Should Agricultural Subsidies be stopped?

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Anthony O'Rook said: (May 1, 2022)  
Animal agriculture should stop being subsidised.

The fact is that not everyone believes that Animal agriculture is ethical or even necessary in today's world.

I'd give 100% subsidies to crop farmers on top of whatever they're getting already. Without them, we Will all starve. No matter how devoted you are to eating flesh, at some point you're going to eat a plant.

Since everyone is in need of crop farmers and not everyone finds Animal agriculture ethical. The answer should be clear on what to do.

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B.Harini said: (Mar 31, 2022)  
In my view, agricultural subsidies are required to some extent, and that too for needy farmers only! Because more and more granting of subsidies may lead to over gain by farmers. And also the absence of subsidies may lead to a decrease in inequity between the rich and poor in case of their purchasing power. Hence government must take proper reforms to allocate subsidies only to needy people and they should ensure that there are no middlemen or intermediaries who may reap some profits from the subsidies. Therefore subsidies can be given in some correct proportion to the farmers.

Hope this answer is helpful!

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Sourabh said: (May 22, 2020)  
I fairly think, government should give farmers a period of time to waiver their debts, create a action plan and then cut off subsidies on commodities where the farmer will strive to pay for. I am a farmer's son I know its not easy going but there's has to be limitations on direct benefits, why not instead invest that amount for bringing and hiring more minds to create innovative ways, investing in modern farming infrastructure, teaching modern tech to farmers, that are new and able to sustain the farm life.

The basic problems lies underneath, we need to rethink where there's a necessity of money flow and making farmers self sustainable, frankly speaking, most small and marginal farmers completely thrive for subsidies and schemes governments provide. This needs to be looked upon and my opinion would be as bank lend out loan by checking credit score, governments should keep a tab on performing small & marginal farmers and reach out hands not necessarily to those in need entirely but farmers who can use that to better themselves enough that they say no thanks to subsidies in few years. The whole idea should be looked upon considering modern plans.

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Akhi said: (May 20, 2020)  
Good afternoon,

In my point of view, subsidies to the farmers is most important for their products and also increase in productivity and GDP of the country. But the main reason of the subsidy scheme is getting low income and low MSP to the farmers. Because farmers are using old method of operations and machines. So the government had to think to give awareness on new techniques on farming systems and patterns and irrigation facilities then farmers will get high profits and increase the GDP level. Subsidy will give them in difficult situations like cyclones. For get recover from damage to the crops.

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Sunil J Malagimani said: (May 14, 2020)  
I would like to say my view that agricultural subsidies should not be stopped but they should be provided with certain plan and structure that it should get reach out to the small farmers. Because what is happening is with these subsidies rich farmers getting richer and poor ones more poorer. Instead of providing subsidies government should think of giving some infrastructure regarding agriculture to the farmers like irrigation equipments and other farm machineries. It should looked up that the facility given to the farmers should be reaching at the end user. Instead govt can also think of providing better market facilities for their produce. Since farmers can't earn income throughout the year, for their livelihood government Should give subsidies.

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ASHISH RANJAN said: (Feb 12, 2020)  
I agree India is an agriculture-based country and most of the farmers are either small and marginal but from my point of view providing subsidies on every product is not the permanent solution. Friends our government is providing subsidies since independence but what is the result. Nothing. The situation is the same as earlier. Also, it is giving the wrong messages to persons who are involved in other sectors other than agriculture and also it is creating an extra burden on our GDP. So in spite of providing subsidies if the government ll focus on proper planning and management, proper crop insurance schemes, proper facilities for a loan to each and every farmer it would be more better.

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Naveena D said: (Feb 5, 2019)  
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, Most of the Indian peoples were involve the agriculture. Because India is agriculture based country. It only focus to develop the agriculture. And also farmers are only hope about the agriculture subsidies. Because they are ready to involve the agriculture even young generation peoples also. It is helpful for making agriculture. So it should not be stopped the subsidies for agriculture. This is used to help their livelihood for so many peoples.

Thank You.

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Satish Kumar 110217 said: (Feb 4, 2019)  
Good evening friends, in my point of view agricultural subsidy should not be stopped. It is a initial help of our farmer. Our 75 % population live in village. This population directly or indirectly depends on farming. Indian farmer are very poor, it is due to the oldest way of farming, low selling price, less government support, lack of education. Indian farmer are the backbone of our GDP. If we stop the agricultural subsidy, then during bad time (cyclone, flood, drought) our farmer helpless. The are force to change their profession and they are searching different occupation. It is due to they doesn't got the actual price of his crop or any other necessary help from government They are spending more money and time in his crop and got less price in compression to expenditure and labouring incurred on his crop. Our former are doing very hard work in his field and faced the lots of problem like cyclone, drought, flood, landslide, these all directly affect the farmer. Due to these natural climate farmer all crop is damaged and he got stressed and taking wrong decision like suicide. To overcome this problem subsidy should be necessary to farmer. Indian government need to improve the oldest way of farming and spread the awareness in the farmer about modern agriculture. Govt also need to improve the system and monitor that subsidy actually go to right hand, maximum people those are not a farmer also got the subsidy, system need to scrutiny these cliprt and stop the subsidy and give him actually that person those who are actually liable for this. Govt also take a decision on swaminathan committee and his good policy should be applied and need to be discussed in Parliament session and should be applied as soon as possible. Because every field of society need to reversion. Like pay commission in all sector. Indian farmer also need pay commission, they are also the part of nation.

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Mukund said: (Aug 27, 2018)  
In my opinion, the agricultural subsidies shouldn't be stopped. Because as we know around 75% of people in our country are directly and indirectly dependant upon agriculture and we also know howthe most of the farmers in our country live in miserable conditions. Getting two times of food is very difficult for them. Then how can we want them to work in field in difficult situations and produce food for us if they have don't money to invest. Atlest. The government Should help them by giving them subsidies.

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Sha Bby said: (Jul 31, 2018)  
Farmers must unite and along with the support of common must pressurize the government to design such a system so that middleman are removed who are to large extent responsible for the price hikes so that govt have farmers product on a much lower rate and with profits they earn they can further increase the subsidies for the farmer.

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Sha said: (Jul 31, 2018)  
I think, subsidies is must for each and ever way farmer either they are rich or poor.

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Satyam said: (Jul 21, 2018)  
I don't think that agriculture subsidies be stopped because we are agriculture based country and just because of agriculture our GDP is growing, if we don't give him subsidies then our state going to be troubled, our farmers can't do anything, then they also want a good salary job and it's a requirement for there own Life because they have a family.

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Vasu said: (Apr 21, 2018)  
It motivates the public to start their own business. Many of different professions are getting their attention towards agriculture sector and wants to their business in that. They are leaving their job and devoting their remaining life to the agriculture.

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Vasu said: (Apr 21, 2018)  
It should not be stopped, as it is the only way through government can help to farmers to get their startups. Financial problems of the farmers are the only root cause problem. If the government is helping in that then farmers will definitely show their willing power to set their startups and after that, they can flourish their business in a good manner and will help to the country to raise its GDP.

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Nitin said: (Mar 22, 2018)  
No, agricultural subsidies should not be stopped because more than 2/3rd of the population depends on it.

