Should businessmen run the finance ministry?

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Aman Dewangan said:   3 months ago
Hello everyone,

I'm Aman Dewangan and I'm glad to take the opportunity to start the discussion on topic stated by sir/ma'am that is "should businessman run finance ministry".

In my opinion, businessman should not run the finance ministry because business men is a personality who always seeks for profit and if business man run finance ministry then definitely he/she will make profit and help to improve country's GDP but that would not be the sustainable growth the lower level.

Jkk said:   1 year ago
In my opinion, a businessman should not be a finance minister or even a businessman must not interfere in social works or social obligations. The reason for this is the businessman is not a socially outwarded person a businessman always expects a profit. And as in the finance ministry, a minister must not be profit-oriented and "the main goal of any minister social working i.e. Work for the people in the economy. A businessman is a self centered person whereas any member of the ministry is social among the people and society.

RAHUL rao said:   1 year ago
Hello, Myself Rahul.

I’m an investment banker. So no businessmen shouldn’t be in the finance minister’s position as they are more of profit hunger mentality people and will only look with the perspective of the growing economy of the country which will lead to less budget for benefits for the lower middle class and poor people.

And in a country where these kinds of people are in majority then would be as good as we are abandoning the majority of the country for a few people.

Pooja said:   2 years ago
Good afternoon everyone! I'm Pooja.

Today's topic is should businessmen run the finance ministry this is the most important topic.

In today's life, Yes! Definitely, they can do the finance ministry because of the finance ministry is a one the business and earn the money. Both are similar basically businesses can do also earn a profit.

Thank you.

Vishnu Sharma said:   4 years ago
Yes, it can be possible via a preferable and veteran businessman and such kind of people can maintain the same objective as that of finance minister and that makes a profit. They can also fetch a name and fame like TATA's, reliance etc. So, they can help to make our country financially strong in front of the whole world.

Shiva said:   4 years ago
The real businessmen cannot run the finance ministry his thoughts make the profits, at least he should know the Indian constitution.

Seersak joshi said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, a businessman should not be allowed to run the finance ministry because of the businessman always.

Think of how they can themselves can be in profit so these kind of people will only think of themselves and ultimately they will corrupt the country and bring down the GDP of the nation.

So businessman should not run the finance ministry.

NIKHIL DOOHAAN said:   6 years ago
No, then that day would be the starting day of the decline of a country.

Businessmen are very much self-oriented people, they drive their business just for one reason that they will be the having most of the share of the money earned.

Whereas in Finance ministry they won't get that massive share of the total profit, instead they will be given a monthly salary, which for any Businessmen would be less than sufficient.

Besides this would pave way for corruption, as they would try any means to get some share of the profit made, hence making GOI unstable.

Abhishek Nair said:   7 years ago

Why not! Businessmen should run the finance ministry. It's because they too possess the knowledge of finance and economy exists due to trades and business are done by them. When a businessman stays in a business he only thinks of his own business and his own profit in it. In fact, nobody else knows the techniques and skills better than them to earn a profit the most. So if they are given a chance and responsibility to run the finance ministry, their unique business skills can definitely help to boost the profit of our nation's economy.

Sachi said:   8 years ago
Businessmen are differed from the finance ministry these are all different face in single cion. Businessmen do not run an finance ministry because businessmen can think only own profit he could not think about the country but finance ministry think about the country and normal peoples.

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