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Sripadh said: (Mar 19, 2020)  
According to my opinion Security cameras are a must for each and every locality but nowadays people are not taking interest in maintaining these surveillance cameras because of this poor maintenance it is becoming a great path for crimes and because of our negligence, it became a great strength for hackers.

So finally surveillance cameras and privacy are a probability.

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AASTHA KATIYAR said: (Jul 2, 2018)  
Hello, everyone, I agree with all of you, as the camera is very good for security purposes, but it should not disturb someone's privacy. Like having it in public places as in banks, around ATM's, around parking spaces, near jeweller's shop where the possibility of stealing are more. Even on the traffic signals, on the road where chances of criminal activities are more, we should also put the camera there for security purposes. It also helps police, crime branches to investigate further for a case as it captures and records everything.

As every coin has two sides. We can not ignore its disadvantages also. Like having a camera in the hotel's room, trials room affects someone's personal space. Some people also record someone's private videos and captures picture also and blackmail them it. So we should keep above points in mind as should use camera and security beneficially.

So I conclude my answer by, "security is very much important, but should not disturb person's personal space".

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Mounika Rayaprolu said: (Feb 24, 2018)  
Hello everyone. I think the topic is quite sensitive and debate. Privacy is a major concern in everyone's life. Every person has their own curtain of personal things which is hidden from everyone. On the other hand, security is also a key factor that everyone wants. Balancing these two is a little difficult. Coming to our topic a question raises. Are only the security cameras provide security. There are many cases where a flaw has happened in the presence of cameras. So keeping the security cameras don't provide security. Living in a secured fashion and letting others to live in a secured way is one's own responsibility. Focusing on private security cameras if kept in places such as traffic signals, malls, theatres everywhere in the public where the privacy of people not get disturbed is not a bad trail. For instance, in a shopping complex if you keep the camera in trail room it disturbs the privacy of the customer. Doing good is not bad. But doing it in the right way fulfils it purpose.

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Tejas Bache said: (Jan 8, 2018)  
Hi, I am Tejas. Talking about this topic. First I would like to tell you that I have read all the opinion and views of different people given as follows. The most common thing was that everyone speak was quite same. That was every coin has two sides. I too believe, sometimes positive approach or negative approach comes on to result. So, here the question arises which is favourable for us. Sometimes privacy is a must. I think cameras must be in public places. Because there is no need of privacy. Now again the question of privacy arises. So we can identify the water kept in front of us is cold or hot but not by seeing but by touching it. So we must examine at the private place is there any camera or something else. Like in hotels, toilets etc. You can search for some examination tips on net.

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Pritha Parida said: (Nov 21, 2017)  
According to me, a security camera is useful in some certain places likewise in some of the public sectors but not in private sectors like IT sectors, restaurants, etc. , nowadays we are seeing there are many places where security cameras are been placed in lifts or elevators which is totally wrong. I mean what offense a person can commit in an elevator? hardly an elevator gets stuck for 5 to 10secs in each floor.

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Avez A.S said: (Nov 6, 2017)  
Hi friends my opinion is security cameras are helpful for everyone because nowadays chain thief girls harassment cases are more once all should be have know security cameras are held and anyone can't do anything peoples are go in their way.

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Jayesh Garg said: (Aug 10, 2017)  
Hello friends, in my opinion, security cameras are essential for some places like a bank, atm, traffic control, railway station, main bus stand in defence, for safety & security purposes. It helps in catching the thief, corrupted people and stop many illegal activities. It also creates a fear in people to do wrong things. When we talk about our defence forces and our space centre like ISRO, then the privacy of them should be very strong so that no one can hack our important data. And it is improved by ethical hacking.

On other side, if I talk about disadvantages of it, then it can be used for wrong purposes too.

Like many bad people use it in changing room, toilets, hotel rooms etc. Some people use it for blackmailing by record our private activities. So to prevent this government should take an appropriate step and make a rule that only authorized person can buy it.

One more point I want to add that, instead of installing security camera every place like shop, school, college. We should install some good habits as well as well discipline in ourselves. So that we can save money of security cameras.

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Lav said: (Jul 7, 2017)  
Yes, I think that security cameras are a must as they secure us as well as protect us and moreover it prevents injustice from taking place.

