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Sebastian said:   4 months ago
CC TV Cameras are sometimes used by people to know about their neighbour's private life by installing secretly in such places focusing on neighbour premises. This is certainly an unauthorized encroachment on someone's privacy.

You have every right to get it removed is a violation of his basic right. I accept your right to be secure but not at cost of my privacy.

Beenu jadon said:   4 months ago
Hi friends jay hind.

I'm Beenu Jadon.

Security cameras are necessary for some places like a bank ' ATM railway stations, and main bus stands in defence for safety and security.

It helps in catching thieves. It also creates fear in people to do wrong things.

Sripadh said:   3 years ago
According to my opinion Security cameras are a must for each and every locality but nowadays people are not taking interest in maintaining these surveillance cameras because of this poor maintenance it is becoming a great path for crimes and because of our negligence, it became a great strength for hackers.

So finally surveillance cameras and privacy are a probability.

AASTHA KATIYAR said:   5 years ago
Hello, everyone, I agree with all of you, as the camera is very good for security purposes, but it should not disturb someone's privacy. Like having it in public places as in banks, around ATM's, around parking spaces, near jeweller's shop where the possibility of stealing are more. Even on the traffic signals, on the road where chances of criminal activities are more, we should also put the camera there for security purposes. It also helps police, crime branches to investigate further for a case as it captures and records everything.

As every coin has two sides. We can not ignore its disadvantages also. Like having a camera in the hotel's room, trials room affects someone's personal space. Some people also record someone's private videos and captures picture also and blackmail them it. So we should keep above points in mind as should use camera and security beneficially.

So I conclude my answer by, "security is very much important, but should not disturb person's personal space".

Mounika rayaprolu said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone. I think the topic is quite sensitive and debate. Privacy is a major concern in everyone's life. Every person has their own curtain of personal things which is hidden from everyone. On the other hand, security is also a key factor that everyone wants. Balancing these two is a little difficult. Coming to our topic a question raises. Are only the security cameras provide security. There are many cases where a flaw has happened in the presence of cameras. So keeping the security cameras don't provide security. Living in a secured fashion and letting others to live in a secured way is one's own responsibility. Focusing on private security cameras if kept in places such as traffic signals, malls, theatres everywhere in the public where the privacy of people not get disturbed is not a bad trail. For instance, in a shopping complex if you keep the camera in trail room it disturbs the privacy of the customer. Doing good is not bad. But doing it in the right way fulfils it purpose.

Tejas Bache said:   5 years ago
Hi, I am Tejas. Talking about this topic. First I would like to tell you that I have read all the opinion and views of different people given as follows. The most common thing was that everyone speak was quite same. That was every coin has two sides. I too believe, sometimes positive approach or negative approach comes on to result. So, here the question arises which is favourable for us. Sometimes privacy is a must. I think cameras must be in public places. Because there is no need of privacy. Now again the question of privacy arises. So we can identify the water kept in front of us is cold or hot but not by seeing but by touching it. So we must examine at the private place is there any camera or something else. Like in hotels, toilets etc. You can search for some examination tips on net.

Pritha Parida said:   6 years ago
According to me, a security camera is useful in some certain places likewise in some of the public sectors but not in private sectors like IT sectors, restaurants, etc. , nowadays we are seeing there are many places where security cameras are been placed in lifts or elevators which is totally wrong. I mean what offense a person can commit in an elevator? hardly an elevator gets stuck for 5 to 10secs in each floor.

Avez A.S said:   6 years ago
Hi friends my opinion is security cameras are helpful for everyone because nowadays chain thief girls harassment cases are more once all should be have know security cameras are held and anyone can't do anything peoples are go in their way.

Jayesh garg said:   6 years ago
Hello friends, in my opinion, security cameras are essential for some places like a bank, atm, traffic control, railway station, main bus stand in defence, for safety & security purposes. It helps in catching the thief, corrupted people and stop many illegal activities. It also creates a fear in people to do wrong things. When we talk about our defence forces and our space centre like ISRO, then the privacy of them should be very strong so that no one can hack our important data. And it is improved by ethical hacking.

On other side, if I talk about disadvantages of it, then it can be used for wrong purposes too.

Like many bad people use it in changing room, toilets, hotel rooms etc. Some people use it for blackmailing by record our private activities. So to prevent this government should take an appropriate step and make a rule that only authorized person can buy it.

One more point I want to add that, instead of installing security camera every place like shop, school, college. We should install some good habits as well as well discipline in ourselves. So that we can save money of security cameras.

Lav said:   6 years ago
Yes, I think that security cameras are a must as they secure us as well as protect us and moreover it prevents injustice from taking place.

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