Space Missions are a Wastage of Resources for a Resource-Starved Nation like India

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Manisha said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone,

First of all, we will see what is meaning of triple talaq, talaq is an Arabic word that means divorce, actually, triple talaq is pronouncing of talaq word three times by means of orally or written and in the Islamic community by doing this Muslim men's can give divorce to their wives without their consent. As it is legal in their community so Muslim women can't do anything they become helpless after this triple talaq. But nowadays in the digital world Muslim men are misusing this triple talaq they are using SMS, WhatsApp, etc digital apps to give talaq which is very illegal.

So, in July 2019 Indian parliament passed a bill for Muslim women bill (protection of rights on marriage) as a law to protect Muslim women's rights making triple talaq an offence of crime.

Triple talaq is banned in 23 countries including India. The first country was Egypt who banned this triple talaq.

It is a very vital step taken by the government to ban triple talaq as it was defeating article 14 of the Indian constitution. Every Indian have the right to live his life. So by banning triple talaq Muslim women's rights are protected.

Subhashree said:   3 years ago
All the people here have said that how India is a developing and desperate country and we do not have money to spend on such missions, which are the actual "steps" that develop the country, then we will always be "developing" but never "developed". No country has ever been rich and strong by birth.

The even US had 13 failures before its first successful mission, but blaming the situation is never the solution.

And when it comes to money, if I start listing the "good uses" of money done by our government then we will get to know that how an ample amount of money has been used by ISRO and how much it has co-operated to maintain their budget.

Sandy said:   3 years ago
India is in the nascent stage of development.

More money shall be infused in infrastructure and other areas of concerns. When we lack basic facilities the government shall not ponder taxpayers money in useless exploration. It's like a guy doing a toiling job throughout his day and in spite of spending money to his children's education the guy spends it in buying a car which he cannot even maintain in the future, thinking of that his car will make him feel proud and the real thing is nobody gives the shit. So it's obvious that all the people around him will laugh at him instead of being proud of him.

Robb said:   3 years ago
Space missions are a good venture for developed nations but India is still a developing nation, whatever great achievements received by our citizens still the world considers India a third world country.

Poverty and Uneducation are still a basic problem in India.

The government should solve the problems that have the highest priorities.

Sanjay said:   4 years ago
Let's address our water, power and agricultural deficits before spending money on space missions. I can understand satellite launch capabilities need to be developed but moon missions. We live in a democracy, I don't see when we the people were asked for permission to spend so much money on these projects. Also, the people supporting thus waste of money need to give us actual, practical examples of how a moon mission will help India. Maybe a cost benefit analysis? Come on Modi government, give us the business justification besides shallow bragging rights. I live and work in one of the most impoverished regions if Andhra Pradesh and can give many better uses for the money spent to help our fellow citizens today.

Pavani said:   4 years ago
It is a not waste of money, it will benefit the development of our country. If we can stop the scams of big businessmen and prevent money from being corrupt it can be a good use to poverty and also you can use that money to the building government schools and colleges.

Harshit mavi said:   5 years ago
I think that India has not enough money to do these things because it not developed the country.

Kevin said:   5 years ago
Space missions are not exactly useful especially when the country is not that developed enough. 40% of children are still suffering malnutrition. India produces 50000 doctors a year. Still, 2 million citizens die due to tuberculosis. So should the government spend on space or for the welfare of people?

Gantasaala said:   5 years ago
There is no wastage of money by sending space missions. Just one thing we have to remember before we talk about this.

Generally, to send one satellite to space requires nearly 200 crores for India. It will be a great proud to send that successfully.

Rather than we are spending nearly 300 crores for Bahubali answer 250 crores in robo2. We are looking and showing interest on entertainment only. If we spend that money we can send more satellites which will useful for the future generation.

Love technology more than entertainment.

Uttara said:   6 years ago
Space missions are not wastage of resources as these missions if done successfully and within stipulated budget then aid in agriculture defence education health care disaster management activities of the govt which directly benefit the whole nation. More over recently ISRO launched 104 satellites into the mission among which 103 satellites were from other nations. India earned huge amounts from these nations to launch their respective satellites. The Mangalyan mission was a huge success in a minimum of 450 crores which is very less compared to foreign investments. Thanks to our scientists. But Indian govt should better the education and infrastructure in India so that well educated and skilled scientists don't leave India to work for NASA. Thus it can reduce brain drain. And GOI should encourage science study in early ages so that in future the technology and cost involved in space missions are reduced significantly.

Thank you.

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