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Lav said: (Jul 7, 2017)  
I feel that security cameras are indeed an invasion in our privacy, nowadays they are being installed everywhere from public places to offices and schools thus resulting negatively also the constant feeling of being watched by someone is not very comforting and makes one nervous and force them to change their habits as well as prohibits them to work in a free environment without any kind of tension or nervousness. Also, the basic reason of installation of such cameras that is security is not being fulfilled as there are so many ways to manipulate it and escape coming in front of it. The Biggest example of it is killing of Osama bin Laaden by us forces as do any of you think there would have been no security cameras at the place where such a big terrorist was living still the forces escaped them!

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Aditi said: (Mar 31, 2017)  
Hi friends, this is Aditi, I'm also in the favor of there should be cameras in the workplaces, in the common places, and also on the streets for the security purpose, not only for women but for every human being.

Nowadays, many criminal activities are happening around us. Recently we heard that a lady employee got killed by someone in Infosys. So, if cameras are situated in workplaces or in public places, then we could keep watch on that, and criminal activities may be controlled.

There are some TV shows like crime diary, crime petrol which also aware us, and shows us that many criminal activities caught by cameras.

So in my point of view, there should be cameras in work places.

Thank you!

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Vaishali said: (Mar 30, 2017)  
Security cameras has to be set up in all workplaces and colleges because it ensures safety. In my point of view, I consider that it gives much security. Since women safety is much highlighted now-a-days security cameras help in promoting that. It avoids immoral behaviour of a person. Unethical activities in workplaces can also be reduced by placing securing cameras.

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Shiv said: (Nov 28, 2016)  
Nowadays we can see security cameras at every place like banks, ATM, shops and I think they are very important for security,

A Shop owner can keep eye on his whole shop just by sitting at one place. Security cameras also help in an investigation of crimes and many times it has helped to catch the criminals.

And I don't think this raises any question of privacy because all the security cameras are present in public places, so this does not invade anyone's privacy.

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Arun Prajapati said: (Nov 24, 2016)  
Hello friends, I'm agreed with your opinion.

But in my point of view, every coin has two sides. Nowadays security camera does a great job. It helps police to find criminals and thief. Security cameras are mainly placed at ATM center, mall, public sector and many places.

There are many people, they are illegally using security camera in mall in the changing room, in mirror. This is the biggest disadvantage of security camera. So that to avoid this types of thing government should make rule that only authorized people will get security camera.

Thank you.

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Soumyadeep Mahanta said: (Oct 25, 2016)  
Hello, everyone.

Well. If the topic is about security cameras. Am totally against it cuz sometimes near the cameras something embarrassing may happen and honestly it's going to get recorded which you won't want to happen. And I'm not saying that it's not good but think of the situations and maybe you can see some embarrassing s. Camera videos to get the idea.

Thank you.

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Ajay Pal Singh said: (Oct 17, 2016)  
Hello, guys.

According to my apprehension, Security cameras are good for us because with the help of recorded videos we can catch the crime scene, corruption, and the terrorist activities.

The security cameras are also used in many big shops, ATMs to prevent the chance of thieves.

By this way, we can reach the crime easily.

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Saroj said: (Oct 12, 2016)  
Hello Friends,

According to me, security cameras play an important role nowadays for the purpose of security. It helps to find any crime occurred in any field. Security cameras are very important in ATM, Banks, mall, shops, jewelry shop, police station, government office, also in our private office, our own shops, etc. Security cameras are the best way to identify an identity in case of crime.

Security cameras affect our privacy in case of, due to a person who wants miss use otherwise it always helps to find about any crime.

So advantages and disadvantages of any type of technology depend on our way of use and our thinking.


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Jyothi said: (Sep 27, 2016)  
According to me, as we known everything has advantages and disadvantages before going to any opinion, we should be seen both views.

- Security cameras are more use full in shopping malls, ATM center.

- It affects the Privacy of human.

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Rama said: (Sep 27, 2016)  
In my point of view, every coin have two sides such a manner this security camera also have advantages and disadvantages.


Use full to decrease crime rate, shopping malls and ATM's.


Privacy is affected by using them.

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Manjula said: (Sep 26, 2016)  
In my point of view, security cameras are acting very important role in our society because more use full for security purpose. Very use full in decreasing crime rate. But some peoples are using illegally to get unauthorised activities.