Farmers are struggling with the problems like low income, less crop per hectare, the low selling price of their corp etc. If we stop the subsidies the situation will get more worse. But the govt should also try to find out the root cause behind this. Why we are providing subsidies to farmers answer is clear because of low income and low MSP. Then what is the reason behind low income? Clearly due to old traditional method of farming. This is the root cause. I think if some part of subsidies is transferred to this problem. We definitely get better results.

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TANMAYA KUMAR JENA said: (Mar 12, 2018)  
Agriculture subsidy should not be stopped but the agriculture policy, implementation process and budget allocation should be revised. Owing to rigid implementation process most of the farmers special small, marginal and women farmers are deprived of the goverment schemes and programmes. For example, As you know, women are working longer hour in agriculture field from transplanting to post harvesting management but only 5% of women having landholding (Pata) remaining 95% of women farmers have no Pata. Due to nonavailability of Pata, they are deprived of the credit facility and also other government schemes and programmes.

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Ranjeet said: (Jan 16, 2018)  
In my point of view, subsidies should not be stopped. As we know approx 80% of our population depand upon it. All the framer work hard all the time in their field. They have not a single minute for their children.

Most of the farmer using old way of farming. Govt should have to take step in development and introduce new technique of farming.

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Kumar Mali said: (Jan 15, 2018)  
Yes, agricultural subsidies should be stopped.

-As We know 75% people of our country directly or indirectly depends upon agriculture, also contribute major part of GDP.

-I have also agricultural family background.

-Subsidy is one way to help farmers in terms of money. It's good activity. No objection. But due to financial help, this can develop habits in farmers mind. I would like to say one example UpTo 2016 there is no more internet user in India. But after jio SIM card launched with offer. So customers habit of that internet.

- I am not say government should not help farmer. Government should help them. But in another way.

- Government should find root of their problem. Why they require subsidy?

That's it.

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Neeraj said: (Dec 29, 2017)  
Hi Guys,

As we all aware with the condition of agriculture of our country that is still in very bad stage and this is the main duty of the government that they continue help agriculture with the help of different-2 forms as per farmers needs. We all know about the corruption in our country which we keep on facing in our day to day life even if we are literate. Being a farmer selling crops at all, its very difficult in market because big buyers of the crops try to be crooked with the farmers during the deals and they get loss nothing else. So there shouldn't be any kind of even low scale in providing agriculture subsidies.


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Ashish said: (Dec 6, 2017)  
In my opinion, it should not be stopped agriculture subsidies because 75% people are dependingon agriculture. And the former are not get the real price their grain. The former purchase the seeds so worthy but when they sell their grain they did not get their price according to their hard work.

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Narasimman S said: (Dec 4, 2017)  
I agree with all of you. In my point of view, I would like to say something to those who are all against agriculture subsidies. Everyone know that agricultural is the backbone of our country. But the people who are all doing agriculture activity are not getting proper price for their products. So it is not fulfilling their basic needs. In this situation, if any nature disaster like floods, cyclone happen in their cultivation, it Will completely affect the survival of agriculture based people. So agriculture subsidies are essentially for them.

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Aishu said: (Oct 18, 2017)  
Subside of agriculture shouldn't be stopped because 80% of India directly or indirectly depends on agriculture. And the goverment should help them improving in the field so that agriculture in India develops and we can even plan to export to another country so that farmers can earn very well.

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Namdev said: (Aug 19, 2017)  
Hello, friends.

According to me, agriculture subsidy should not be stopped because many of Indian carrier is agriculture than we think about don't stop farmer subsidy in India government give subsidy to new business then why stopped agriculture's subsidy. And our economy also depends on agricultural.

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Saroj said: (Jun 28, 2017)  
In my opinion, the agricultural subsidies shouldn't be stopped. Because as we know around 75% of people in our country are directly and indirectly dependant upon agriculture and we also know howthe most of the farmers in our country live in miserable conditions. Getting two times of food is very difficult for them. Then how can we want them to work in field in difficult situations and produce food for us if they have don't money to invest. Atlest. The government Should help them by giving them subsidies.

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Anamika said: (Jun 24, 2017)  
Hi everyone,

According to me, agricultural subsidies should not be stopped. India is the country where the majority of the population are dependant on agriculture for carrying out their livelihood. Though they contribute a considerable part to the GDP, unfortunately, they are the ones who live in poverty, especially the small and marginal farmers. Now, the prices of equipment are increasing I the market whereas their income are the same. From where would they buy latest technology and equipment to improve their production and productivity to meet the increasing demands of the population and rising competition in the market. They would definitely require agricultural subsidies to meet those requirements. So in my view, it shouldn't be stopped. Thank you.

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Vandana said: (Jun 1, 2017)  
No, Agriculture is the primary source of income for around50percent people in India. When the subsidy is abolished it affects poor people who earn their livelihood through agriculture. It will be a hit to only the backward classes not to the upper classes who take advantage of these subsidies illegally. If these farmers stop. Cultivating it is us who suffers as the price of commodities will increase as a resulting economy gets hurt. It is better to make a good regulatory system for subsidies without suddenly stopping it.

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Bishal Manna said: (Feb 19, 2017)  
Subsidies to agriculture needs to decreased slowly but surely. People would argue that 70% Indians depend on agriculture but they would not think that why do so many people are still in agriculture. I must say it though it may hurt my fellow Indians that agriculture is dead road.

Government subsidies primarily mean that we are transferring wealth from working people to farmers. But it no way increases their productivity rather it is just delaying the inevitable that we need to pull people out of agriculture. Our subsidies to agriculture are more than the government spends on education which should be our foremost responsibility.

People would argue that people are still dying of starvation in India. But I would like to tell them that we produce more than enough food so much that our government isn't able to sell it all, so people are not dying due to lack of food but they are not able to earn enough. Ever saw the news where they show so much is grain rotting it is not because of inefficient governance rather people are not able to buy so much grain. So the government is feeding the farmers even though there is not so much need for them in the market.

Rather reducing the subsidies would free money to invest in education and infrastructure and pull people out of farming in the labour market where they would be able to earn much more.

Suicide of farmers is not due to inadequacy of our government but rather tells us that farming is at its end.

But what about food production you would say, my dear when people will reduce in farming we can easily their efficiency as in India almost 5 farmers are doing the same thing what one farmer can do and that without subsidies. In all developed nation only 10% people work as farmers. So we can continue debating to whether should we increase the subsidies on farmers to stop their suicides which eventually would not be enough or we can solve the crux of the problem. Now don't get emotional any economist worth his salt would tell you this, even our government knows this but those bastards don't have the spine to do anything.

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B. Rishitha said: (Feb 10, 2017)  
Agricultural subsidies should be stopped as they are not reaching poor farmers.

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Pancham said: (Feb 6, 2017)  
Hii friends.

I also want to share my views, Agricultural sector is the prime sector of any country. Without agricultural sector, its impossible to run any big brand like Basmati Rice or Ashirvad Aata or any food company. These companies are earning huge profit but what actually farmers are earning. Nothing in comparison to these big firms. They must get their share as they are the only origin of their huge profits.

Life of agricultural person is full of uncertainties. We can see that by recent effect of demonization, In local market, 1kg of apples were selling at 40rs instead of 70 or 80rs. Because they don't have any other option. Its the only earning option they have. And if are government will not provide any subsidies to them, then it will definitely turn the agricultural persons to find alternative path of earning or can also force them to suicide.

