Should voters be given a NOTA (None Of The Above) choice?

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Shahzada Akbar said:   6 days ago
In my opinion, there should not be an option for NOTA (None of the Above) on an Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). Allow me to explain why. Consider a scenario where three candidates, A, B, and C, are contesting an election. A significant portion of the population in a particular region does not wish to vote for any of these three candidates. However, there are some individuals who vote in favor of Candidate A unanimously, let's assume that's 25% of the total votes. Additionally, 50% of the votes have been cast against the NOTA option, indicating that these voters do not support the idea of choosing any of the candidates. Furthermore, 25% of eligible voters do not even turn up to vote on election day.

In this situation, Candidate A would likely emerge as the winner, even though they may not have substantial support from the majority of the electorate. The NOTA, however, option can be given after removing the concept of 75 %. It should be at least 50 % so that there would be a chance of re-election, considering that a large number of the voters do not want any of these candidates.

Thank you!

Sakura said:   2 months ago
Having a choice of NOTA clearly gives you the right to freedom of choice, but I believe that having something is preferable to having nothing. Nobody will be elected, which is an unusual occurrence.

Instead of focusing on the end result, we should concentrate on the process. It won't happen overnight, but it is possible.

We mistakenly believe that NOTA means to choose no one, but it actually means that if we do not choose someone, we are simply allowing other parties to win, whom we may or may not trust, so I believe we should simply take a step forward and nurture and find future leaders who can bring about a genuine change in society.

Ananya Singh said:   4 months ago
In my opinion,

NOTA as an option should be given to the voters. First, let us understand what is NOTA: None of the Above means people are not satisfied with the candidates or their opinion who are standing for the election, this way people will utilize their power of democracy. Rather than staying at home and criticising. This way people's participation in a vote also increases and their right to vote.

There is also some demerit like if the NOTA vote is less than 75% then these votes are not valid And there will be no re-election. Other than that some people will use the NOTA option for useless reasons. Now concluding my words having the option of NOTA will provide full-fledged use of democracy. And people's right of being sovereign at the time of election.

Krishna Sohanlal Sharma said:   4 months ago
Hello all.

NOTA should be an option because it to some extent is the answer to the criticism of democracy where critics exclaim that democracy doesn't provide choices to people. The people have the choice to vote for the available candidates which gives a message to the political parties to review their mechanism of distribution of tickets.

Then again NOTA means people asking for different candidates which means that they expect for better candidates so this signifies that they trust the process of democracy.

Let the impact be small but the sheer existence of NOTA provides people to participate in the decision-making process.

Swaraj said:   5 months ago
NOTA as an idea works well only when the voter pool is qualified enough to understand its strength. Present-day re-elections with new candidates will be held only if NOTA acquires 75% of total votes. Observing the stats, I don't think there will be a time in the near future that could satisfy the 75% condition.

So according to me, another solution is to lessen the 75% to 50% to give more strength to people and NOTA ideas.

Mrya said:   5 months ago
It's a good thing that the NOTA option is available, it can lighten others in seeing that there are people that don't just sit at home and shut up, there are people now who walk around crying to be heard.

SIVAKUMAR said:   5 months ago
My opinion about this topic is People vote for nota feel like no one candidate is the right person that's why to press the note option. But those are voted for this option note no use at the same time there is no big changes at the election because more than 75% have for Nota may move the next step otherwise no use. But people willing to participate least too.


Aazima jan said:   8 months ago
I think an EVM Machine should have a NOTA option because it includes support for freedom of expression. Individuals possess the formal right to reject all candidates and express that none are sufficient for democratic self-determination.

Always alone said:   8 months ago
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, obviously Should give the NOTA option for the people for the election process. Because of knowing the people's common thinking about the election and political changing system.

Thanking You.

Nithin kumar said:   1 year ago
Hi everyone.

I am Nithin Kumar I'm happy to initiate this talk about "Whether voters be given a NOTA".

I will say yes to NOTA. First of all, we wanted to know what is NOTA- (None Of The Above) given in an EVM Machine NOTA is nothing but when a voter is not satisfied with the candidate that they are going to vote for. They can go with the option called NOTA (None of the Above) where they point their answer as their not interested or satisfied with the candidate. If the NOTA vote counts exceed the above 75 Percentage there will be reelection kept where new candidates can participate in that election. Voting is a common right people can select candidates if they like or else they can also change the candidate in the election by clicking a single button NOTA.

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