Should Triple Talaq be Banned in India or Not?

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Ash said: (Apr 16, 2022)  
Hello friends,

Triple Talaq or instant divorce just by saying three times talaq, talaq, talaq by anyone means of communication like spoken, message and electronic means also. After proclaiming those word wife and husband legally get separate. Basically, this is the meaning of triple talaq.

The government of India or the supreme court of India has passed the best judgement on it by making it illegal and unconstitutional. It was fruitful decision. It was a very harsh act againest muslim women in the last so many years. This decision make a relief call for them. And making women life somewhat better by all means.

Before India various countries pakistan, bangladesh, srilanka among those 23 countries also banned the law. Which are muslim community enrich countries. Under this law, the ordiance goverment gives various provisions to protect muslim women's lives and rights.

1. Triple talaq is cognisable offence or non bailable offence.
2. Only the victim woman or her relative fill a complaint against.
3. 3-year imprisonment and fine this what punish for breaking the law.

All thinking all this provision and women right triple talaq should must be banned in India.

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Shashank Mani Tripathi said: (Feb 4, 2022)  
Good morning all of you.

My name is Shashank Mani Tripathi and I'm going to discuss should triple talaq be banned in India or not.

According to me, it's a good initiative taken by the government of India from when it was banned by the government the Muslim women took relief of the heart because Muslim men torture them according to their law they get married to another woman what happened to former wife and their husband?

Against this law, some Muslims are getting movement but women feel relief and they are getting rakhi to PM Moti to protect their life.

And demerits of this act according to me There is no problem to begin it. If both wife and husband should take divorce and they want to live separate according to Indian law it's their right. Conclusion this act is very profitable for Muslim women. Thank you.

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Shadma said: (Aug 4, 2021)  
Triple Talaq? What is it?

Triple Talaq is according to Muslim tradition if a husband/wife says talaq (3 times) to their respective partner then their marriage is taken as void, and after that, they are bound to divorce each other legally. This thing was done keeping in mind like, we don't have to say anything out of anger. Like there are times when a husband or wife out of their Anger say they are going to leave each other, they don't want to stay together. But the thing is they might have said that out of anger only, deep down they don't want to leave their partner after their anger gets resolved they realize their mistake. This triple Talaq concept was done keeping in mind like marriage is not a joke, couples don't have to threaten each other like they are going to leave each other. If they did then they have to face the consequences, their marriage will be taken as void and according to Islam, they can't even remarry directly. Therefore people should have to control on their tongues. They have to think twice before saying anything, because that may hamper the other partner mentally. But the thing is many people are taking advantage to it. Like intentionally one says triple Talaq to the other one In order to get rid of his/her partner easily. This is the easiest way to divorce just by saying Talaq (3 times) not giving any option to the other partner, not ever asking his/her wish. Therefore I want to conclude that this triple Talaq concept should have to be banned in India, as a result, no one can't intentionally get rid of their respective partner easily. If any couple wants to get separated then they have to follow the proper divorce procedure.

Thank you.

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Prabhat said: (Jul 19, 2021)  
Hi friends.

Now I want to discuss my given topic.

"Triple Talaaq". It is a good initiative taken by the government of India. Women feel a breath of rest after it because Muslim men torture the women and according to their law they made another marriage because of their religion But what happened on the former wife and their children? When the Triple talaq system is banned by the government of India by article 44 molvis and molanas protest against it but their women's take relief and they sent a Rakhi to PM Narendra Modi as a brother to save their life by this act.

If I talk about its demerits then I think there is no problem to begin it. If both wife and husband are divorces to each other they are legally separate according to law it's also for Indians.

So as conclusion, I want to say it's a good act for Muslim women.

Thank you.

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Dnyaneshwar said: (Jun 13, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

The word itself suggests meaning of triple talaq that is the divorce system in the Muslim religion. According to this law, the divorce between a couple happens as by saying the word 'talaq' 3 times. And then both wife and husband separate from each other. In my opinion, this is a very crucial action that fires the lives of thousands of women. After talaq, if they want to again marry each other they have to follow some rules which is not a good activity. Hence triple talaq system should be banned in India.

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Avinash Verma said: (Jan 8, 2021)  
Good morning all of you. My name is Avinash Verma. Today, our topic is women empowerment. Today in our country the condition of women is very low in all sectors. First, we should know the meaning of women empowerment. Women empowerment means uplifting the condition of women in all sectors likes health, education politics etc. Our government launched many schemes likes Sukanya Yojna, mission shakti, for women's then their condition is equalized in society. Finely, I say if we want to our country a developed country then we should reform in the condition of women. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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Vikash Poonia said: (Dec 27, 2020)  
According to my opinion, on Triple Talaq. It is a provision to give divorce in Muslim religion community. It gives a right to Muslim man that if they want to give divorce to his wife then they have to pronounce Talaq three times and it will be legally divorced with his wife. It doesn't give any right to a Muslim woman to save their rights. If she does not to give divorce so she can not do anything. In modern time many Muslim men are misusing this provision. They are using digital modes to give divorces such as by SMS, email, calling, and any other types. Many Muslim women are facing many problems in society. They are not able to live their life alone. And every many cases come in SC. Then the government Of India take a decision to ban triple talaq. It is not a legal law to give divorce without the consent of the wife. And it defies the Indian constitution article 14 that give right of equality. And it is against the right of dignity.

