have all these skills and from good college for sure the above statement 100 percent true for you.

Riki said:   7 years ago
100%. Rush for MBA is really rush for big money. Personally, I am doing MBA just because of money. Now a day people want money because we know that without money there is nothing. Students chose only those type of colleges which give good packages n after done the MBA they want to go in a multinational company or top company. And, MBA is not only for money you personally improve your communication skill, managerial skill, personality, etc. And the MBA was such a most interesting field.

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