Six Billion and One Bronze!

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Sam said:   3 years ago
First and for most, the problem that needs to be addressed is the lack of encouragement from the government's side. Incentives must be provided so that the children and youth of the country would be able to take sports as a career. Proper infrastructure should be developed for sports and most importantly, it should also be properly maintained. Economic assistance should be provided to those who cannot afford the huge cost of training. We find there are so many atheletes in our country with great potential but don't have the money to pay for the professional training courses. They are the first ones to whom this economic assistance must go to. Hence, if proper encouragement from the government is made available, the parents would also not be apprehensive about letting their children take a carrer of their choice.

Sudarshan Gawande said:   5 years ago
Surely it is so distressing to hear this news that out of six billion of people we had won only one bronze and gold this olympics! But the main question to be asked that who is stalling the Indian athletes to take the big leap?Is it our own system or not?

I think that firstly our civic bodies or our system is greatly responsible for this situation. We (our system) have no elite coaching plans for emerging players at state or national level. We can take example of a sprinter Seema Antil having best achievement of clinching a gold medal at 2014 Asian Games at Incheon concedes that she didn't get right grooming during her transition years. There are no customised plans for talented athletes, no state-of -the-art facillities, no scientific backup.

Second point is there is lack of job security in this field. This is the very huge problem for the athletes who get mired in into various injuries and got sidelined.

Also there are some recalcitrant athletes who make India shamed. For example a 17 year old javelin thrower Rohit Yadhav failed a dope test at a national youth meet and was stripped of his Asian Youth championship silver last year. List of such athletes is endless.

So there shall be some customised plans for the atheletes at the junior level. Also system should care about the job security assurance and right grooming for the emerging athletes. Also our national level athletes should focus on improving their technique instead of focusing on latest food supplements.

Selva said:   5 years ago
This clearly shows how far India is behind in sports even though our Indian have got the required capacity to snatch medals. If you look at the scenario today many children with astitute sports talents have been masked by politics and lack of support. Even the top medal winners residing in India has not been given proper support. There are many marykoms, many abinav bindras out there. But yet without Government support.

Pankaj said:   6 years ago
Sports has certainly swept from hands of a sportsman to politicians. And we know how well they play, and easily they get GOLD INSTEAD organisation for even to add a platinum medal and can guaranty achieving it is a blindfolded attempt for our politicians.

That one bronze was a struggle of our players which is a respectable achievement which should not be criticized.

Polish Vaish said:   6 years ago
In 2016 when Rio Olympics was just on the verge to start all the media houses and our fellow Indians were gazing towards the Indian contingent at the games. Neither of us had given a damn about them a month ago. I think we Indians just love to do things spontaneously. Our attention shifts from the world of dirty politics to the young sports persons when any prestigious event on a global scale takes place. And I would like to mention that as our attention shifts, our dreams and aspirations from our youngsters skyrockets and flies higher than a jet aircraft. But unfortunately when our team returns with a handful of medals the criticism and flak they are subjected to is ridiculous. They are demoralized, dejected and despondency takes over them.

Critics argue that there are a number of reasons of the underperformance of the participants. But the primary one of them is the intervention of politics and corruption into the sports arena If we observe to majority of the sporting bodies of our nation, they are being controlled and managed by politicians. These politicians due to their desire of money making and greed, ruin the sporting body as well as hundreds of careers alongwith them they are also ruining millions of hopes of the native citizens. This has been responsible for the decline in the performance of our players. The potential of our nation is not harnessed by the academies. We still have a long way to go to ensure that the medals are not elusive for us.

Another fact on which I would like to draw the light is that of the narrow mindset of the guardians and parents of the society. The craze and amazement of IIT as a career option has increased phenomenally. People are now much more inclined towards it. This needs to be revamped, we will have to work on it. Birth of future Michael phleps or next Usain bolt is only impossible when students at acknowledged about there achievements so that their children may also get an idea of what it actually means to raise our flag high in the field and depict our nation as the champion of champions in any event so this mindset needs to be revoked and parents must ensure that their children prefer his / her field of the basis of their interest. Our nation still needs to work a lot on this road to success. I think that the steps taken by some other developed nations are really worth appreciating. Some nations in this world have set up sports academies which are properly equipped, developed, and they are training their young ones from a very tender age.

