Should Prostitution be made Legal?

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Kunal said:   1 decade ago
I think that you can take prostitution in positive way to stop rape cases. A sexually satisfied person won't rape but at the same time girls trafficking should be look into. It should be volunteer profession as it is in g. B. Road. It is part of this world or before stopping this India must look into its culture where person may die virgin denying beautiful gift of god. It should be made legal but not forced upon.

Kapilr said:   1 decade ago
As we know that we are present here for the purpose of group discussion & our topic is "should Prostitution be made Legal?", i would like to initiate the topic, Prostitution means having sex with people in exchange for money. in my opinion prostitution should not made legal, because it affects our culture and the growth of society, of course prostitution has been adopted only for money.

Instead to make the Prostitution Legal. we have to found a common solution to overcome this problem by the help of Government. Since the only cause for prostitution is money so obviously we are able to found alternatives to earn money instead of going through prostitution.

Sneha said:   1 decade ago
Prostitution is a profession that came out because of the crisis and evilness present in our society. The first and foremost cause of it is poverty. It is this poverty that is compelling the young girls to take up this profession to keep their family away from the state of hunger. Second reason to it is the beastly nature of our existing mankind in our society. Every now and then we hear the incident of rape. This is taken as a matter of shame in our society and just to get over this shamefulness the girls are forced to choose out this job just in order to remain alive in this society. So in order to stop this we should first try to uplift the thinking capacity of our society people by telling them that they should sympathize with such wounded girls rather than depriving off their right to live in this society with full respect.

It is only the awareness among the society people which will help us in omitting such a curse from our society. We should try to impart to people that they should respect the woman rather than taking advantage of their weakness.

Kapil Rathore said:   1 decade ago
Yes, Prabir you are right! but I am not totally agreed with your statement that Let us come together to identified & eliminate those unwanted evils of society, because now a days each individuals are busy in his or her career growth so it is quite impossible to identify each and every problems present in our society.

The better way is first of all you banned such specific evils(e.g-prostitution) and after that try to found the solution for that. Until unless the prostitution should not banned no one came out from their house to found the alternatives because all peoples are busy and they thought that since Govt doesn't banned the prostitution so why we can think about that, this is non of our business.

Better to ban the prostitution, before developing the alternatives to adopting the prostitution.

Prabir Chakraborty said:   1 decade ago
To some extent i do agree prostitutions should not be made legal, but having said that it is nearly impossible to get rid of this century old or even oldest ever profession of the universe.Whether legally or illigally, banning is next to impossible & this will remain in our soceity till the man kind exists.

The soceity (Govt & NGO institutions) are continuously giving efforts as we all aware. The amount of initiatives/work are in still on.The awareness & educating people accross the comunity about its ill effects towards health,wealth & social developments. Percentage of Prostitutions has reduced by this awareness but have not be abolished as society wanted.

Those who are in this professions it is next to impossible to offer them a peaceful honorable job, if they want to come out from hell;hope all will agree. Cause, its we the people responcible(Not all but many of us) who compelled those poor aged or under aged girls for their benefit to earn money.

Therefore,root cause analysis, let us(we the Indians) be bear in mind that, our country has some ethics,humanity moral values with compare to rest of the world. Let us come together to identified & eliminate the those unwanted evils of society.

Ban the prostitute maker not the prostitute professions. Thats all i have to say.

Unknown said:   6 months ago
In olden days, it does not affect the society. Because in the olden days, prostitutes is allocated to different areas. But now in modern society, there is a decrease of in prostitution. So some of the casual mankind have chosen to rape the girls. When we hear the name of rape. We feel the girl has not a member of our society. And we make the rape as a big deal. So, no one man has steeping forward to marry the girl. So, in my point of view, maintaining prostitution is the better way to stop such kind of harnessing the girls.

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