Should voters be given a NOTA (None Of The Above) choice?

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Aazima jan said:   1 hour ago
I think an EVM Machine should have a NOTA option because it includes support for freedom of expression. Individuals possess the formal right to reject all candidates and express that none are sufficient for democratic self-determination.

Always alone said:   6 days ago
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, obviously Should give the NOTA option for the people for the election process. Because of knowing the people's common thinking about the election and political changing system.

Thanking You.

Nithin kumar said:   6 months ago
Hi everyone.

I am Nithin Kumar I'm happy to initiate this talk about "Whether voters be given a NOTA".

I will say yes to NOTA. First of all, we wanted to know what is NOTA- (None Of The Above) given in an EVM Machine NOTA is nothing but when a voter is not satisfied with the candidate that they are going to vote for. They can go with the option called NOTA (None of the Above) where they point their answer as their not interested or satisfied with the candidate. If the NOTA vote counts exceed the above 75 Percentage there will be reelection kept where new candidates can participate in that election. Voting is a common right people can select candidates if they like or else they can also change the candidate in the election by clicking a single button NOTA.

Abdul shamad said:   11 months ago

I'm Abdul, obviously, according to my opinion, there must be a NOTA option in EVM machine, because sometimes if the people think no candidate is right for our country And nation. They can press the Nota option And it is seen that some people don't vote just because they don't find a corrupt candidate. If there is More than 75%vote are given to NOTA then will be reelection and other candidates get a chance because the main cause is the candidate Not good And didn't do well. Many candidates want to destroy our country And their living people. Such that our political party are doing corruption nowadays. So, the best choice is NOTA for the people And NOTA is A good way for voting.

Narinder Kumar said:   1 year ago
Hello everyone.

I am Narinder, in my point of view, there should be a NOTA option in EVM because sometimes if the people think no candidate is right for our nation they can press the NOTA option and it is seen that some people don't vote just because they don't find a candidate they required. If there if more than 75%of votes are given to NOTA there will be re-election and other Candidates get a chance.

As every coin has two sides it has also some demerits.

- People will press the NOTA option just because of some silly reason.

- govt should ensure the background of each candidate is properly before being chosen for election.

Then there will be no need to add NOTA.

- some people would press NOTA to give chance to the candidate of their party who is not selected.

At last, I want to say this is a very good initiative of adding the NOTA option because it has more merits than demerits.

Thank you.

Sakshi said:   3 years ago
According to my opinion,

NOTA (none of the above) should be given in the EVM because as we all know that sometimes we think there is nobody standing for an election can perform well and can make the right decision which is good for the people. Then NOTA is the right choice because than election process may be changed seeing so much of a negative response from the people and it may help the other candidate to get a chance for standing in the election.

Also, some people don't vote because they don't like any candidate so this option is a good choice for them to tell that no candidate is fit for the post.

Sumit Vashisth said:   3 years ago
Yes, NOTA should be there in elections. If there is no such choice then citizens who do not want to vote any candidate will not come to elections and it will result in a decrease in participation of citizens in elections as election commission has to look at how many citizens are voting. Like if we have 100 citizens and there are two candidates A and B if 30 vote for A and 20 for B and 50 don't come for voting, it will look like only 50 percent people participated in election whereas if there would be a NOTA option then 30 for A, 20 for B and 50 can be NOTA but the election participation will be 100 percent and it is good for a democracy.

Raju said:   3 years ago
Hello friends.

Nota is the best option for all Indian people who have the permission for do the vote. My point of view Indian constitution given right to all people to choose the best candidate. But when's happened none of the above candidates not good for their fields and when people are not satisfied what need of them then people's have chance to choose better than Nota mean none of the above.

When 75% of people choose the Nota then once again re-election and once election commission gives the chance to elect better candidates for people.

My opinion it is the best way for elect capable candidate.

Sohan said:   3 years ago
In my perspective, voters should be given a NOTA (None Of The Above) choice because the Indian Constitution gives every citizen of this country, the Right to Vote and it is no where mentioned that whoever visits the polling booth must cast his / her vote only to elect a candidate representing xyz political party and not the NOTA. What matters is that instead of sitting at home, he/she should exercise his/her Right to Vote.

Deepak Karki said:   4 years ago
In my opinion,

NOTA should not be there in EVM. Because if we allow nota people will press nota for silly reasons. Instead of NOTA Election Commission should ensure the candidate background if he has no criminal record then only he should allow in the election. Then people don't have to press NOTA if all candidate is capable of serving in politics. The second reason is it gives more chance to form a new political party like we know in India right now we have more than 100+ regional party and 7national level party even then many people are not satisfied with them or their work. So they use nota or make their own party. Let see the recent eg where 50 IIT Graduates left their job and made their own party and also superstar like Rajnikant and Kamal Hasan comes up with their own regional party. In this way, there are so many parties are getting form. Here I think Election commission should not give a ticket to who have a criminal record or any past record which show his lack of capability. Once all candidate will be upto mak or choice of people of that area they will definitely vote him or her. Thank You.

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