Finally, I want to say that is should be banned for the welfare of Muslim women. That they also live with the right to dignity and equality.

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Mohit Sharma said: (Dec 24, 2020)  
In my opinion, triple talaq should be banned in India but also all over the world because it is not the right way to give divorce from women. If you want to divorce your wife should follow the legal terms. It is a good decision by our Indian government. Thanks.

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Sonu Pal said: (Dec 13, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

Now I am here to discuss the topic"should triple talaq be banned in India or not".

Triple talaq' is made for Islamic people who follow the Quran. There is the description given in Quran which is originated in Saudi Arabia. When love is no more between the couples and they wanted to spend life individually then they can say triple talaq and leave.

According to the Quran, marriage is intended to be unbounded in time. Etc.

These laws are acceptable in Saudi Arabia at that time but this time in India our society doesn't give respect to women who got talaq. People disrespect and pass comment on that women. Our culture is different from Saudi Arabia. People should understand the situation of women after talaq. Men don't have any problem instead of, people support them and get them married again. But in our country, no one people want to marry women who got talaq. Females are not playing doll. So, in my opinion, in Islam triple talaq is for only Arabians not for Indian people. We have a better culture than Saudi. People should understand the importance of marriage life it all about loving each other and give respect with better understanding. Talaq should be ban in India.

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Aakanksha Nigam said: (Nov 23, 2020)  
Hi Friends,

Firstly, we should understand the concept of Triple talaq. Talaq is an Arabic word for divorce. Triple talaq is a form of divorce that was practised in Islam, whereby a Muslim man could legally divorce his wife by pronouncing talaq three times. The pronouncement could be oral or written, or, in recent times, delivered by electronic means such as telephone, SMS, email or social media.

Triple Talaq, also known as Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2019, was passed by the Indian Parliament as a law on July 30, 2019, to make instant Triple Talaq a criminal offence.

The Rajya Sabha passed the Bill, with 99 votes in its favour and 84 against it. The Triple Talaq law makes the instant triple talaq a criminal offence and provides for a jail term of three years for a Muslim man who commits the crime.

Only 1, 039 incidents of triple talaq were reported in the country in last one year) since the law was enacted in August 2019), whereas 3, 82, 964 cases or instant divorce were reported from 1985 to 2019, which averages out to be 11, 264 cases per year.

India became the 23rd country to ban Triple talaq. The First country is Egypt and it banned triple talaq in 1929.

Also, there are much news came up where Muslim man gave talaq to their wife on their recent marriage on messenger, WhatsApp and other digital forms. They've misused this Triple talaq and women were disheartened and helpless with no moral and financial support form the groom's families. Also, they don't get enough money for their future by their husband.

Triple talaq is banned in India and in my opinion, it was a good decision taken by the government in the support of Muslim Women.


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Prince said: (Nov 10, 2020)  
Triple talaque is a Islamic Rules. We Know That India is a democratic country. Many Diversity in our coutry. But Unity in diversity. Then here Diffirence religious survive are India. Each religious is own rules and regulation and each person is follow own religious law. Hence Triple Talaque is a islamic rules. I thought Any particular person or any goverment not invole this matter.

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Smrity Singh said: (Nov 6, 2020)  
In my opinion, triple talaq should be banned in India. Because talaq is the mutual decision taken by both husband and wife, not only by husband. In Muslim, if men said talaq 3 times that mean they both are separated. It is not a right. And everyone has the right to take their own decision. Marriage is not a game. So, it should be banned so that if a couple want's talaq then they take is by file case in court not by saying 3 times talaq.


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Sagar Soni said: (Aug 28, 2020)  
Marriage is not a game in which using triple talaq you can get separated easily, it affects life especially for women, as now we can see that there is not so much development in our community, and also there is not also that much change in people thinking, due to which whenever women get divorced or get talaq, people starts raising fingers on women and their character which I consider the worst thing in our community.

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Suffi Dsouza said: (Jul 23, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

I think triple talaq should be banned in India. If a muslim man says three times talaq than it means he get separated from his wife. We follow democracy so how can a man without taking the consent of a woman decide their future. This should be their mutual decision and we have a proper legal procedure for this and that sholud be followed. It sounds like marriage is a game if someone says talaq three times so they get separated it seems they think marriage is a joke but actually it is not.

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Purnima Popli said: (May 7, 2020)  
Triple talaq is non-islamic rule. It should be banned in India.

According to me, Muslim women faces many problems after that. What is the triple talaq? It is basically a word used by muslim men to take a divorce from his wife without considering her opinion. The men use word thrice and he gets rid of his wife even using social media for saying this word is considered and they get separated. Women are not a toy we should respect every women inspite of her colour or religion.

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Zubair said: (Apr 26, 2020)  
Government should not interfere any religious matter, this decision will be not good for the Muslim community because Muslims follows Islamic rules.

It's a matter of faith. The government should stay away from the communal issues that kind of decisions lead to the intolerance. The government must think about how to increase GDP, How to provide job to employment people everybody knows that a large number of people suffering unemployment.

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Rajeswari said: (Apr 24, 2020)  
Triple talaq is a form of divorce that was practised in Islam, whereby a Muslim man could legally divorce his wife by pronouncing talaq (the Arabic word for divorce) three times. The pronouncement could be oral or written, or, in recent times, delivered by electronic means such as telephone, SMS, email or social media.