We cannot give them direct support or thanks them for their huge contribution in our nation but I think subsidies are the medium by that they feel safe and secure.

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Sandeep Kumar said: (Dec 31, 2016)  

Good morning everyone.

India is a second largest populated country in the world. Till date, it's 70% of the people depends on agriculture. India is an agriculture formost country. Indian agriculture plays the vital roal in Indian economy. Indian economy and agriculture bondage to each other. 50% of India economy depends on agriculture.

So, my opinion is agriculture subsidies should not be stopped and Indian government should also improve and spared the agriculture.

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Vinay Dubey said: (Dec 23, 2016)  

India has been more resources but not sufficient contributed in productivity. So be must strong agriculture subsidies by good governance.

Sunset clause act in agriculture subsidy, not univeslisatio, rashning etc.

In the sense of agriculture subsidies shouldn't stopped but his should be rationalisation.

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Deepak said: (Dec 15, 2016)  

Basically, India is agricultural dependent & may be more than 50% national income due to agricultural. As we say Farmer's are backbone of our country but in today situation he is in trouble. Instead of top, he is the last. In some parts of our country may get the rain sufficiently, that part of farmers grow the crop but what about the others so I suggest to give subsidy to everyone from government and NABARD, but the subsidy is not meet the farmers due to a lot of corruption, so make proper way for that.

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Neha said: (Dec 10, 2016)  
Hi there.

As we know that India is known as an agricultural country. Till date, its 70% population is dependent on agriculture. Millions of people are below the poverty line. In Maharashtra & some other states too, farmers are committing suicides in lack of resources. Farmers are not getting enough profit to grow themselves. According to my point of view, agricultural subsidies shouldn't be stopped because farmers are not financially independent to help themselves.

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Budhireddy Kavya said: (Sep 23, 2016)  
Yes, because of the reservations all farmers are not getting subsidies. As all the farmers are cultivating the same land on the same earth in same sunlight. Why we have to differ them in subsidies. If the government want to give, give to all the farmers equally.

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Rakesh Kumar Roy said: (Sep 13, 2016)  
Hi, Friends.

As we know that our country mainly depends on agriculture aproxmetally 70 to 80% population of the country is depand of agriculture.

In the beginning, it was taken the first palace of our GDP. As compare to bussiness and Service it was also on the first palace as said quotation in hindi uttam Kheti madyam vyapar and at the last nothing than service. But with the changing of the time our agriculculture fall down to the last possession, it remains only 13 to 14% of our GDP. Now the question is here that are we ignore to the agriculture. We have to require to go flash back and take the dicesion that subsidy should be kept or not. Today farmers are facing lots of problems due to hiking price of fuel, chemical material related to the agriculture and levied instruments. Due to high growth of the population land has devided into Verry small parts. Our below the poverty line is also decreasing day by day. People are migrating from ruler areas because the don't get the actual price of their production. Hence it is not the right time to stop the subsidy. Because farmers get all = 0 profit. Because I belongs to a farmer family I can understand it better.


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Prashant Singh said: (Sep 12, 2016)  
We all know that India is having a population of 1.2 billion people. Therefore, we need more food to feed our people. Decades ado, agriculture output had a major contribution in our GDP.

However, we need technical advancement and innovative ways to produce more on the same land.

Farmers are getting assistance from the government in form of subsidy. There is certain scheme launched in subsidies form to provide basic benefits to the farmers.

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Manjunath P said: (Sep 9, 2016)  
Hi friends,

Agriculture is a backbone of our nation. The subsidies are important to our farmers, most of the farmers depend on of subsidies. If our govt has stopped to giving subsidies the death of farmers will be increased. Our country mainly depends on agriculture. Still, in our country, most of the farmers are using an olden type of agriculture.

Agricultural subsidies should not be stopped.

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Shivani said: (Sep 8, 2016)  
When we consider countries like India. Agriculture is the backbone to the country and contributes lions share to our national income but unfortunately agriculture not only in our country but in many countries is still dependent in rainfall which cannot be determined certainly. So that government should take several initiatives to provide some benefits to farmer who is the primary stakeholder one of the initiative is providing subsidy to the crop so that farmers feel secured and this prevents farmers commiting suicides. Hence agricultural subsides are boon to some extent if properly implemented at right time.

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Kumar said: (Sep 7, 2016)  
Hello friends.

Agriculture is a most important factor in our life. We are already know if agriculture dose not have so we can not survive. We are dependent on agriculture. Agriculture do by the formers. Lets come on subsidies for agriculture. First we analyze who can do agriculture. Most of the formers poor if subsidies no give to formers. So formers leave the agriculture and we are also know economy also depends on agriculture. In agriculture formers get profit most of the time but get loss also. In nowadays climate system are change so formers bear loss in agriculture and we know formers depends on only agriculture system if government do not give subsidies so formers how can manage agriculture and than may be leave. So, that should not stopped subsidies.

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Vijay Dodiya said: (Sep 2, 2016)  
As an Agriculture Engineer, I say that Indian people are most Dependent on agriculture land only. And nowadays except some state most of the farmer is becoming small and small as a point of the land holder and nowadays equipment and its operations becoming costly day by day. And also hybrid seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides are same as that. But after they harvesting their crops they can not get a proper rate of their output which they deserve.

But in matter subsidy, the motto of government is not to give them subsidy as cash to survive them but it's only that farmers should adopt new modern farming like adopting micro irrigation systems, green houses net houses, solar systems and other many equipment.

So I do not agree to stop subsidies for agriculture.


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Sandy said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
In my view, these subsidies should not be stopped. As most of our population depends on agriculture, these subsidies will enable them to do agriculture, thereby we can increase agriculture productions. Food is the basic need of every man, so if there is no agriculture how can we survive. Also by increasing the production we can top up our exporting, and thereby we can increase our foreign cash reserves. This will boost up an economy.

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Siby said: (Aug 7, 2016)  
In my opinion, agricultural subsidies should not be stopped. The subsidies are a supporting pillar to the lacks of farmers in the country. Farming in our country is primarily not as advanced and mechanised as in other developed countries. Moreover, a large chunk of the Indian population is rural, and this sector directly affects them.

The majority of farmers own a very small portion of land like 2-10 acres, and they directly depend on the monsoon. Many of them lack the irrigation facilities and also don't own a bore-well/well to support their produce round the year. The plight of farmers in our country is very disturbing especially the small farmers. They can't afford to buy the hybrid seeds, fertilizers, pesticides again and again if a continuous drought/bad monsoon persists for a period of 1 or 2 years. Moreover, the investment they put off this period of time goes in vain. The whole budget and economics of a farmer crumbles, also if he has taken loan it goes on increasing year after year. The farmer is crushed under the cycle of debt and drought and is completely helpless. The farmer community in India is unorganized, unlike the trade unions/workers union. They only can helplessly watch this happening and only the govt can help it out.

Unless the agricultural sector is backed by the govt farmers in India cannot survive for long. The Indian economy will get shattered once this sector starts to degrade. Farmers should continue to get support from the govt by helpful programmes like the subsidy, to keep this sector profitable for the farmers. Unless the agricultural sector witnesses a complete makeover like the west it needs to be backed by govt.

Lastly it the govt moral responsibility to back certain aspects of the country like free education, mineral sector, PSU etc for the goodwill of the public. And agriculture is one of them of the Indian scenario.

