Skilled Manpower Shortage in India

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Prabin said:   3 years ago
From my point of view, India has enough quantity of manpower. But the govt not ready to use it in proper. Most of the people working in abroad are from India especially the doctors from America are 70%of Indians and NASA scientist of 35%from India. So we can identify, Indians damn surely enough quantity of manpower, the government not ready to utilize them. Thank you.

Riya Srivastava said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone.

I think the main problem is reservation. The person who doesn't have more knowledge is easily eligible for various jobs, studies or other courses and the person who actually deserves the seat is not eligible.

So, they move to different countries and raise their economy. Skilled people are cut off and the undeserving people do nothing and thats why we still have a tagline of our "A developing country".

Kanika Singh said:   4 years ago
I think the starting point should the primary education. Children should be taught to focus on their skills not just gathering good marks. Since starting kids are taught to memorize things and score good marks. They are not encouraged to use their minds. This reduces the thinking and questioning ability of mind. Their mind can think only upto some limited boundaries. Family environment is also somehow responsible for this. This is the main reason why this education system is producing only literate men, not those who like challenges in life but those who just want a safe and secure government job.

Sri Saii said:   5 years ago
A warm wishes,

We have skilled manpower, but we are not using them in a correct way. Foreign countries offer the job, in other words they respect our talent. So, all the skilled ones are flying abroad to show up.

No one, wants to leave their motherland. But to survive in this world, they are forced to.

If the situation here changes, we can build a entire new INDIA which will be far from our expectations. And one more thing, students should be taught from their childhood in a manner to dedicate their talent to their country (INDIA) in the FUTURE. So, accordingly education system we follow should change up. Each and everything is inter-linked.

Thank you.

Prateek said:   5 years ago
As India is developing country it is not the issue. We have best skilled manpower in the world when compare with the other country which are developed. The problem is that our expectations are more as compare to any other thing as a example if a person is skilled in something but the expectations of his are not satisfied he will go to other country to get more wages.

"BILL GATES '' also said that if we stop employing engineers from India. There will be another MICROSOFT born in India.

Anil Seth said:   5 years ago
Make in India dream can't be fullfil without skilled manpower.

Jovin Mathias said:   5 years ago
I believe the shortage of skilled manpower is not because of brain drain or people choosing other countries to cover India for work, but the present education system that is there in India. According to a recent report by Hindustan times, over 60 per cent of engineers are jobless and 30 per cent of MBA graduates are struggling to find a Job. The major issue here is a lack of diversity and specialisation in education. Indian education system focuses on the macro aspect rather than the micro aspect in the job market. This leads to an increase in the supply of students for a particular job to the available demand for a job in the market. This leads to a decrease in the demand for students and in return also leads to brain drain.

I believe that the increase in specialisation studies for students will help increase skilled manpower and in return help in the growth of India.

Thank you.

Lt.Narayan said:   5 years ago
It is right that there is a lack of manpower among students but it the cause of lack of motivation to love the Indian Nation. In this time every student should leave from bad effect of social media because only social media can possible to turn the mind from real education. India every Institution is good for the student but the rule of government cannot be steering the students so that the lack of intellect is increasing. In India the renovation of loving the nation is shorting so the attraction of loving the nation from the students is decreasing. When the loving and respecting of the Bharat soil will be increased among the students India will be a strong manpower holder because there is no lack of keen students. The mother Indian has produced a galaxy of great and the students and youths are one of them. JAI HIND. JAI BHARAT.

Neeraj said:   6 years ago
Hi Guys,

As we all know that all the people want to earn more & more money and to earn more money they keep on trying to visit other countries, they also increase their education level so that they can face all the situations around them. As we can notice that education level is poor in India but there are some places which offer a level of education for doing the maximum.

I may agree with this statement, as India is still developing a country and well-educated youth always tries to stay away from the country as they don't get high pay scale and to get a high salary they leave their country forever.

Nowadays companies are using modern technology like advance machinery at all which able to work without huge manpower and that is also a big reason to shortage skilled manpower at the workplace.


Avinash said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, the skilled manpower is required in India. The skill is required for the development of organisation. Considering the skill, skill may be of different type, but I'm considering the based on the knowledge. In India, the education system is mainly concentrated on the theoretical knowledge. This is not enough for the students, they require practical knowledge also. Then only they can understand easily. When we consider the foreign countries they give more importance practical knowledge, because of that they are innovative, highly talented.

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