Should voters be given a NOTA (None Of The Above) choice?

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Pratik said:   2 weeks ago
In my opinion, the NOTA option in the election is a sign of improvement in leaders because voters don't want to vote for them because they know about the party leader's work or not in society.

In the other hand, some people use the NOTA option for their things but they know about there pros and cons of selecting the NOTA option it is not used for their personal use.

When they select the NOTA option means the voter is not consistent the leader is not for that position and for society's improvement.

Poojarani said:   1 month ago
Hello Everyone,

The idea of having a NOTA option is a very interesting one.

It will not only relieve us from selecting candidates whom we don't want but also give the Government an outlook of what the citizens are expecting is not satisfied by the nominated candidates. Just because we will have a NOTA option people will at least come forward to vote and not sit back wasting their votes. Not just NOTA the government should also bring up a policy that if the percentage of NOTA votes in award exceeds 50% or so, The nominated candidates must be changed.

Srikanth said:   2 months ago

In my point of view, ECI should not provide an option to select NOTA, Let me explain reason in 3 points.

1. People will take it so casually, and select NOTA as a choice for some silly reasons like, their caste people haven't got a ticket.

2. There are some lazy people, who don't take the responsibility of selecting a good leader, Instead of analyzing party plans they simply select NOTA and say "I don't have political knowledge", But being in a democratic country everyone should know about the happening of politics because your vote is not only useful for you. It shows a big difference when counted collectively.

3. Instead of providing NOTA, the ECI should do good work while confirming nominations, they should check the history of the person. Also, it will be the best practice if ECI changes the rule to "Only certified/educated candidates are allowed to nomination process ". So the dissatisfaction rate people will decrease.

Thank you.

Rajesh Kumar said:   4 months ago
In my point, I think there should be nota option because we know that there candidates are not fit for the role, if any person is not interested then he can choose this option.

Sam said:   5 months ago
By providing nota as an option to the voters the democracy levels will increase along with the improvement of leadership. This is because, every single vote is important and where the win margin is less than the nota votes, parties will evaluate to get nota votes for their candidates in the next election. Hence candidates will be chosen who have worked at ground level.

Jatin said:   6 months ago
I think there should not be (NOTA) option in election. Because there is need of atleast one party to be in power to regulate the economy if there will be such option it will reduce the vote percentage.

Nitish said:   6 months ago
NOTA is a choice of person. In it, if a person is unable to find a good candidate in the election then he can press nota. By pressing these things many new good leaders would come up and look upon the demands of the people. It also helps in improving the working functionality of organizations. It can act as a feedback.

Govind said:   7 months ago
I think the Nota option should be there because it will involve more people in the election.
There are a lot of people who just vote their valuable vote to anyone without thinking. If there were Nota option at least the wrong candidate wouldn't win.

S Narwal said:   7 months ago
Both options are right to have NOTA and not in the EVM machine. By clicking the NOTA option it added in the total voting percentage. And if there is no NOTA, the voter makes his choice of the present candidate by a high or low chance.

Mahima tripathi said:   9 months ago
I think the NoTa option should be given because it helps the people to be involved in the election and have the right to not select anyone. It's totally their opinion.

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