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BHASKAR said: (Aug 6, 2016)  
Yes, the subsidies provided to poor farmers by giving them at lower prices for purchasing fertilizers, seeds, cheaper electricity for agriculture activities, cheaper agriculture bank loans, purchasing farm equipment at lower bank loans etc. But this has only negative impacts on our economy. We are dependent on import for fertilizers needs, therefore it is foreign currency reserves loss. The subsidized fertilizers do not have proper distribution mechanism this only increases the black marketing and sold the fertilizers to simple & illiterate farmers at the higher rates. Even the bank official demand bribe from farmers for agricultural loans.

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Neida Bukhari said: (Jul 26, 2016)  
According to me, rather than completely stopping Agricultural Subsidies, it should be reduced to certain individuals. India is a land of farmers, hence utmost consideration should be given to them. This doesn't mean that the Richer ones benefit at others behest. A scheme should be introduced where Farmers should compulsorily declare their income for the year. A limit should be set up henceforth and farmers falling below the prescribed limit should be provided with necessary financial aid.

This scheme would not only help the real in need farmers but also would declare the inflow of money present with farmers. The circulation of Black money via farmers can also be curbed through this.

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Sudheer said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
No, agricultural subsidies should be continue. If it is stopped many small farmers will stop doing agriculture. If they stop doing agriculture than imports of agriculture products will increase and exports of agricultural products will increase. Through this our rupee value will decrease.

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Ganesh Gunjal said: (Jul 15, 2016)  
About my opinion, the things are wrong about the agricultural field because more 70% people having an economy in agree. So if we do not get support, Agricultural then the basic hazard to our people. If we give a subsidy to agriculture then all over to create good business of our nation in any field.

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Rahul Singh said: (Mar 8, 2016)  
On the part of me agriculture is the backbone of India, so that we should give subsidies to those farmers who really need and we distribute this facility to farmer according to their requirement. So subsidies are good as well as bad so that it depends on the situation.

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Pandurang Ghadge said: (Feb 4, 2016)  
My point of view the agricultural subsidies for those farmer who having marginal and small scale farmer it's important for increasing their agricultural quality production and also helpful for increasing National Agricultural Production 80 % farmer are depend on agriculture subsidies. Agricultural Subsidies is most important factor for increasing agricultural production.

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Tarun Joshi said: (Dec 15, 2015)  
In my opinion government should prefer subsidies as one of the former P.M Lal Bahudar Shastri quoted a slogan "Jai Jawan Jai Kissan" which shows the importance of agriculture in our country. As food is ours necessity but if the production becomes low then how we sustain in this world. Government should make efficient which is helpful for all needy farmers.

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Viswaraj BR said: (Sep 17, 2015)  
Subsidy need not be stopped but to be regulated. Regulation means the cyclical process of allocation and supervision. For areas like agriculture and because of the huge demographic dividend of our nation, the sensitiveness of the sector is important and thus considered as priority sector which are not allowed to be neglected for the national interest. We were having a 50% GDP contribution of agriculture during the birth of the nation and gradually reduced to 14% these days, this is due to the shift in the nation's priority from agriculture to Service industry. Stopping of subsidies will further top up the issue and a further reduction in the GDP contribution of agriculture is not advisable. Here as I said in the beginning, regulation needs to play an important role to curb the issues associated with subsidy schemes like poor targeting of the subsidy, misuse of subsidy, lack of proper planning in case of devising the subsidy instruments like as in case of urea subsidy etc.

In the next face, one should think that we have started giving subsidy for decades back and still we are doing the same. This need to be introspected without delay. The very motto of subsidy is the welfare of the nation. Giving welfare implies the equalization of the society. Proper policies/schemes to be devised to eliminate subsidy for a long term benefits like adoption of modern technologies, developing the R&D industry etc. The policy of Government should be welfare oriented as in the DPSP of the Constitution but it should not be endless and the agricultural industry which contributes around 70% of labour force must be independent of financial aides like subsidy and grants in future.

Hence this is not the right time to stop the subsidies in the agricultural sector and at the same time we should not have a mind of depending the Government for long. Instead of giving subsidies regulate it and utilize the saved subsidies for the development of the society itself like infrastructure building, R&D, promotion and adoption of newer technologies which all will benefit the agricultural sector (in this context) in the real sense. Therefore conclusion can be drawn in such a way that stoppage of subsidy is not good to the current scenario of India and a proper regulation of subsidy is highly needed with an eye of elimination of subsidy in future.


Viswaraj BR.

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STEPHEN said: (Sep 2, 2015)  
Subsidy should be reduced. I would like to suggest two types of subsidy to be Encouraged mean those people achieving their targets (Subsidy received for Improving Agriculture) to encourage and motivating purposes we could give the subsidy By doing this the people are in future too volunteer involve agriculture. The other one is as usual here wasting or unnecessary subsidy should be controlled which makes people irresponsible and lazy.

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Ashok said: (Apr 12, 2015)  
I want to convey some ideas known to me. In order to develop a sector particularly weak sector, subsidy is very important. Our govt has various schemes. But it is not implemented properly. Agriculture, which is prone to many risk factor, we need to give various measures to develop the same. But, by recalling the subsidy, we will be against to farmers. Fathers are playing an important role in the society. Regarding gas subsidy, our govt has made an incredible performance like the same.

True farmers to be identified and must be given separate identity to get subsidy. I agree it is waste when the subsidy is not properly given. Farmers are eligible for 3 percent interest subsidy for short term crop loans availed by them. If the govt gives any separate id card to the farmers incorporating the bank account, then the benefit of interest subsidy will be available only to the farmers. Subsidy is available for farmers only. Govt must identify the farmers who are in need of real help. And must be given separate identity. Then only subsidy funds will be effectively utilized.

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Shantanu Anand said: (Mar 17, 2015)  
More than 70% people of our country is serving in agriculture in various form. GDP of our country was contributed by agriculture with more than 50% contribution 50 years ago and today this contribution is declined to less than 14% of overall GDP, where % of population serving in agriculture sector declined by 5-6 % only.

Status of agriculture did not grow with other sectors like others. The Govt must provide subsidized seeds, fertilizers and essentials that motivate them to produce grains happily and prevent misplaces of subsidies provided to needy.

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Rushikeh said: (Dec 5, 2014)  
Agricultural sector comprises 57% of population. It means 57%of population depends directly or indirectly upon agriculture for their livelihood. Subsides though cost on taxpayer is boon to Indian economy. Subsides in form of MSP, direct or indirect farm subsides substantiates nations inclusive growth strategy.

Substantial part of Food security comes through MSP which support 75% of urban population and 65% of urban, midday meals which has provided food to nearly 12 crore children's, food stored in buffer stock are also utilized for export when nation is need to reduce current account deficit. Subsidies food is only support to our entire BPl population.

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Sanket said: (Oct 5, 2014)  
In a country whose agriculture sector is dominated by the marginal and small farmers, who are unable to sustain food and fibre requirement of their family. In this condition subsidy is the only way for their development to bring them into the mainstream. But at the same time the leakage of these funds must be checked.

