Should Smoking be Banned Completely?

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Akil said:   2 years ago
According to me, smoking should not ban because if it will ban direct impact our economy and those company who make cigarettes give tax too.

Harshu said:   2 years ago
Smoking should be banned because it doesn't harm only the person smoke's but also harms the people around, it deteriorates the health of the smoker and its surrounding by polluting the environment.

Mohd shehazad said:   3 years ago
Hi everyone. I'm Shehazad.

According to me, it should be completed banned smoking in India. Because smoking kills a human and animals within a short period of time or infected some health problems long time and parents took a secret smoke inside the house children infected also.

Gourab Sen said:   3 years ago
Yes, smoking requires to be banned in India on obvious and strict note, as it directly affects smoker's lungs and passively hampers lungs of a non smokers.

Already, there are lot of reasons for air pollutions, don't need more to affect lungs further.

Sandeep said:   3 years ago
Undoubtedly, smoking is hazardous for health, however, imposing a complete ban on it doesn't sound viable to me.

To begin with, cessation of tobacco producing industries will take away the jobs of several workers with it, thus, unemployment would rise to a certain extent. Other thing is that government's major portion of revenue comes from tax on tobacco products, therefore, the earnings of the government would also hamper.

So, in order to prevent people from smoking, firstly, various awareness programs should be launched which aware people about the detrimental effects of smoking. Moreover, the supply of these products should be reduced and to those below 18, it shouldn't be sold.

To conclude, by adopting above mentioned ways, it would be handy to curb people's crave for smoking without putting a complete ban on it.


Indravijay singh sikarwar said:   3 years ago
I think that smoking should not be banned because in today's world we can not ban or eradicate vehicles that release so many harmful gases which can create fatal diseases. Apart from this, smoking helps to eradicate stress and depression, it plays important role in the revenue of any country.


Nandlal Thather said:   3 years ago
In my point of view, smoking should be banned completely in India. Because it is a dangerous addition in India. Many people die and give their life in this dangerous consumption. They consume it for relief and enjoyment.

I think smoking should be banned completely in India. So I agree with the statement that smoking must be banned completely because the analysis had shown that due to the bad habit of smoking. A lot of people lose their lives which is not only that. But their children become orphans and their wife becomes a widow.

We often see that many boys who have not completed 18 years is smoking in a park or on a side of the road.

So I want to smoke should be banned completely in India.

Thank you.

Akansha bisht said:   3 years ago
In my opinion, smoking should be banned. As we all know that It's causes diseases cancer, lungs problem due to smoke but, if we do something suddenly so Its effect will have to negative so many people not in India also in other countries who does smoke, will have trouble because they have addicted of smoking even a new generation and our youth use only for fun. So govt should take steps like 15 to 20 who is between the ages shopkeepers cannot sale cigarette those children's.

If we talk about the positive way Cigarettes do not cause cancer. Who're people doesn't smoke They also have cancer even a Born child also. They don't smoke. And cigarette substances help and improve our economic conditions insubstantial. Smoking reduces our stressed. Govt will never ban smoking they can give only instructions and directions like written on a cigarette packet. It's injurious to health so don't smoke and We have studied in class every cigarette cut your life 5 mins. So it totally depends on do or die.

Shubham balasaheb vetal said:   3 years ago
Cigarettes should not be turned off. Because now everyone knows that excessive use of car causes pollution and makes it difficult to breathe. However, we do not stop using the car. Also, for those who want to smoke, please drink. Cigarettes reduce work stress. And the one who suffers knows what the consequences will be. Also, the smoker will not come to you to ask for money. And his money will be used only for the country. Many people will lose their jobs due to the cessation of cigarettes. So, I am opposed to this.

Suyash sachan said:   4 years ago
In my point of view, smoking is a most dangerous thing for our society and it should be banned because there is no doubt that smoking substance helps to improve a country's economic condition but there is a great loss of manpower who are very essential for a country. They suffer a lot of diseases like cancer tb asthma and ruined a lot of money. So in my point of view, it should be banned.


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