This instant talaq spoils much life of Muslim women and children. There is also a quotes that "Bhagabanji ki Ghar der jarur hai but Andheri nahi". Finally, Muslim women got justice in the year 2019. This Triple talaq law brings new shines of their life.

Now a Muslim man cannot give talaq by uttering three times without the permission of his wife. If he does, then he will get 3year in jail with penalties.

So we should support this law.

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Satyamkumar Lodhiya said: (Mar 1, 2020)  
According to me the decision of talaq is to be taken on the basis of both the partner's decision. So my opinion is that triple talaq should be banned in India.

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Mehr said: (Feb 15, 2020)  
A lot of such things are there and women silently suffer in Islam under very oppressive things. It is changing though thanks to mobile phones thankfully but at a very slow pace and have to be so secretive about things. Triple talaq and similar options for men are all tools for controlling us and it should not be allowed and more choice should be given to women in Islam.

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Arvind said: (Jan 25, 2020)  
I think Triple Talaq mostly happened in an area where there is a lack of education. Muslims who are illiterate blindly follow this superstition that comes from their communities As in our college, we don't support triple talaq and It is truly a violation of woman rights. Woman also equally in relationship so she also have rights to end this by their choice so. If this is not happening then absolutely the government should intervene in this matter.

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Sakshi Agarwal said: (Jan 7, 2020)  
Triple talaq this procedure has been followed since 1300 years old practise which we have been done by Indian Muslims that if the husband is not satisfied with her women then he can give talaq by saying 3 times by oral written or by any electronic form.

But I think yes this should be banned as this practice has been changed both the houses pass a new law that husband should not give her wife triple talaq by oral written or any electronic form if he tries to do so then he should be imprisoned for 3 years along with fine.

Yes, it is right any men have no right that they take any decision according to them women are not their machine so whatever they can do with the women also have right to take a decision and if both agree with this then they should do triple talaq.

Thank you.

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Abhishek Kumar said: (Nov 6, 2019)  
Hello friend,

I think that it should be banned in India because this is the decision which is only taken by the one partner that is a man without knowing the other opinion before separating one another. But when it comes to marriage then the decision is taken by both sides. So this should be banned in India.

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Uzma said: (Oct 16, 2019)  
I have recently seen a good move to change backward rules like triple talaq. Like that there are a lot of rules in Islam that do not allow freedom for Muslim women and are misused by Muslim men. Things are more equal for women in Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.

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Yedhusree said: (Oct 7, 2019)  
India is a secular nation. People have the right to follow their believes and practices. But that does not imply it as an ascendancy towards the security of any individual.

Religious beliefs are not consistent in the changing era. Hindu religion once had a custom called sati where women had to jump into the flames of their husband's corpse. We cannot think about the existence of that system now. This is exactly the same in the case of triple talaq. How can a woman be ditched off by chanting some stupidity for the sake of a man? What about the security she deserves? In the name of religion thousands of women are agonizing with shattered lives.

Banning triple talaq is not an uproar against any religious communities or their believes. It is simply an act to extinguish some of the blind stuffs we human beings have created against humanity.

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Snehitha said: (Sep 30, 2019)  
Triple talaq is the process of getting divorced and ending a relationship by chanting "talaq" thrice. This has led to dip in confidence level and severe insecurity about the future of married Muslim women, as they can be ditched at any time, whereas there is no same chance of ending the relationship for women by chanting talaq. Her thoughts, priorities, dreams are confined to herself. Marriage incorporates love, trust, dedication, mutual understanding and the foremost thing is "partnership". Even in India divorce in judiciary is not so rapid. It gives chance to sort out things, compromise and start their companionship anew. When equity and equality are equally implemented in India for both men and women, women get encouraged to outdo any task say it in professional field or homemaking. Hence triple talaq should be banned for the welfare of healthy relationships.

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Prairna said: (Sep 20, 2019)  
Triple Talaq is a form of divorce in the Muslim community where a Muslim man could legally divorce a woman by saying three times talaq. It is simply like you are warning another person that they had some misunderstanding or issues and they should solve it. Also, divorced women could not remarry a divorced husband unless she is married to some other person and had given talaq to him. Oh better than the Indian community as they are allowed to remarry another person. According to me, it should be banned in India because most of the women are suffering from this, as they had a fear of leaving their husbands. Marriage is not a game, its a matter of responsibility, mutual understandings and trust. Triple talaq law it is at its purest form but some people are misusing it for their own benefits. I think our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi g has taken the right decision towards it. If marriage is between two people, then both the genders should get equal rights.

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Sonam Agrawal said: (Sep 9, 2019)  
Yes, it should be banned because the Muslim women are suffering from this and they are not getting a simple life. This is banned mostly in Muslim country but why this in India. Is anyone have answer? no. But our prime minister has taken the right decisions regarding this. This will give some hope to Muslim sisters. They fear that will their husband leave them and especially for triple talaq. That's all.

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Soubhagyamayee Khuntia said: (Sep 8, 2019)  
Yes, it should be banned. Because in this type of sudden decisions. Where women are more suffering in their life. I think triple talaq is not the right solution for any problem basically in the Marriage relationship. To empower girl child and also to built their confidence in life. It is very important.