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Veena Hegde said: (Sep 14, 2014)  
Since agriculture is backbone of India there is a need for supporting farmers by some way. So according to my view agricultural subsidies are one of the good method which give help to the farmers when he is in problem. But the main problem in this system is the subsidies are not reaching to poor farmers, only rich peoples are getting the advantage of these policies. There should be nationwide campaign to make aware about subsidies in illiterate farmers and correct person should get advantage.

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Ramees Muqthar A said: (Sep 10, 2014)  
We all know that in our India most of the peoples were farmers and high production was there in our India. But now a days people is not interested in agriculture field. The government gives many subsidies and helpful things for farmers but the things is not getting to them because the government offices and panjayath offices are disturbing the by asking many proofs and asking money. Therefor we people and government should understand these things and must do something to overcome this problems.

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Reenasaini said: (Aug 27, 2014)  
Govt should give importance to the agriculture sector because most of the population of India is engaged in agriculture sector so, government should be subsidies the agricultural input like fertiliser, seeds, irrigation and electricity.

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Maduri said: (Aug 3, 2014)  

In my opinion agricultural subsidies should be given. Because in India agriculture is considered as the backbone of the economy. Farmers will grow the crops for getting some profit. But to get that profit farmers may not have enough money to invest in the crops. For support to the farmers financially these subsidies must be given. Also these subsidies should be reached out to everyone not only some people and they should be given properly. Therefore it is the responsibility of the government to provide the subsidies to the farmers properly.

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Rahul said: (Aug 2, 2014)  
No, I am not agree with the topic. Agriculture is backbone of our country. Jai jawan jai kisan, a slogan given by former PM, L. B. Shastri, shows the importance of agriculture in our country. Government should not stop agriculture subsidies to farmers. Before giving the subsidies govt. Should get the proper information on the numbers of farmers living below poverty line. A farmer with ac, car etc can not be poor.

Govt. Should take care of thing that rich farmers should not get unnecessarily the benefit from the subsidies which are meant for poor farmers. Govt must collect the information regarding the economic status of the farmers, then it should distribute subsidies. Norms must be set by the government so that it can categorise the rich & poor farmers.

At last I would like to say that govt. Should not be"lenient, it should be Smart enough" to do justice with farmers and not let the to cheat it.

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Tappu said: (May 31, 2014)  
Hello friends,

India is a agricultural based country. Agriculture supplies 16.6% of our GDP and 50% of our work force. But we have to accept that in India farmers are the poorest peoples in our country. So, subsidy is needed. But with subsidy our govt should take some more steps as well. The steps are,

1. Govt should educate our farmers.

2. Subsidies should be monitored properly so that all can enjoy those subsidy, not only the rich peoples.

3. In some part of our country the subsidized goods are sold at lower price to neighboring countries. Our govt should take proper steps to control those things.

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Rahul said: (Apr 16, 2014)  
Subsidy of agriculture should not be stopped. Our farmer still having technological, pricing problems. Most importantly today most of the green lands are converted into residential colonies, eczs, so some of the remaining farmers need subsidies.

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Anirudh said: (Mar 21, 2014)  
No matter how great our country is in the agricultural field, still the people of our country perish and even die of hunger. For providing poor people with basic necessity such as food, government has introduced "SUBSIDY". But these subsidies are not beneficial for the long run.

In fact, former UN secretary general Kofi Annan warned India against populist subsidies as it would be difficult to end such relief once granted. The government should review it's policies instead of providing subsidies.

India exports bulks of agricultural goods but instead, if these goods are sold out to the public, the prices (inflation) would be under control and nobody will have to sleep with an empty stomach. For some, subsidies is a dire need (although it should be temporary) but for some, it is a way to save some bucks. One should not create a situation where people do not value it.

The best choice would be to first reform the policies, grant people food at an affordable and bearable price and then stop the subsidy. Hope the government is listening!

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Rajeev said: (Feb 25, 2014)  
Our nation India is an agricultural country. More then 70% of the population in India is dependent on Agricultural activity. Agricultural sector contributes to around 50% of our exports. Tea, Tobacco, Paper, Spices, Flowers, Oil seeds, Fruits, Vegetables etc are the major agricultural products exported from our country. Many industries like, Tractors, Fertilizer, Pesticide, Agricultural implements etc are supplying their products to agricultural sector. It also provides employment in various other sectors like transport etc. Many industries are depended on agriculture for their raw materials. Eg. Cotton, Sugar, Tobacco, Paper etc.

During 1950's more than 50% of the national income was contributed by agriculture. But the contribution of agriculture is gradually diminishing and now it has come down to almost 13%. Now-a-days, the traditional farmers have a tendency to switch over from agricultural activity. In view of the above, we need to promote agricultural sector and the same is possible only through subsiding the inputs for agriculture like fertilizer, pesticides, implements, equipment's etc. Any move for stopping subsidy in agricultural sector would be suicidal.

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Bachi said: (Feb 22, 2014)  
Hello everyone as per my opinion subsidy to farmers should not be stopped, why because 70% of Indians are depends upon the agriculture and also they are backbone to our nation economy they are scarifying their entire life to feed the world, now a days food which we are taking totally artificial with that human life also coming down now the people how depends on agriculture are decreasing day by day because of they are not getting good returns on their crops, they don't have any awareness on technology the government should give the training to the farmers for better working and should encourage to minimize the artificial fertilizers. The government should encourage the students to study the agriculture education.

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Samar Hussain said: (Feb 18, 2014)  
Farm subsidy is essential for the development of rural India. Indian economy is dependent on agriculture for employment which also employs a lot of population both directly and indirectly.

Subsidies are direct instruments to give impetus to agricultural growth. The subsidies on power and seeds also lead to their misuse and loss to the nation. The government should rather create market for agriculture products, raise minimum support price, give cheap credits to farmers, revamp land laws and work for transfer of technology from lab to the fields. Subsidies will not kill the root problem that farmers are facing but will make them excessively dependent upon Government to rescue them in bad times. The Government Should create forward linkage for the farmers and food processing industries should boost the marketing of agri products.

Again the subsidies do not reach the ultimate land worker. The landlords who usually remain absent from farm and are not directly engaged in farmers or not at all concerned take away the benefits of the subsidy. The poor farmers remains deprived.

Subsidies are a burden to the national Finance as these are not investment. The subsidies on agriculture should be abolished in a phase manner. Also marginal farmers in tribal belt and North east should have alternate arrangements for subsidies and in time the subsidy should be replaced by cheap loans or insurance.

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Ritu Raj said: (Jan 23, 2014)  

In my view subsidy in agriculture should not be stopped instead the process of reaching the subsidy to the farmers to be made foolproof by linking it to direct credit in banks account. If government stop paying subsidy to farmers who are almost 75% of our population and contributing to only 25% of GDP they will not be able to survive on agriculture as they are dependent for their products not only on market but also on good whether and sometimes they loss their produces for the bad whether. So for the survival of poor agriculturist and to feed the large population of India it is necessary to support the agri sector.


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Satya said: (Jan 17, 2014)  
I'm my opinion providing subsidies to farmers is a trick used by politicians to attract farmers to get maximum votes in elections. Because the subsidies provided by the government does not reach the farmers.

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Leaf said: (Dec 16, 2013)  
Agricultural subsidies are necessary.

1. Agriculture is the basis of our economy. It provides food for our survival.

2. Without subsidies, the force competition would allow no profit in agriculture. Agriculture is highly influenced by the weather so the price would fluctuate naturally. When the price is low, it would be impossible for farmers to earn a living.

