The Nostradamus Code: World War III

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Caesar Alle said:   9 months ago
Only God who knows where and when the crisis will end. He has decided its outcome. So, wait and see. Don't overthink about that. For we can't influence the war course to start of stop.

Amalesh ravi said:   3 years ago
I think the world has not predicted at any time what will be able to happen if the happenings world war-lll it will be a nuclear war due to the power of APJ Abdul Kalam all world has to have the fearful respect to INDIA.

Thank you!

Vicky said:   5 years ago
I believe that the future is going to face worse condition than world war 3. Earth is affected With population. Resources are limited. Cities are getting bigger and farming land is reducing. Unemployed youth more crime. Pollution increasing Every year temperature rise there is no action our government is so great that we should take out of our mind that they are going do something. We are already very late in every aspect. Nowadays no country is poor at least every country has a nuclear weapon. Pakistan has more atom bomb from India. So you guys still believe that world war is just a prediction. Surely it will happen one day and not only Nostradamus every can predict this.

So stop thinking and ready to die or build a nuclear safe house underground in your houses. In many countries, people have started building it.

Good luck.

John Sudhir said:   5 years ago
Nostradamus is known for his predictions about the future, which he wrote in his book Les Propheties, which allegedly predicted most of the future events.

Famous of which are, the great fire of London, the French Revolution, The rise of Napolean Bonaparte and Hitler, both the World Wars, and 9/11 attacks.

Is the world heading towards World War 3? With Superpower, countries like the USA and Russia are building and improving their nuclear capabilities in a much wider scope.

Rogue countries like North Korea trying to instigate war-like conditions. These are the countries which have officially declared about their nuclear arsenal.

But what about those countries who are building one secretly. By any chance, if World War 3 occurs, it will be a nuclear war and is estimated that 90% of the population.

Will be destroyed, and so is the environment. Nature won't be able to sustain and produce a new life. Fields will become unsuitable for growing any sort of.

Food crops. And in this way, Earth will become extinct. If we need to stop another World War, we need to change our perception. Spread love, not war.

We, the human beings need to change the way of thinking and living. War is not the solution for everything. There are other peaceful ways, to settle disputes.

Shail said:   6 years ago
Hey everyone,

Actually in my opinion, I think Nostradamus made all those predictions just to make people aware of the consequences, if they don't change the way of their living and thinking. He rightly predicted world war 1 and 2 and especially mentioned it, because he wanted to warn people, so that they can avoid these wars, by promoting love and not hatred among themselves. But they didn't.

Its like we know everything, still we are just sitting and waiting for our death, instead of changing it. So friends, let us take steps to prevent world war 3. And if it is going to be for water, lets save water and do rain water harvesting and adopt other techniques, so that we can be saved because of Nostradamus prediction/ warning!

Thank you.

Dhar said:   6 years ago
In my thinking, future is predictable only through the knowledge let me tell you one example like if a long straight way vehicle is coming towards you from one mile or more that you can see you can easily say that it will come to you so in this way you predict it because you know it that the way that car was driving doesn't have any obstacles so is similar way I would like to say that future is predictable to a certain extent it depends upon our knowledge of surroundings.

I will say World War 3 will happen and can easily be avoided it all depends our thinking our knowledge and our understandings. Everything is up to us.

Mohamed anvar said:   7 years ago
The world war 3 will come due to the water. It is the prediction of developed countries so we all must save the water and make this sustainable source to the next generation it will stop the world war.

Benoenose said:   7 years ago
We never need predictions on war, we need economic prosperity in peace and human equality. These predictions can be set aside by the humanity by taking the world to a very different direction. To a location where every country seeks peace and unity.

Dominic myers said:   9 years ago
Found Nostradamus death year 1566 is what 666 in the bible in revelation refers to also quatrain 866 predicts the finding of the number of the beast where it says when D. M. Found the inscription where the inscription refers to 666 and D. M. Refers to me dominic myers who stumbled across the meaning to the number of the beast.

Sahasra said:   9 years ago
Nostradamus is a famous scholar and an intellect. What ever has been depicted by him holds a great similarity with the present world. It is just a matter of similarity and might b that Nostradamus would have predicted assuming the worldly conditions during that time. And as far as the present world is considered, we are followers of depictions and we are unconditional believers. When a stone gets accidentally carved itself into a form of a godly picture we assume it and relate it to any of our gods and the media is ready to point it out to the whole world and doesn't sleep until the world believes by bringing into the scenario various conclusions and god believers who point it out as true and god made.

The point here is how we humans think. We are relating all Nostradamus depictions into whatever has happened till now and assuming that he is a future teller. Many paintings if we keep an eye and force ourselves to relate into it does relate something to our life. Its just a point of how we are forcing our self into depictions and coming into conclusions as if we have to bring out something into it. Though Nostradamus might have predicted the worldly situations with his intellect and there might be a possibility of we bringing out similarities and conclusions there is no point to say that future can be predicted and Nostradamus was an astrologer. And the 3rd world war would come out if any of the countries are ready to burst out that's it and it is not going to be an outcome of any prediction.

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