Terrorism in India

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Suraj said:   2 weeks ago
Terrorism is a concerning point for any country. It is planned by some extremist people for self-interest. But its execution couldn't be possible without the indulgence of the resident person of that particular country.

Our forces are working strictly on this issue. But as a resident of this country, it is the time to show our patriotism towards our country, by not helping terrorists for its execution.

Ashutosh said:   1 month ago
Hello everyone my name is Ashutosh.

Now, I tell about the given topic Terrorism. The mean of terrorism the producer of conflict in people's places and destroyed the economic system of any Country.

Krishna Chandra Pandey said:   7 months ago
My Name is Krishna Pandey I'm from Sultanpur up.

I am coming on my given topic - given topic is terrorism in India - terrorism is a critical problem in our country. If we want to know the reason behind it we will faund many politicians is helping them to come to India.

Prabhat Fauzdar said:   7 months ago
Good morning everyone!

I would like to express my views about my given topic terrorism in India.

There are many problems in India, Terrorism is one of them.

Terrorism is nothing it is a curse for the whole world because killing innocent people or filling the fear into them is called terror.

India is facing continuous terrorist attacks for a long time 26/11 Mumbai Taj attack,2001 again Mumbai attack, the Pulwama attack, Pathankot attack.

Reasons behind it:
Usrup other countries land.
Illegal demands.
Political reasons.
To set up his supremacy.

By giving proper education
Govt should take strict action against illegal activities
Provide employment
All countries should come & abolish this curse from the whole world.

Thank you.

Mohammad Afjal said:   8 months ago
The main reason behind terrorism is that we don't want to listen to the problems of the common man and just because a common man facing a lot of many problems like the problem of financial and the problem of education.

Aditya said:   8 months ago
Terrorism is not a problem of our nation but it problem is facing all over the world.

Many countries face terror by their neighbour country and many of country faces terror by own people.

If we talk about India then India faces terrorism by their neighbour country Pakistan if we talk about El Salvador then they face terror by their own people in marketplaces, transports and on the roadside. India also faces the Naxalites and militants, they are those who help terrorists to cross the border.

KUNAL KUMAR said:   1 year ago
Good evening everyone.

Today the topic given to us is terrorism in India.

Terrorism is an illegal activity in which terrorists to attack to produce fear in the public in-country or worldwide.

there is not only India that is a victim of terrorism it is all over the world.

The reason behind terrorism is;

1) Lack of education
2) Unsatisfaction to the government or country
3) Unemployment
4) Political reason
5) Poverty
6) Bad association. India has faced a lot of terrorist activity till now like Dec 13 ' 2001 Indian parliament attack Sept 24 ' 2002 attack on Akshardham in Gujarat where 31 we lose our 31 peoples Oct 29 ' 2005 the powerful serial blast on Delhi at different places 70 people killed there 26/11 on Taj hotel Mumbai 171. Personal with security forces. Were killed Jan 2 ' 2016. Pathankot attack on Airbase. Pulwama attack on Feb 14, 2019.

And recently Sukma attacked on 3 April 2021. Where 31 people were killed.

1) To solve the problem of terrorism our govt should strict steps like solving the problem of unemployment eradicating poverty and severe punishment for creating terror in public.
2) We should also create awareness about terrorism among the public so they won't get involved in any terrorist activity.
3) The Indian children do not get proper education and they are learning how to use a weapon or terrorist activity but children enjoy them and do not know it destroys their future so it's also the cause of terrorism.

Now, I conclude that.

Terrorism can be completely eradicated if Govt concentrates mainly cause of its because prevention is better than cure we all have to join hands to make the world a better place for life and all countries came together and fight again terrorism and Made a secure and fearless world.

Thank you.

Aakash chauhan said:   1 year ago
Good morning!
I am Aakash Chauhan. Today, Our topic is terrorism.

Terrorism is a major problem in our country. Many ill-mannered are responsible for this cause. These people are the cause of increasing terrorism in our country.

The main cause of terrorism is that;

Illiterate people
People were treated badly in their surroundings and got into a team of bad (terroir)people.

How can it be decreased?
By educating the public.
By getting into a team of good people.
And the main is By a team of Humanity against terrorism.

Terrorism is a never-ending thing but can be decreased only because it is a thought that comes in favour of terrorism. We should run against Terrorism.

NAGARAJ said:   2 years ago
Hi everyone.

I would like to tell you about terrorism in India.

So, first of all, terrorism is an illegal activity and also cause of terrorism lack of education, unemployment and so many peoples sacrificing their life for their country it is also one of major point.

Impact in India.

As we know past years ago a lot of getting trouble in the Jammu Kashmir example Pulwama attack and also the taj hotel attack in Mumbai etc troubled by some terrors. In India, major terrorists were attacked by Pakistan terrorists.

Prevent of terrorism.

Awareness of About education.
Tell to people about terrorism and illegal activity if you involve in terrorism those people will hang.

Rajdeep kumar said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

My name is Rajdeep Kumar.

I would like to add some points about Terrorism.

Terrorism is a big problem not only in India but also in some other countries, first of all we know that terrorism is not born they are made.

1. Main reasons for terrorism are poverty, unemployment, uneducated, corruption etc.

2. Terrorism increase day by day in some countries like Pakistan Afghanistan Iraq etc.

3. Terrorism targeted developed countries as you know India day by day growing every sector that reasons terrorism attacks in India.

4. Terrorism killed so many people they don't look child and old people they killed like they are not human.

Conclusion:- in my opinion terrorism is a big threat not only in India but also in the whole world.

They killed people, as most people think about people Muslim is terrorism if you called about terrorism they scratched a Muslim picture in mind but terrorism does not belong to any cast and religion they belong to Hindu Muslim Christian etc any religion.

Government should take strict decisions against terrorism and last I would say that only education and love are stopped becoming terrorism.

Thank you, everyone.

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