Should Agricultural Subsidies be stopped?

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Anthony O'Rook said:   1 year ago
Animal agriculture should stop being subsidised.

The fact is that not everyone believes that Animal agriculture is ethical or even necessary in today's world.

I'd give 100% subsidies to crop farmers on top of whatever they're getting already. Without them, we Will all starve. No matter how devoted you are to eating flesh, at some point you're going to eat a plant.

Since everyone is in need of crop farmers and not everyone finds Animal agriculture ethical. The answer should be clear on what to do.

B.Harini said:   1 year ago
In my view, agricultural subsidies are required to some extent, and that too for needy farmers only! Because more and more granting of subsidies may lead to over gain by farmers. And also the absence of subsidies may lead to a decrease in inequity between the rich and poor in case of their purchasing power. Hence government must take proper reforms to allocate subsidies only to needy people and they should ensure that there are no middlemen or intermediaries who may reap some profits from the subsidies. Therefore subsidies can be given in some correct proportion to the farmers.

Hope this answer is helpful!

Sourabh said:   3 years ago
I fairly think, government should give farmers a period of time to waiver their debts, create a action plan and then cut off subsidies on commodities where the farmer will strive to pay for. I am a farmer's son I know its not easy going but there's has to be limitations on direct benefits, why not instead invest that amount for bringing and hiring more minds to create innovative ways, investing in modern farming infrastructure, teaching modern tech to farmers, that are new and able to sustain the farm life.

The basic problems lies underneath, we need to rethink where there's a necessity of money flow and making farmers self sustainable, frankly speaking, most small and marginal farmers completely thrive for subsidies and schemes governments provide. This needs to be looked upon and my opinion would be as bank lend out loan by checking credit score, governments should keep a tab on performing small & marginal farmers and reach out hands not necessarily to those in need entirely but farmers who can use that to better themselves enough that they say no thanks to subsidies in few years. The whole idea should be looked upon considering modern plans.

Akhi said:   3 years ago
Good afternoon,

In my point of view, subsidies to the farmers is most important for their products and also increase in productivity and GDP of the country. But the main reason of the subsidy scheme is getting low income and low MSP to the farmers. Because farmers are using old method of operations and machines. So the government had to think to give awareness on new techniques on farming systems and patterns and irrigation facilities then farmers will get high profits and increase the GDP level. Subsidy will give them in difficult situations like cyclones. For get recover from damage to the crops.

Sunil j malagimani said:   3 years ago
I would like to say my view that agricultural subsidies should not be stopped but they should be provided with certain plan and structure that it should get reach out to the small farmers. Because what is happening is with these subsidies rich farmers getting richer and poor ones more poorer. Instead of providing subsidies government should think of giving some infrastructure regarding agriculture to the farmers like irrigation equipments and other farm machineries. It should looked up that the facility given to the farmers should be reaching at the end user. Instead govt can also think of providing better market facilities for their produce. Since farmers can't earn income throughout the year, for their livelihood government Should give subsidies.

ASHISH RANJAN said:   4 years ago
I agree India is an agriculture-based country and most of the farmers are either small and marginal but from my point of view providing subsidies on every product is not the permanent solution. Friends our government is providing subsidies since independence but what is the result. Nothing. The situation is the same as earlier. Also, it is giving the wrong messages to persons who are involved in other sectors other than agriculture and also it is creating an extra burden on our GDP. So in spite of providing subsidies if the government ll focus on proper planning and management, proper crop insurance schemes, proper facilities for a loan to each and every farmer it would be more better.

Naveena D said:   5 years ago
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, Most of the Indian peoples were involve the agriculture. Because India is agriculture based country. It only focus to develop the agriculture. And also farmers are only hope about the agriculture subsidies. Because they are ready to involve the agriculture even young generation peoples also. It is helpful for making agriculture. So it should not be stopped the subsidies for agriculture. This is used to help their livelihood for so many peoples.

Thank You.

Satish Kumar 110217 said:   5 years ago
Good evening friends, in my point of view agricultural subsidy should not be stopped. It is a initial help of our farmer. Our 75 % population live in village. This population directly or indirectly depends on farming. Indian farmer are very poor, it is due to the oldest way of farming, low selling price, less government support, lack of education. Indian farmer are the backbone of our GDP. If we stop the agricultural subsidy, then during bad time (cyclone, flood, drought) our farmer helpless. The are force to change their profession and they are searching different occupation. It is due to they doesn't got the actual price of his crop or any other necessary help from government They are spending more money and time in his crop and got less price in compression to expenditure and labouring incurred on his crop. Our former are doing very hard work in his field and faced the lots of problem like cyclone, drought, flood, landslide, these all directly affect the farmer. Due to these natural climate farmer all crop is damaged and he got stressed and taking wrong decision like suicide. To overcome this problem subsidy should be necessary to farmer. Indian government need to improve the oldest way of farming and spread the awareness in the farmer about modern agriculture. Govt also need to improve the system and monitor that subsidy actually go to right hand, maximum people those are not a farmer also got the subsidy, system need to scrutiny these cliprt and stop the subsidy and give him actually that person those who are actually liable for this. Govt also take a decision on swaminathan committee and his good policy should be applied and need to be discussed in Parliament session and should be applied as soon as possible. Because every field of society need to reversion. Like pay commission in all sector. Indian farmer also need pay commission, they are also the part of nation.

Mukund said:   5 years ago
In my opinion, the agricultural subsidies shouldn't be stopped. Because as we know around 75% of people in our country are directly and indirectly dependant upon agriculture and we also know howthe most of the farmers in our country live in miserable conditions. Getting two times of food is very difficult for them. Then how can we want them to work in field in difficult situations and produce food for us if they have don't money to invest. Atlest. The government Should help them by giving them subsidies.

Sha bby said:   5 years ago
Farmers must unite and along with the support of common must pressurize the government to design such a system so that middleman are removed who are to large extent responsible for the price hikes so that govt have farmers product on a much lower rate and with profits they earn they can further increase the subsidies for the farmer.

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