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Karishma said: (Aug 27, 2019)  
Triple talaq.

What comes to our minds when we think of this?

It's a Muslim law, that supresses the women.

It's a law where man treats the wife as a commodity? And leave her whenever she wants, just by saying that word 3 times?

No, it's not that,

If you read Quran, you will know what it means.

It's a beautiful concept which gives right to both "husband and wife" to warn the partner, if they have some issues, they should resolve it.

They should talk about it, and at the same time warn the partner that, I might have to end this relationship if you do not treat me well. It's the right of both husband and wife.

Once you can say talaq.

The next time it is repeated you say talaq Talaq.

And if the partner is repeating it again, it means they really don't want to be with you as they are not showing any signs of change and hence you say "talaq talaq talaq".

Which is considered to be the divorce, accepted by both partners.

I think it's fair.

But for Indian men, no law is straight.

They want to twist and turn it for their own advantage. And so, just like any other law, they have made this a law to fulfill men's wishes. Which is totally against the triple talaq law.

So, I wouldn't blame the law. The law is beautiful at its purest form.

But it should be banned in India as the typical Indian men will not stop using it for their own benefit.

So, for safeguarding our women, it needs to go.

Thank you.

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Avinsh said: (Aug 11, 2019)  
Yes, triple talaq must be ban in India because it is not about religion it is about their right of equality. There are many cases where a man said talaq thrice through WhatsApp, phone, mail and say now we have no relation. Muslim activists connect this with there religion but in Hindu also there was Sati Pratha but it has been banned in past so why not this triple talaq. There is also no provision of plenty for the husband how the wife run there life. For Muslim women betterment, equality and good condition it must be ban.

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Nandan said: (Aug 10, 2019)  
Hello Everyone.

In my opinion, triple talaq must be banned in India. As it raises a question against the equality of both genders. Triple talaq is an ill practice followed from several years in India. According to this, a man can leave his life partner by simply saying 'talaq talaq talaq' to her. This is totally biased. How a married man is allowed to do this without having any views of his wife on his decision. The man who promised the girl to give all the happiness of this world to her is the same person who left her without having his wife satisfaction. I think marriage is not be considered as a game but one can understand the responsibility and must respect his wife. Both the genders must have equal rights to live their life and make a decision freely without any restrictions. As a girl sacrifice his family, friends and everything for his husband so its become responsibility of man to respect his wife.

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Satya Narayan said: (Aug 4, 2019)  
Yes, triple talaq should be ban in India, actually, it is banned but for more discussion and the as for knowledge concern we should know the meaning of talaq, where a woman is critical for small fault and take a big decision by Muslim man.

Women have no right to live their free, she should have also right to spend their life, so how her life gone to worst, how she lives may be the chance of suicide.

Muslim law said that marriage is a contract, Is this fair, how anyone can play with any life. When you bored get divorced. Nice rule.

I totally agree with the topic that triple talaq should be ban.

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Anshu said: (Jul 27, 2019)  
The system of Triple Talak has introduced 1400 years ago. The system states that,

If after the marriage the husband is not satisfied with the wife then he can give her Talaq (1 of 3) which may be an orl, written, or through any social media site without stating any reasons. However, if the wife is pregnant then Talaq comes to force after the child is born.

If after the Talaq, they reconcile and decide to remarry they can do so. If after the marriage the husband again feels dissatisfied he shall continue the process till the 3 Talaq has taken place.

However, after giving 3 Talaq, they cannot remarry until the wife marries another man and receives 3 Talaq's from him.

Here, the custody of the child remains with the husband.

Even the wife is allowed to give Talaq to his husband and she receives some compensation from his husband.

It is said that triple talaq is better than divorce as it gives a chance to them to re-marry all over again.

But, what I feel is that in India this practice has been wrongly used. People are misusing it for their selfishness needs. First, marry a girl and when you are bored say triple talaq at a go and the marriage is over. Just like a game, they play with the lives of the women. It gives full liberty to the men to leave their wives without giving any reason. They also get a right to keep their children. This system gives no light to equality. It shall be banned and has been banned in countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan.

According to me, Divorce is a better option, there both the parties need to state their reasons, stay for some time together to check whether there is any chances of reconciliation and then end the marriage by giving some compensation to the wife. They can remarry again if they want to.

So, according to me, Triple talaq shall be banned in India.

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Ekta said: (Jul 27, 2019)  
According to me,

Triple Talaq should be banned in India because this gives an advantage to men like if he gets frustrated or irritated from his wife he can leave her by say 3 times talaq. Everyone should have equal rights. According to my opinion, Triple Talaq should be banned in India.


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Sanyam said: (Jun 29, 2019)  
Hello everybody.

In my opinion, Triple Talaq should be banned in India because it is quite an unfair policy that is being practiced by many. Firstly, it does not grant equal status to both sexes. Moreover, if India wants to become developed, modern and progressive, gradually we would need to come up with such practices. It also keeps a constant sense of fear and submissiveness in the ladies today, which is not right. Also, a bond of husband and wife shall not be so tender that it can be ended without official documentation or signatures and other legal proceedings.