Each coin has two sides. Agricultural subsidies are a little bit unfair for people in other fields, but from a broader aspect, they are still necessary.

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Manish said: (Dec 15, 2013)  
No, as per the situation in India whatever subsidies provided by the govt to the public is not transparent, first govt should insure that subsidies should directly go to the farmer a/c. In India beneficiaries are not getting the benefit which would they have to get. Agriculture is most important sector in India but because of not proper support from the govt agriculture sector contribution is decreasing day-by-day, whatever subsidies is provided by the govt is going the waste and govt saying that we have provide so much of benefit to the farmer.

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Rishi said: (Oct 11, 2013)  
No - As per my opinion, any kind of subsidy given to farmers and the poor people of India should not be reduced or abandoned. I agree to the fact that nowadays our agriculture is not contributing much to national income as comparing to the era of post independence, but we should remember that this agriculture is feeding lakhs of farmers and their families in our country. Our country need to diminish the gap, which has occurred between upper class and lower class. For that government must have its policies to subsidize the poor living below standards & not by stopping subsidy.

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Veena said: (Sep 30, 2013)  
My dear friends.

India is an agrarian country. Agriculture is the main occupation. Many people depend upon agriculture. Due to tough competition and the increased number of intermediaries, farmers are not getting their minimal value of production. So in order to support the farmers subsidies are really useful. If not provided what is the effect of remaining in the same field where they does not get even earnings for their daily bread. So these subsidies should not be stopped. As it bridges the gap between large capital intensive and poor farmers. By providing subsidies to the needed category govt giving justice to them by providing an hope that one day they will be also become a competent force by attaining equality. Thank you.

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Kkk said: (Sep 23, 2013)  
Indian economy was totally a agrarian economy at the time of independence. Agriculture sector had almost 50% of its share in the economy. But presently service sector contributes very huge amount in the Indian economy, this is because of the bad condition of the farmers. Agriculture hugely depends upon climate, weather conditions and we can say that on nature. To invest in this sector is very risk thing. But Nowadays to invest in other sectors is more beneficial than this one.

So to boost farmers to remain in this field it is very necessary and important to provide subsidies to the farmers. Subsidy given by the central government totally depends upon the state government efforts. Recently lot of money was given to punjab and Haryana farmers because of less rain in these areas. So to boost agriculture exports it is very important to motivate the farmers by giving them financial help.

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Harsh said: (Sep 14, 2013)  
Indian economy is an agrarian economy. Most of the exports products or the export basket consist of agricultural products. Since independence agricultural production has increase from thousands to millions. This great jump of the agricultural production is due to the special emphasis by the ruling government in their 10 year as well as in 5 year plans. Huge amt of subsidies were and are granted for the globalization and modernization of the global export basket and consumption basket and actually the agricultural production has diversified in years passed by and are diversifying in years to come.

In every budget there has been an allocation of the subsidy amount and during the years subsidy get increased many times sometimes its natural reasons sometimes its due to some other but material personal benefits. So, I am of the opinion that a fast and accurate track or path should be formed so that the subsidies granted is equal to the benefits of the full amount. No misappropriation or dumping of the subsidy amount should be made so that Indian agricultural field improves and leads to balance of payment surplus and reduced current account deficit.

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A.Razique said: (Sep 13, 2013)  
Hello friends, As we know the topic that "Should Agricultural Subsidies be stopped?".

Off course not, because farmer is the king in India. India is totally depend upon agriculture. More than 70% of population is concerned with agriculture Which is the basic need of the world's 100% population as we all need food for survival which comes completely from agriculture.

In fact Agriculture Plays a vital role in Indian economy. But agriculture production will be helpful only when it is produced in large quantity and it is only possible when farmer have the proper agricultural tools, fertilizers, water sprinklers as well. That's why the subsidies should be given to the farmer but there should be implementation that to be given only to the needy farmers not to a rich one.

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Keerti said: (Sep 4, 2013)  
My answer is no. Agricultural subsidies should not be stopped.

In this technologically advanced era, with the invent of new agricultural equipment which lead to higher yield, it is definitely required for the government to subsidies such products.

Only then the farmers would come forward to buy such equipment and hence get benefited.

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Deeksha Saxena said: (Sep 2, 2013)  
Hello friends.

Here we are talking about the subsidies provided to the farmers.

Technically it should not be stopped because our country's economy is dependent on the agriculture and also, our country is said to be a land of fields.

Here, more than half of the population is farmer and being an Indian, we should think of them. This subsidy is provided to them so that they can take care of their fields and can get better facilities.

BUT what happens in India is that the thing do never reach to them, who are actually have right of that thing. That is also true in the case of subsidies.

The real amount don't reach to the farmers and instead of them, the middle persons (politicians and those who are involving in providing the subsidies) get the profit of that.

Providing subsidies will be helpful only if it reaches to the right hands which cannot be happen in India.

Therefore I would say that subsidies should be stopped because by providing these subsidies we are actually help the politicians to enjoy the subsidy and our farmers are suffering because of them.

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Sachin said: (Aug 30, 2013)  
It should be reformed it is a corruption that named a subsidy.

A piece of agri equipment that subsidies by government you can have in 1000 Rs but if you want to get that equipment by subsidy.

It would be substandard and cost you 1200 by that you will get 250 Rs subsidy and it would cost you 950+ 2 month time to sanction subsidy and a month waiting to deposit in your account.

This is the case in biogas, water pump, thresher, Tyre etc.

I am a farmer subsidy in India is only for politician, higher officer, companies like iffco, and store keeper, orthopedist dealer for government supply.

Farmer stands nowhere in subsidy.

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Naushad said: (Aug 22, 2013)  
As we all know that in India the benefits do not reach to the needy person hands and same in agriculture sector. Indian are goods in planning but not in execution. Subsidies are mainly for the poor farmers. But in reality they do not get the the benefits and if somehow they get they are not in state to afford everything for an example a farmer is getting subsidies for buying a tractor but he can't afford the rest amount and maintenance and other necessary thing like water pump, electricity, etc, so they pass the benefits to the reach farmer.

And in most cases the rich farmers manipulated the his financial statement and manage to get the benefits. So my point of view here is that Govt should work hard to make a list of actual needy farmers and must ensure that poor farmers are enjoying the benefits and Govt should work to ensure that farmers can utilize the subsidiary or not, for an example free electricity is given but farmer does not have the money to get a water pump so what's the point of giving this type of subsidies.

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ROSHAN said: (Aug 17, 2013)  
No, never as INDIA is agricultural country it is our genuine business. If we will not provide subsidies then farmers won't be take chance of farming in difficult condition of weather. If farmers are not going to farm then.

And most important thing is that farming is totally depend on weather conditions. So it is risk if less rain or flood. And our economy is somewhat depend on agriculture.

That's why govt should provide subsidies for healthy environment for farmers and INDIA'S ROOT of business and everything.

GOVT. Must give them surety.

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Peddaiah(Btech, Civil) said: (Aug 2, 2013)  
Hi friends.

First of all I thank to giving this type of topic. Should agriculture subsidy be stopped?

