Should Dance Bars be banned?

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Saptarshi said:   1 decade ago
Veena, do you really think that banning dance bars will reduce the prostitution evil? And for that matter let me ask an even subtler question, what is the definition of "banning" here? Raiding the bars with police and eventually closing the bars? Will this force the bar owners and the so called bar dance lovers to forgo their age-old habit? They will simply bring the habit into their homes as Varun rightly pointed out.

Plus what will the bar girls who were already engaged in this profession for a long period do once the bars are closed. They will obviously delve into more evil scenarios, and prostitution is nothing out of the ordinary. And regarding your suggestion about talent shows, well I would like to ask you, which talent show do you think would allow a controversial bar girl to enter into its competition where other competitors will be from high class noble families? And also your name suggests that you are a woman so please tell me this, being a woman yourself don't you understand how hard it will be for those bar girl's sake to go into a talent show where everybody around them will be criticizing and commenting on their characters and earlier professions. I mean they might have been involved in a profession that wasn't so clean to boast about but that never meant they were not humans. Being a fellow human how can you even think of banning their jobs and hurting them at the place where it hurts the most? This was not meant to be a discussion that I posted here. It was mere frustration after I read some of these aforesaid cruel comments of banning the dance bars.


Prakash said:   1 decade ago
NO. Dance bars should not be banned. They should be operated in the time limit Eg 8 to 11pm. I am saying this because this is profession of poor girls who are not more educated. Or from a background where they never get respect of being a daughter/niece. Or her husband is ill/dead. Or her husband is alcoholic. In such a situation a girl will do job of either home servant or bar girl.

In both of situation she is prone to slip in the mud of prostitution. Because. The Man she is facing in the work place have more or less same attitude towards her as The Man she face in bar. Very rare men assume a poor young servant girl as DAUGHTER/SISTER in their home.

In this Era where all the media is full of sex, all ads are full of hot pictures, all source of entertainment is full of double meaning words, it is hard for a young girl to be safe from sexual assault in any work place.

So friends, bar girls or dance bar needs proper governance, court/police protection.

Arun said:   1 decade ago
Mujra as we call it in hindi is the desi name of bar dance. and it is prevailing in our society from decades. may be from centuries from the time of kings. banning dance bars will not solve the problem infact it might push the dancing to secluded places like private farm houses etc., which is certainly not the desired outcome as now we assume that bar dancers are not atleast being pushed into the mud of prostitution.

Who knows banning them might well push them to such extremes? possible solution is the legalise and upgrade such practices some places which have the licence with conditions like proper security for the girls. Ofcourse they will then be their with consent and not by some one else pressure, which is the case more often then not. so according to me the solution to this problem is definately not banning the bar dance.

Veena said:   1 decade ago
Well, I totally disagree with Nishant, Nandhini etc!! because dance bars are no more the place where poor or needy or compelled girls work, its just the way of fulfilling there demands and needs, yeah may be sum cases are there which can be considered genuine but more den 85% are the cases falling under the category i have mentioned,

Of course this dance bars should be banned, if the girls are talented enough as mentioned by nandhini, they should instead enter into the bunches of dance competitions being conducted on the TV's and not by working in dance bars, and as stated by Mr.Arun, not banning the dance bars will certainly lead to the rise in prostitution and not the banning of d bars.

Jagatheeswaran said:   1 decade ago
No bar dance shouldn't be banned.because if the bar dance girls have money ,they will not choose that profession.They are came from necessaryness place.They are not going to begging ,that is a professional job.we have to give the response,because they are also human like us.government shouldn't be banned instead of give the proper chance to them. we just go to find the soluation for them.

Shreyas t s said:   5 months ago
In my opinion, banning dance bars will not affect activities which take place in such places as gambling etc. If possible activities causing violence or activities which are against law played or taking place in dance bars should be banned. Impact from dance is not a good reason. But the impact from drugs alcohol and other such things which are used in dance bars are bad.

Nishant said:   1 decade ago
Dance bars should not be banned because banning is not the solution rather goverment should give them employement because bar girls donot enter in this profesion by their choice they are forced to enter in this profession due to more no. of people are still below poverty line and facing beggary so my dear eliminating dance bar is not the solution.

Vijay Rastogi said:   1 decade ago
Dance bar should be banned because girls are really talented as mentioned by nadhini. They are choose this profession for earn more money in very less period or time, if they go with other profession they should not earn more money in very less time. Thats the main reasion they pushed into the mud of prostitution.

Keshab said:   1 decade ago
It is not the matter whether they are living in poverty or not. The matter is that why they choose such profession for their livelihood. They can take many other professions to earn money. So I think It's only the matter of choice not matter of anything.So I thing Bar Dance should be Banned.

Nandhini said:   1 decade ago
we have to give chance to utilize their talents in right way.once they realised means they never dance in bars.we must think about their situation which make them to dance and solve their problems.........then all ban the dance bars.

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