Should Animals be used for Testing New Drugs & Medical Procedures?

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Ishant Amit Hiwase said:   1 year ago
I think, to test uncertain drugs or any other substance which may cause any harm to any living being, but we can obviously carry out tests on any life if and only their life cannot be saved.
For example, if an animal has an illness which is not possible to recover and live more, then we can easily carry out tests on animals or even humans.

MR ANISH said:   2 years ago
Hello friends.

In my point of view, laboratory experiment on animals is not a good thing because most of the animals are suffered from pain during testing but in the other hand, we have no more alternative to deal with new disease so it is our compulsion to test with animals. Our scientists should search for some more alternatives for testing after that we can protect animal's life. We should not forget that we are completely dependent on animals. And we have no right to take someone's life because it is in the hand of God to give and take life. Life means life whether human or animal both are of equal importance. When we feel the pain we can show our pain by crying but animals are not. And if we forcefully do tests on them, then it is against our spirit.

Ankit said:   4 years ago
We all say life is precious. So we don't have any rights to kill these innocent and little animals just for our personal self. They also pertain to life like us they also feel pain as human feels. But we are forced to make experiments on animals because there are no viable alternatives. In fact, there are some alternatives like computer model, cell structure. But these things do not give satisfactory result as animals testings give.

But we should also keep in minds that losses due to injuries may be reduced because it can affect the whole balanced ecosystem.

Raunak yadav said:   4 years ago
Good morning my dear friends.

I want to say that animal should be used in the laboratory because our scientist use some animal and saves a million of people and animal life and scientist learns many things and they discover new medicine and drugs which is very helpful for the animal and human race but I want to say that keeping all things in my mind that there should be low loss and harm animal life. Nowadays our scientist uses the animal because there is no another option to examine the drugs side effects and by this, our scientist and doctor reduce the side effects of drugs and saves human life.

Abhinav Tomar said:   4 years ago
Friends in my opinion, it is fine to do experiments on animal for finding drugs because test on few can save life of millions, also we think and talks about cruelty towards animal, but nothing such is done in reality, ironically. Animals are provided with better care so that the test can undergo perfectly, they won't want test on ill animal.

Also after animals are tested those tests are performed on humans for confirmation, so we are not doing any cruelty towards them but doing our work until some other technology is brought.

Ramlakhan said:   4 years ago
In my point of view, We should not use animals for the tests because they are also a part of nature as a human being. If we will use for testing so it's so dangerous of the animal's body.

ANKIT KUMAR said:   4 years ago
Yes, experiments should be done on animals but keeping all points in mind that there must be at least a low loss of their life. An experiment on animals prior to human can save lots of people life. And sometimes medicines discovered by animals may also work for animals too because they also have human-like diseases.

Rakesh kumar gehlot said:   4 years ago
As per my view, every animal is help for ecological useful so first of all as per the Indian cruelty animal act to research use for an animal not for personal interest.

Helly said:   5 years ago
In my view, it is actually unpleasant to test on animals. But on the other way if I think the experiment on that couple of animals will save the lives of millions of people, who can help in the lead away to there country. The scientists should find out some alternatives to experiments on helpless animals.

Kudpat singh said:   5 years ago
I think it's ok to use animals to test products, etc, but we should do so in a sensible way.

Also, I think many people are ill-informed on this platform - when we talk about using animals to test drugs, it is not done in a cruel way that you may imagine it to be.

Usually, the animals are sedated and given the best possible care.

There are many restrictions in place which make sure that the animals are not misused and to make sure any pain is taken away as much as possible.

Without animal testing, we would never know if drugs, etc. Would be safe.

There is virtually no method that is as accurate an animal testing.

That's all. Thanks.

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