Definitely no is my answer. Because india's economy is more importantly depends on the agriculture production and simply say it's like an backbone of human. But one thing I would like to suggest that government should have clear idea or information about the former's those who are being get by subsidized. Because some rich farmers also show their poor financial background and there by they get more subsidies and poor farmers will get less than enough. And also I would like add one more point that the government should distribute the subsidy according to farmer status and their real need. If the former really wants subsidy in cash should be provided and some may want in other formats like good quality seeds, electricity etc.

Finally I want to conclude that whatever development is being going on in India like education, industries etc. Agriculture should not be stopped at any time and at any cost mainly due to lack of subsidy. Just remember this always it leads to agriculture always in top position in development. "Anything can wait but not agriculture".

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Bharanidar said: (Jul 22, 2013)  
Farm subsidies are always for the short term. The real problem is not money.

Some facts to highlight this view:

1. We can't increase the net sown area more than 11% of land area and we are almost near that avg.

2. Agriculture is dependent on many unpredictable factors like monsoon, climatic variation. Etc.

And we can add many more.

Money cannot at any time can alter this.

And agriculture takes almost 70% of available water and we can't increase the share anymore.

So my view is that we should provide subsidies only for the short term. And we must slowly shift our agricultural practice itself. Move to dry farming, use of genetically modified crops, use of organic fertilizers, plant resistant to climate and drought, use of innovative bio technological ideas, technology transfer, land consolidation, minimum support price so that farmer can apply his proven techniques in new seeds and methods, open up many research universities with farmers participation in experiments and trial tests.

We need to invest in such fields until then subsidy is needed to keep the farming community alive.

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Ganesh said: (Jul 22, 2013)  
Subsidy are important to boost agricultural sector and to fulfill need of the increasing population. But subsidy should be targeted one and misuse should stop otherwise what happen our fertilizer illegally send via black marketing to our nearby countries (bhutan, b'desh, nepal). Subsidy should be minimized step by step and it will make farmer become less dependent and will increase production by finding new innovative ways, like MNREGA study done by ICAR they found machination of farm increase after increase in labour wages. Subsidy should given to particular component like electricity subsidy lead to overuse of water.

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V K Sharma said: (Jul 13, 2013)  

Its necessary to keep the farmers occupied with agriculture as India, with its burgeoning population, needs food sufficiency on a long term basis. However, agriculture is not a lucrative occupation in India. Ask farmers' children and their answer is straight : they do not want to engage in agriculture.

Hence, it is necessary to keep this sector subsidised. There are challenges in dispensing subsidies to this sector. But the short cut which govt is trying to adopt by dispensing subsidies in cash will not have the desired impact. Here, govt may be able to dispense subsidies but it may not be a step towards increasing productivity.

One more point I would like people to dwell on is : How Agreement On Agriculture of WTO, signed by India, will impact India's food security policy. I have read reports which suggest that India will have to bear heavy penalty if its subsidy crosses 10%.

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Vignesh said: (Jun 2, 2013)  
Friends I am agricultural engineer and I wanna share few points which I have seen.

1. Consider a small or marginal farmer is getting a tractor or agricultural machinery with subsidy. He may get nearly 1 or 2L as subsidy. The small farmer can't use the tractor or implement efficiently for his small land so he will sell the tractor to large farmer for the total cost and earn some money.

2. A small farmer is getting 40,000. RS for drip irrigation. So he will install and use it for two months then he will throw it because of his poor maintenance but actually drip tapes can be used for minimum 2 years.

3. The government is giving fertilizer, seed and other essential inputs as subsidy to farmers. Because of slow process of the government any one of the material get delay but the farmers are not ready to come and get the other material some other day.

Many more reasons are there. All these things happens because they are getting the everything free. Just think if you have all this by your own. Will you do like this. Instead of this change the subsidy system. Like giving some small money every month for loans and give money of fertilizers and others for who produce high yield.

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AB BAPPA said: (May 17, 2013)  
As we are aware of our topic subsidies should be provided in a selective manner.

Like areas where water facilities are not available, where financial system is not reaching to poor farmers.

And India is known for agriculture but we need subsidies, other than providing subsidies we need to improve our financial system, as we know that even after providing subsidies farmers are committing suicide. There we need to improve our credit facilities as prevailing facilities are utilized by unethical person.

Therefore subsidies should be provided selectively until production reached at required optimal level.

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Shabbir Hirani said: (May 1, 2013)  
According to me subsidies is necessary to be given they motivate farmers much. I have asked one of the farmer in my town he thinks that without subsidies food cannot be grown because when the farmers will get money by selling his goods in the market, almost half of the money will go in buying of seeds and maintaining their equipment. So one will lose hope and he cannot get better or a good standard of living and nowadays we see that many of the farmers is doing suicide due to failure of the crops or not having enough funds to feed their family.

Subsidies is a great source of appreciation to the farmers to perform well and live a happy life.

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Bujji said: (Apr 23, 2013)  
This is a complicated topic.

As a country:

We need food security, so Govt give subsidies and fix the price of Grains to control the inflation.

If you don't give subsidies you can't fix the price, then former can sell what ever the price (supply and demand) , he can export to other countries like Cars, IT etc.

My prediction is:

Once current generation of farmers become old or unable to farm, then MNC's will kick in (Govt has no option).

First they take for lease and then they buy out, this is what happened in USA.

Once it is in MNC's hands, it is supply and demand, commodity stocks etc.

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Pallavi Mishra said: (Apr 11, 2013)  
The main problem of low productivity in India is not subsidy actually, it is the people who are mainly responsible for hampering the productivity of agriculture by grafting and ignoring the destitute farmers and giving the main profit of subsidy to corporate agricultural those are rich, which results in food inflation & suicide commitment by farmers, now many farmers are moving towards urban area so that they can live their life and can fight with hunger which ultimately brings in low productivity in agriculture, today the government is giving aid by providing large subsidy and exemption from loan up to large extent but sill the condition of farmers are deteriorating, they are still committing suicide the only reason behind is that they are not getting the aid due to corruption, so government need to take some corrective and strict action with strict punishment for those who are misusing these grants and creating impediment for the needy farmers, one thing which government should consider that make some arrangement at the level of panchayat to make them literate for farming gear and the efficient use of subsidy.

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ALTAF said: (Apr 6, 2013)  
I think govt subsidies in agriculture sector should not be stopped. Let us suppose govt wants to using some new seeds which would yield much higher but the farmer is still reluctant to use it because he might think it will led him complete loss, so if govt gives him subsidy, then he had a hope if using this new kind of seeds led him loss, govt will provide him subsidies for his losses, then he uses those seeds which might give him profit, then in another year he himself would use them without any fear, in this way new polices get easily implemented.

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Prabhash said: (Apr 3, 2013)  
Subsidies for what? First and foremost we need to educate farmers: what is meaning of getting subsidies, how much these subsidies will help economically, environmentally etc. In nut shell this is a complex problem. 99% of our farmers don't take agriculture as a main occupation that's the major problem, reason is simple they don't know importance and benefit of sustainable agriculture. There are problems at grass root level. I would suggest read and study solution for these problems. We need hundreds of leaders who can work with farmers for better direction and their future for betterment of our country.

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Devvrat said: (Mar 22, 2013)  
Hello I am Devvrat.

Well after going a lot of readings on this topics hers what I think of the topic.