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Raqeeb said: (Jun 29, 2019)  
Hi everyone,

As I already discussed the topic, but I want to add some more words to this topic, like I said triple talaq should not be banned because if it is used properly then I believe it is the most powerful tool for both husband and wife for reconciliation. Due to lack of Muslim knowledge, we have misused the triple talak i.e. triple talaq in one go which means saying talaq talaq talaq in one go is prohibited. QURAN (book of muslin) says "O you who have believed, if there comes to you a disobedient one with information, investigate, lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become, over what you have done, regretful", which means if somebody tells you something, verify or investigate it first then follow the saying of that person but problem is common in India of Listening and watching the news without investigating and verifying from our own side. The topic should not be like "it should be banned" instead it should be 'How to triple talaq should be followed". If you compare it with divorce in court then there are no chances of coming back, the husband and wife signed the paper that is the end of a marriage but in triple talaq, there are chances of reconciliation and the rest the authentic way of practice of triple talaq I already discussed.

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Shivam Singh said: (Jun 28, 2019)  
Hello, my dear friends.

Good morning to all.

I am Shivam and I am going to give my mind on this topic (should triple talaq be banned in India or not?).

In a simple word, my opinion on this topic is, yes triple talaq should be banned in India. Because we should be required to give equal opportunity to both man and woman. You think marriage is just like a rope when you want to break it. Marriage is a pure relation between two people, that should be done throughout life. In my opinion triple talaq easily break this pure relation due to for very small battle. I said that type of words not because of I am Hindu because I am an Indian. Plesa I requested to my Indian government stopped this triple talaq rule and give freedom from them to all Muslim women of India. Thank you.

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Rashi said: (Jun 22, 2019)  
Triple tala! Just three times telling it can end a relationship which was bonded by themselves. Because of this freedom given by the government, man found all their ways to excuses from responsibilities and relationships. Jus incase of anger, envy they will easily say those words which will hurt women pride. We belong to Hindu religion never encourage this at any cost. Because we will give our importance more to ethics, morals. We respect them n we follow them sometimes relationships need to be adjusting than entertaining which will further lead to a happy family. Without thinking to say three words can't help them to make it good again. What once done will never be it anymore.

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Raqeeb said: (Jun 18, 2019)  
Hello everyone,

I am very thankful that I got an opportunity to discuss this topic with you, I am going to discuss is concerned with Muslim community which I am and I believe triple talaq should not be banned,

So, I consider the authentic practice of triple talaq in the muslim community then there some steps and cases we have to follow.

Rights of husband on wife while going the triple talaq.

Step 1: If he is not satisfied with his wife then he can use his option as the first talaq out of triple talaq.

If we Consider the cases for it then.

Case 1: If the husband is satisfied within 3 months with his wife then out of the triple talaq first talaq is considered and they can Rejoin or catch up which means their marriage is secure, considered as husband and wife again.

Case 2: If his wife is pregnant then he has to wait till the baby is not born and baby is not fully cleaned then after he can give the first talaq and have to wait till 3 months.

Case 3:if the husband is not satisfied with 3 months and his wife can go away, if both husband and wife want to meet again then they can catch up again by remarrying again and the first talaq is counted but they are husband and wife again.

Case 4:if the husband is not satisfied after remarrying again then he can give 2nd talaq and have to wait till 3 months and have to follow the same rules again.

Case 5:if not satisfied again after give remarrying in this case he can give 3 talaq then he is out of marriage which means he can't be his wife until and unless she will marry another person if that person is not satisfied with her and following the same rules for triple talaq is then he can marry her again.

If you Consider the Rights of wife on husband while going for triple talaq.

If wife is not satisfied with his husband she can give the first talaq and then she has to wait for 1 month and after 1 month husband should give mahr to his wife, mahr is actually a mandatory payment, in the form of money or possessions paid by the groom, to the bride at the time of marriage, that legally becomes her property especially to support her in the event of his death and even husband has to give her gifts while leaving. So, after leaving the husband does not have the right to backbiting the wife and even he can't embarrass her in public what happened in between them. Then the only difference between the talaq of wife and husband is the duration of time and mahr rest I already discussed with you.

At last, I will tell the banning for triple talaq is just a public stand for vote bank.

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Ashutosh Sharma said: (Jun 13, 2019)  
Hi friends.

After looking at your view, our Hindu society we never think about talaq but as we. See today's situation we need it because some people are not allowed to live woman life early. They used to but her only for his benefit. And that time women used to choose the wrong way. So that time it mandatory.

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Mina said: (May 5, 2019)  
Triple Talaq is ''saying Talaq thrice" and a relationship is ended. But actually, talaq saying thrice but in the duration of three months. If you see the cases of triple talaq mostly the harassment, dowry etc is a major cause. I think we have the punishment in our constitution regarding this. But when you see the "triple talaq" word or case a heavy punishment is added with this word. Divorces are happening but is it having the same penalty as this, Every coin has double side so you must see both the side before giving any punishment or judgement.

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Sudhanshu said: (Apr 21, 2019)  
Hii friends.

Triple talaq is one of the most burning issues in India. This is the custom of the muslim religion and I think a very bad custom. I think it should be banned in India totally and in the whole world as well. Because only saying that talaq 3 times the relationship does not end I don't understand a thing that at the time of marriage it is necessary to say that "qubool-h qubool qubool-h" for the both side but at the time of separation or a divorce why it not necessary to take permission both side why we give right only male it is not a justice female many times in anger male say talaq 3 times and break their relation and destroy the whole life of women.