If we draw the criticism of this field it is just next to innumerable. The steps taken by the present govt of establishing khelo India school gmaes is just a giant leap for our nation and one day sooner or later India is also going to be at the top of tally in medal rankings, that day is not far away when when our nation is growing to win a bunch of medals at any professional meet.

So the picture in the frame is going to change very soonly and our children are also going to make our country as well as the country men.

Rakesh said:   6 years ago
There are many reasons behind it.

Our country gives importance only to one sport and that is cricket. Cricket takes all the fans and there remains no one to encourage or motivate our athletes.

Politics has also degraded our sports culture. In our country, deserving people get less chance to flash their talent. Also corruption is one of the reason.

Our sportsmen don't get better platform or infrastructure for practice. The conditions in our country is also not good.

But still we can overcome this problem by people's support, we need awareness, lots of student who want to pursue their dream in sports field don't get enough family support. According to parents sports is just a hobby and its not a source of better income.

Its all about mindset, if we people change our mindset towards sports then we can develop and improve much faster in almost every sports.

Cricket is like a religion for our people still we see lot of politics even there too. Our government need to take serious steps towards the enhancement of sports by providing opportunities and better platforms yo us.

Let's hope for the best in coming years.

Piyush wadhwani said:   6 years ago
Six billion and one bronze! That is what the topic contains too many reasons, of course, this ratio is negligible, first of all, awareness is must, I mean to say due to lack of awareness regarding sports, its competitions, and most important is scholarship in sports availed by government is the major reason, second thing is mob irrespective of talent, the one having a talent or ability in any sport activity are pulled by family, this is the matter of lack of assurance to family, which can be improved by awareness camps and fruitful facility to family.

Nidhi said:   6 years ago
Six billion and one bronze.

This statement aptly signifies the current status of sports in India. With a population of 1.2 billion, we have just managed to win 2 medals in Olympics. The prime reason being support from family and financial support from the government. There is a budget for sports from the government, Maximum part of it is invested in sports like cricket. Rest all other sports get a minimum share of the budget. This affects the training of athletes that are preparing themselves for such competitions.

Also, there is less support for other sports in comparison to cricket. Eg-the final match of champions trophy was seen throughout the nation but on the same day, there was a hockey match that was seen by a mere part of the population. This is what lack of support for other sports than cricket is about.

Sathvik Suhan said:   6 years ago
Hello all;.

The Indian sportsperson performance at the Olympics was very regrettable. Due to many problems, India lagging in sports that are funding, sponsorship and training facilities. Most of the sportsperson coming from poor families, they had no source to participate in the sports events. And we also see in many villages, children having more talent in sports but they did not know how to utilise their talent. So they stopped there like a bus. Therefore, In order to curb this problem, we have to create an awareness about sports from school days. Teachers not only encourage the education but also encourage the sports and talented children. The government also takes the responsibility of the funds and talented sportspersons to prove their talent in international sports events.

Vrsha said:   6 years ago
Yes, there is not denying the fact that ''after having a huge population India is not able to win more medal in Olympic and other international sport. Now India's population is exceeding day by day, in upcoming years it will lag China behind, so the question arises here that what are the reasons that India is lagging in sports, the very first answer is ''interest what I observed is that in India, people are not so much interested in sports. They would like to spend their time illicit work instead of game, next is, awareness there are several sports that are playing around the world but we are not so aware of it, so awareness should b on the top'' ''next is fund because playing sport is not an easy cup of tea that anyone can come & join the crowd. It require proper strategy and clear vision so only it could be possible to participate last but not the least politic because in India, in whichever sector we are lagging behind is just because of our political system, everytime they always found remain in their own caste, creed, custom, communities, culture, or concession etc, soo if they will remain busy on their own so where they will bring the time for sport person, so I'm in a very opinion if we want to win moe and more medal soo it's a time when we will have to push our authorities instead of depending upon them''.

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