1) As we have discussed earlier about 66% of the India's population is engaged in agriculture and you know how much it contributes to GDP ONLY 8% so this clearly indicates the people in the sector are much capable of PRODUCING MORE and subsides is definitely one of the ways to help in increasing agricultural production.

2) Now we all know we are THE SECOND largest population nation and to feed such a large number we need a large number of hands so as we are adding up an AUSTRALIA per year we also need more people to feed them BUT in contrast, whats happening the condition of farmer gets worse they either suicide or the person who hardly survive don't want to either continue himself or want to put their children in other sector for the high frustration and hardships and disparity they do face. So providing a subsidy would definitely motivate them.

3) Now we know most of us are selfish and you may think I AM NOT A FARMER what effect does the subsidy has on me >>? well subsidy also HELPS THE COMMON MAN as it helps in REGULATING PRICES of good. For EX. As one of my friends said that The price of urea which is presently 5 Rs. Maybe as high as Rs.30 without a subsidy !

4) As a whole it even help our nation to grow and give a better competition to the other countries. This is another advantage of having subsidies in agricultural sector.

Well these are the advantages now I tell you a major disadvantage,

1) When you have subsidies, corruption increases and rich farmers through malpractices takes extra subsidies more than what they deserve kicking the stomach of the poorer and poorest farmers who deserve them.

2) In some cases it may increase the dependency of farmers on the subsidies so in case its reduced or they don't get them it may affect the production very badly !

So here are MY SUGGESTION which I think are VERY APPROPRIATE for the disadvantages,

1) Thorough inspection have to be done before giving the subsidies so that the subsidies goes only to farmer who REALLY DESERVE them.

2) Stricter laws have to be made by the government for the people who are engaged in malpractices regarding subsidies so that they have a lot of fear even making a small bribe activity or any malpractice.

3) Now very IMPORTANT what suggestion I have regarding the dependency I discussed above well one step govt can take is to classify the farmers on the basis of their income, production and whether they really need subsidies. Now govt firstly have to provide EQUAL SUBSIDIES to all the farmers at the beginning now the farmers who gives you a better production in the same class under the same area or the farmer who shows THE BEST PROGRESS OR GROWTH compared to his last production must be AWARDED with a HIGHER subsidies NEXT TIME and this will be continued if he maintains his performance for the next period and if not must be transferred to other one who performs better then him. So as this help in economic prosperity of the farmer and helps in his growth there maybe a time at which they become LESS DEPENDENT on subsidies !and classification and inspection reduce the involvement of farmers who don't deserve subsidies.

4) Farmers must unite and along with the support of common must pressurize the government to design such a system so that middleman are removed who are to large extent responsible for the price hikes so that govt have farmers product on a much lower rate and with profits they earn they can further increase the subsidies for the farmer.

So in fact I would like to say that subsidies are not to be stopped in fact they have to be INCREASED not only for the progress of farmer but for the nation as whole.

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AMIT TOPWAL said: (Mar 3, 2013)  
NO, A nation also known as a agricultural state in world and where 70% of India resides in villages, there are majority of families which rely on agriculture as there primary source of income. We already see farmers committing suicide, leaving agriculture as it does not provide adequate funds for their survival in present world and if we stop subsidies it will cripple them.

We provide 5lakh cr as subsidies to corporate for industrial development but we are incapable of bringing same to farmers. Instead of starting modern green revolution we are thinking of cutting funds in agriculture.

We should first increase base price of all raw materials and further provide adequate information to farmers about seeds, soil and what is beneficial for them.

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Sudhanshu said: (Feb 28, 2013)  
Hi friends. According to me giving subsidies to farmer is very important, but you know subsidies are given for the economical development of farmers. But in India farmer make miss use of those subsidies. The main reason behind the miss use of subsidies is illiteracy. Hence farmers are illiterate they do not know how to use those subsidies for their development. Result of this farmers depends on the person who provides subsidies from the Government and those people takes bribe from the farmers against providing the subsidy. So farmers are unable to get the complete subsidies given by the government By this corruption occur. Subsidy is imp. But government Has to find the right person who really need that and also had to propose the different ideas by which a farmer make himself economically stable. And as the time goes the subsidies has to be reduced one by one.

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Saranya said: (Feb 9, 2013)  
Hi friends, in my opinion agriculture subsidies should not stop because in our country like India we have more than 6 lakhs villages. Their main occupation is agriculture. About 15% is contributed by the agriculture sector. Lot of farmers are suiciding because of the inability to repay the loan. If the subsidy is cut how can this poor people sustain and they can't produce anything. It will affect the whole economy if the food production decreases. Hence we have to depend to other countries for food.

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SMJIT said: (Feb 5, 2013)  
The answer is an obvious NO. We are talking about the people who are literally our saviors. Already they do suffer a lot due to the fact that there are many middle men standing before them, who would take some serious share from their hardly earned profit (just because they are illiterate and don't know how to deal with the main party).

So, now as they have a fare chance to get some help from govt, that should never be stopped.

But, only one concern at this point, govt needs to make sure there should be a proper system to hand over the money to the concerned parties directly.

And one more thing, if the money provided to the farmers become inversely proportional to the amount of land they possess, that can be the most beneficial sight one can aspire for.

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Hrishi said: (Feb 1, 2013)  
Agricultural subsidies should be never stopped in India, because in total farmers of India about 80% of them are small scale land holders (less than 2 acre) and remaining are medium and large. If these are stopped then how do they sustain, how do agricultural production will increase. Now the per capital availability of food in our country is less than half of the available.

Government must support for subsidies for agricultural implements to land enrichment and providing seeds at cheaper rates to all those land holders.

Government should also examine the farmers who really eligible to it. If these conditions mis-result to rich farmer- India will never reach to developed country results rich becomes too rich poor becomes too poor. Please support from your side.

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Chinnuak said: (Jan 30, 2013)  
Hello friends,

India is very well-known country for agricultural products, as a developing country everyone of us should be educated. Farmer children will use the educational benefits provided by government Should they be doing the same thing as their parents do. No, so government Providing subsidies to farmers according to the amount of production they produce to remain the same increase in production.

Hence Govt encourage the farmers to produce more and more production so that they earn more subsidies. They may be quite encouraging.

So, agricultural subsidies should never be stopped.

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Gargi Rao said: (Jan 13, 2013)  
Developed countries are granting enormous subsidies to their agriculture sector. In the USA the lobby of corn growers influenced the Government to continue with the subsidies. Countries like US and other developed nations have a plan to produce more and export more, thereby making the developing countries as dumping grounds for cheap agriculture produce. It has many implications- One the imported food grains will become cheaper in the developing countries, two- farmers in the developing countries, in the absence of farm subsidies, will not be able to compete with the imported food grain prices; three: developing countries suffer from current account deficit and balance of payments due to more imports; four: developed countries can recover the subsidy costs through export taxation, and increasing the foreign currency reserves. Therefore, in countries like India, we should increase farm subsidies from the current levels and make our farm produce more cheaper than in the developed world.

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B.R. Meena said: (Jan 8, 2013)  
Agricultural subsidies should not be stopped but it should be done in an efficient manner so that the needed farmers or poor farmers who are not financially stable can get these facilities and their situation can be improved. Government should have all the details of farmers and on the basis of that list distribution should be done. They should provide subsidies category wise. Improvement in the agricultural sector is one step towards the development of our country.

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Should Agricultural Subsidies be stopped?

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