In my opinion, Trple talaq should be banned in the whole world and make a rule for it to start the rule strictly.

Thank you.

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Happi said: (Mar 30, 2019)  
Hello, friends.

After reading all of your comments, I think any kind of religious practice provides discipline in our life.

If any of such religious practices creates disturbance in our life we should modify these rules as per time. And don't let the government interfere with our life.

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Raj Choudhary said: (Mar 2, 2019)  
I think this should ban but with less strict law. After some time, we can change ours according to effect or no effect of law against man. And also we should talk with muslim community and make way to non causing trouble to anyone.

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Shilpi said: (Feb 21, 2019)  
Triple talaq is a custom of Muslims. We are no one to question anybody's religion and personal issues but when it comes to one's securities and rights then we have to seek help from court. Triple talaq is also a kind of issue in India in which the government has to interfere because in this mostly women are victims. Men out of anger or any other reasons just say talaq 3 times and they get a divorce, which is not right. We just can't break any relation in such a way. When at the time of marriage each others concern is needed then why at the time of talaq only one person can decide and just say talaq, talaq, talaq. In this women have to suffer a lot.

So for me, triple talaq is not right and should be banned in India and should seek help from the court to resolve their problems.

Thank you.

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Ruchi Singh said: (Feb 18, 2019)  
I think triple talaq should be banned because divorce are very serious matter where govt interference is needed. Muslim men said talaq talaq talaq after that they get seperated which is not the right way of breaking relationship. It is always said that whenever we are in anger we are not in the state to figure out what is right and what is right. Suppose in anger men says 3 times talaq after that it is actually accepted which is not the right way of taking divorce.

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Ruchi Singh said: (Feb 18, 2019)  
I think triple talaq should be banned because these are a very serious matter where govt interference is needed. Muslim men say 3-time talaq and get separated which is not the right way after that women's facing lots of problem in their life. Divorce is not a joke which could be taken easily.

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Niyati Pokharna said: (Feb 5, 2019)  
According to me, triple talaq should not be banned in any of the country because no one wants talaq again and again but due to some huge problems like dowry, no existence of understanding between them, violence, other women or man problem etc. They are already matured enough to take these types of dicisions. And all person have right to choose their own lives dicisions.

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Farahat Ali said: (Jan 30, 2019)  
Hello all.

At first, you have to know what is an authentic system for talaq in Islam then after give your opinions. As per my opinion, talaq shouldn't ban in India or across the world. Now we talk about talaq in India in India article 32 give freedom of religion, every Indian people and no one can destroy their rights. And this is a totally political issue for vote bank.

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Rakhi said: (Jan 19, 2019)  
Yes, of course it should. It is totally meaningless. A relationship can't be broken so easily. No religion support this type of things. As a growing country, India should as early possible get rid of such beliefs and meaningless ideas.

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Karan said: (Jan 4, 2019)  
I believe talaq or divorce is something which is not the part that anyone could even assume either for their enemy or anyone who's disloyal this is the part of religious beliefs and the matter of concern for the Indian government has discussed upon the validation of triple talaq and discuss with every measurement.

In 2018 supreme Court banned this practice which seen righteous for a Indian WOMEN who was actually been suffering through the agony of Divorce now the bill passed by supreme Court work as a equalizer, triple talaq is the practice that was introduced in late time when there is meager awareness were involved as time pass by everything that we do require some reform for the betterment of ourselves and the society which we are committed toward.

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Ayesha said: (Dec 31, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

As my point of view, triple talaq is banned because it is not our India culture.

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Akash Chahar said: (Dec 25, 2018)  
Hello friends.

The topic is that triple talaq should be banned or not.

According to my point of view.

Triple talaq shouldn't be banned because there is many reasons about it.

Note ---- Triple talaq= TT.

1) TT should happen in three stages with time gapes. This allows time for reconciliation and arbitration.

2) instant divorce is the misuse of TT. Banning TT is not a solution.

3) TT is the part of Muslim faith and personal law can't be challenged. Art 25 (1) of Indian constitution provide freedom of religion.

4) dear friends TT doesn't mention about financial statement after divorce. But you know that there is a Muslim women's act in 1986 which allows fair and reasonable settlement after divorce.

5) In India, there is a low that if any women don't want a divorce from his husband it is almost impossible to divorce. He can not divorce his wife.

5) if women love any other man And one day husband caught them red-handed then he will definitely give her TT.

If TT banned then Muslim women will be free to do anything.

It is wrong so I think triple talaq should not be banned India.

Thanks friends.

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Ram Kumar said: (Dec 14, 2018)  
Hello Friends,

We have the topic to discuss for today is "Should Triple Talaq be banned in India or Not?".

I have my own opinion on this, It should be banned totally and if anyone found to do such crime that will be punished as per law of our constitution and the judgement should not be on the basis of what the religion book says on this or what the contractor of religion says.

This kind of acts impacts our society badly because the separated women do not get that respect in the society what she really deserves and the society treats her like a criminal.

The kids of the separated couple alone and they miss their mother or father for life without their mistake which stands like a stone in the way of their progress in life.


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Saha said: (Dec 10, 2018)  
Friends, today we all gathered here to discuss triple talaq should be banned or not.

I think triple talaq should be banned in India. Because of this triple talaq, our society will be spoiled. Looking at this present things children will also behave like this in future. In our country, we have some traditions and we should respect our traditions and values. In our country, we are giving a lot of importance to marriage. Many foreigners are learning the value of marriage from our country. If our government encourages the triple talaq divorce cases will be increased and children will be alone.

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Harsh said: (Oct 30, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

I believe in a democratic country like India or anywhere in the world, Triple Talaq should be banned. Firstly, one must understand the true meaning of marriage. It is not only bonding of two-person but also the people related to them. And it is not a child's game to simply divorce a woman by saying ''Talaq'', three times. I personally believe that government must pass the bill to null and void the Triple Talaq Rule and every citizen irrespective of any religion, race, sex or caste must support the government because our one support can save a woman's life from getting ruined.

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Vishu said: (Oct 21, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

Today's discussion topic is "should triple talaq banned in India or not".

First of what is triple talaq. Basically triple is that in which the is think to live separate with her partner and says that three times talaq. The separation will be done.

I think in India triple should be banned. Because the government have to responsibility of all the person to live their life and the government not give any right to any person to ruin anyone life. So the government should take the strict action about the triple talaq.

Triple is that nonsense activity which spoils the life of any woman easily for example in rural area women are dependent on our husband because they aren't educated and self-dependent. When any person gives talaq to any women then her life finished. Because in our society there is any difficulty to the remarriage of any talaq person. So, I think triple talaq is banned in India.

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Harsha said: (Oct 5, 2018)  
Hi, friends.

I am here to discuss on "should triple talaq be banned in India or not".

Triple talaq means, if one of the partners wants to separate from his life partner then he would say" talaq talaq talaq". He will be separated from his life partner without the second opinion of his wife.

I don't understand one thing that when he wants to get married to a woman then he eagerly wait for a woman to say"qubool hai qubool hai qubool hai" three times. When comes to the matter of separation he doesn't listen to a woman what she feels about his decision. Why this partiality between men and women. I strictly believe that men should realise feelings of a woman that how she would feel when she is abandoned by her own life partner who promised her that he will make her happy ever after marriage, and he will be her side when the whole world is against to her. And now he is leaving her all alone to enjoy his life.

Did she come to this guy for staying alone leaving her parents, friends, childhood behind?

Definitely No, Women have sacrificed everything for their happy life. To these women, the government has to do something which protects them.

I think that something should be "women must have equal right of agreement as men.

When they get separate". As they get the equal opportunity of the agreement while they perform marriage rituals.

Thank you.

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Deepak said: (Sep 12, 2018)  
Hi all,

I believe that instead of banning the triple talaaq, we can have a derivative of the divorce system based on the Quranic practices and as the IPC, because the constitution is not above the law of God rather than the our constitutions are based on the general law of God- Irrespective of religion followed.

There may be pros as it empowers women and gives them the dignity that's needed in every society.

My personal opinion is I'm not for it as it directly or indirectly goes against the very essence that has been written down in the Sharia laws followed by the muslim.

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Aniket Mandal said: (Sep 9, 2018)  
According to me, marriage is a kind of sacred bond between two people. It can't be broken easily. If a person says "talaq" three times, he is just making fun of marriage. He promised to keep his wife happy throughout their life and now he is deviating from that. He is not only hurting himself but also his wife. Triple talaq should be banned in India which is a culturally diverse country. If a case of divorce arises, court is there to justify the issue and give a solution based on some proofs.

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Deepak said: (Sep 6, 2018)  
Hello Friends,

I think triple talaq is banned in India because our India is cultural India. Any Muslim person said "talaq, talaq, talaq" through any medium like WhatsApp, Facebook and other resources than actual talaq is acceptable is not a right is totally wrong because after talaq the Muslim women single.

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Manish Sharma said: (Sep 6, 2018)  
Dear friends according to my point of view.

Triple Talaq must be ban in India. India has no culture for Talak. And throw this type of culture we are promoting Halala types of crime. If someone wants to we separate with their partner then the best way is court. So according to me, it must be totally banned in India.

Thank you.

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Nihal said: (Sep 3, 2018)  
Dear Reader.

Before discussing whether triple talaq should be banned or not we all must know what is triple talaq?

Is this talaq sending messages through whats app or saying it three times was the teaching of Quran which every Muslims believes?

The answer will be NO.

To judge anything don't consider the ideas of any individual because he may wrong. Consider the Quran. The actual divorce system and the system which many ppl speak today were entirely different. And I say its even better than all system. So before judging learn the actual thing. Google it or search in youtube about actual talaq process according to Quran. Even Saudi people won't follow the triple talaq system which you speak (saying talaq three times through messages or any other). If you don't have the patience to search and to know the truth then you don't have the right to speak about it.

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Payal said: (Sep 2, 2018)  
This bill has been passed in Lok sabha but not in Rajya sabha. It should be banned. One cannot end the relationship of marriage just by sending a text over a phone and saying talaaq. Talaaq, talaaq! Here, lives and future of two people is involved. One cannot take decision individually and end it up like this. If the other party doesn't want talaaq, then it should not happen. Before arriving at any decision, opinions of both should be taken into consideration.

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Shubham Srivastava said: (Aug 24, 2018)  
I think triple talaq should be banned in India. If you want divorce you should ask legally. Not by saying talaq talaq talaq thrice. Or through whtsapp. Sometimes husband in anger say talaq but when the angera down. He found that ruined two lives one is of his wife and other is himself. We live in a country where marriage is done for once. And these relationship should not be break like this.

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Kriti said: (Aug 23, 2018)  
Yes, of course. Triple talaq should be banned. Because we are living in 21 at century and such practices will lead us Nowhere. At the time when we are finding chances of life on Mars and the universe at that time Muslim women are forced to survive in such a suffocating situation. Friends when most of the Muslim. Majority countries have banned such practices than what the problem in its implications in the country where we talk about equal rights to all citizens of India and live with dignity. Triple talaq not only degrades the life of Muslim women but also theft of their human rights. We have seen its impact on the society in many ways. We see Muslim personal law board have many such inhuman practices which prove as a curse for society.

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Pooja said: (Aug 19, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

The topic is whether the triple talaq in India should be banned or not.

Yes, it should be banned. Sometimes, the men say triple talaq and get separated. But, after some time they realise that they actually did not want. It is pchychological that when any person is angry with someone then he tries to heart the other person. When he is angry at his fullest then he tries to heart more badly and sometimes the result is talaq. Actually, he never wanted the talaq but unconsciously it happened. And the life of that lady ruined. So, that is why triple talaq should be banned.

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Shreya said: (Aug 17, 2018)  
As my point of view, triple talaq should be baned in India. Because if you marry someone and enjoy with her and when you got bore then you said talaq talaq. So that is unfair with her. And our society also blame a women as compare to man. That is a bad mentality or our society.

And man has right to give talaq and woman don't have. That is also wrong.

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Tanveer said: (Aug 17, 2018)  
Thanks to all people who take part in this GD topic. Also, you all are put your opinion on their own thinking.

'triple talaq' is made for Islamic people who follow the Quran. There is description given in Quran which is originated in Saudi Arabia. When love is no more between the couples and they wanted to spend life individually then they can say triple talaq and leave.

According to the Quran, marriage is intended to be unbounded in time. Etc.

These laws are acceptable in Saudi Arabia at that time but this time in India our society doesn't give respect to women who got talaq. People disrespect and pass comment on that women. Our culture is different from the Saudi Arabia. People should understand the situation of women after talaq. Men don't have any problem instead of, people support them and get them married again. But in our country, no one people want to marry the women who got talaq. So in my opinion in Islam triple talaq is for only Arabians not for Indian people. We have a better culture than Saudi. People should understand the importance of marriage life it all about the loving each other and give respect with better understanding. Talaq should be ban in India.

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Anushka said: (Aug 15, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

I am here to discuss about on burning topic "should triple talaq be banned in India or not".

I think it should be banned. People get married with high hopes of future, happy upcoming life and responsibility of each other. The bride and groom take vows of marriage in the presence of others. And in India girls have to leave their homes after marriage and they become dependent on husbands.

On just saying talaq three times, you are ruining some ones life and destroying her future on the basis of some bullshits. Someone can give talaq anytime over small fights and even on WhatsApp. There is no rule and obligations and not even a procedure. There is no say of women in it. See husbands do not get affected by this, they say talaq and get divorced after that they can marry again. Only women have to suffer, they are forced to leave the family, house and they struggle for life. And the society in return blames women and used to give hard time to them instead of supporting them. It is more like a game for men where you a play with the lives of women. You can do whatever you want as you have all the powers and even the society is with you. Now it is government responsibility to impose rules and regulation over triple talaq and ban this nonsense. It is needed to make law for the well being of women so that they can live their life more independently, not under the inhumane people. It will create some fear if law will be imposed. People will think before their actions.

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Dhananjay Sarangi said: (Aug 8, 2018)  
Hi. Toady topic is about should triple should be banned or not. ?

First of all, marriage is all about to learn the meaning of love, respect, dedication, mutual understanding and responsibility. . Its a process in which two opposite genders are attached with each other.

It's life's most beautiful and crucial period, for which everyone is eagerly waiting.

1. The relationship which plays a vital role in our whole life can't be break by these three words.

It's not about talaq. It's about someone's life.

2. In a sentence, if there is some error of grammar, our first attempt should be rectify the error. And convert these wrong sentence into right. . Instead of leaveing the question.

In a family, little arguments are there. It's life. That doesn't mean that. We will give talaq. We can discuss the root cause of our problem and we can rectify it.

3. If men has the right, then woman should have the same.

After all everyone has the same right to take their own decision.

It's not only about talaq it's a matter not only focus on Muslim custom. In the above, we have to think. There is a woman is there.

Thank you.

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Ayush Chandel said: (Aug 1, 2018)  
Hello all.

I am here to discuss about on topic is "should triple talaq be baned in India or not" so firstly I want to say that is should be banned not only in India or such country's in which these types stupid things happen. I can say it because it like a game in these first marriages and after that when you are bored say"talaq" "talaq" "talaq" you get freedom but what about she and some you won't come again in these relations there also a stupid procedure called ""halala"" she was a lady a human being not a doll when you want to play otherwise throw it. In triple, no rules and regulation so government should take any actions make some law for the protection of modern ladies being an act like Hindu marriage act but still, it is not good stip these.

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Should Triple Talaq be Banned in India or Not?

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