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Manjunath P said: (Sep 9, 2016)  
Hi friends,

Security cameras are helpful to be safer side we can prove proper security for our home, shops, banks, control of traffic, and etc. But nowadays the security cameras are misusing for the blackmailing purpose, using of that so many bad things are happening like robberies, rape cases. And also increasing software hacking. I would like to say the things in a proper manner & serve to the nation.

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Mr. Subodh said: (Aug 31, 2016)  
Yes, we need the cameras for security purpose, but only for the security purpose not for a blackmailing.

It is useful but in the 21th century there are lots of ways and people need only money they do what they want and earn money by the bad way.

So peoples have to change their mind, not need of cameras.

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Sabareesh said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
Yes I agree with all peoples security,

In my opinion, cameras are safe for us but some of the peoples are utilise for wrong purposes regarding to blackmailes.

More number of peoples are suffering about this cameras action.

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Chinni said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
In my point of view, security cameras make us to feel nervous when we know that someone is watching you. But, in some situations these may help them to not to commit any wrong decisions like gold shops, ATM, Bank's etc. So, security cameras should be kept at required places.

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Vipin Tiwari said: (Aug 18, 2016)  
Yes, friend our topic is security camera and privacy, because of this we can safe, we can't let that happened evil thing. We can be identified stranger person who did crime or terror by this. It is also playing a good role nowadays, due to this everyone safe and secure. I think these is very useful for our society to safe and secure.

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Amu said: (Aug 16, 2016)  
The security camera is the good method to detect the theft but it took some time to identify the thief. So I prefer burglar alarm to install at home that giving the quick notification about the theft.

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Parth. said: (Aug 5, 2016)  
In my point of view, Many murders and thefts have been identified only with the help of security cameras. Its a boon to police man, as it has contributed in reducing number of crimes. But like all others have mentioned, cyber crime is on increase, but there are ways in which one can check presence of camera. Its upto us to take care of our privacy and support the security cameras, help to reduce crimes in the city.

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Ishwari said: (Jul 21, 2016)  
From my point of view, the camera is good for security purpose at some place but as we know there is two side of everything. So there is also some drawback of having a camera is some sensitive place like a bank, Dress changing room in the mall or like any other place.

In world level, the cyber crime is increasing because of some bad guys, who are all leaking some information, and data on the internet for some personal reason or to make money.

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Ruba.TR said: (Jul 5, 2016)  
Hai friends.

In my point of view, Security Cam is essential in present days. It's very used in ATM center, railway station, mall and etc.

Then, it is the best solution for avoiding crime. But, if affect the privacy of human.

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Anto Varghese said: (Jun 29, 2016)  
Security cams are helpful. Because it reduces crime rate. And helpful for catch criminals. But it has some this advantages, it violates privacy rate. And also the effectiveness of public security cam is doubted. So. ?

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Paranjay said: (Jun 28, 2016)  
According to me, security cameras should be used for the purpose of security which is not happening at present. People use these cameras as a medium for convicting crimes. Also, the government should make some rules and regulations regarding the use Security cameras.

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Diksha said: (Jun 23, 2016)  
Security is needed in our day to day life, but it is also kept in mind that the privacy of the personal life is not interrupted by the system.

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Anurag said: (May 22, 2016)  
ABOUT MY VIEW, we are going to future, we depend on the hi-tech world this is proof by an example, now thief become intelligent by using hi-tech equipment for doing their works very softly, so we all become hi-tech by using security cameras. As you know that policies want only proof i.e., we should use security cameras in shops, malls, offices etc.

The most important benefit is that it's very less cost and everyone can afford security cameras in their confidential areas.

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Landon said: (Apr 18, 2016)  
Security cameras are an invasion of privacy but I do agree crime is getting higher day by day but these cameras should be in very public places only not dressing rooms.

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Zahoor Ahmed said: (Jan 6, 2016)  
Security cameras are invasion of privacy. Feeling someone watching you is not really a good feeling. Security cameras are placed even in bathrooms and dressing rooms. You know that with security cameras someone is still watching you, making you feel and not able to show your true self often. This can change your everyday life and sometimes it can make you feel nervous. I therefore say that "SECURITY CAMERAS ARE INVASION OF PRIVACY".

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Rahul Pingat said: (Jan 5, 2016)  
I personally believe that security cameras are good enough. Everyone security & privacy. Security camera is not prevent the crime on the spot. Security camera is need in every junction malls, public place, station, ATM's etc.

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Dhanu said: (Oct 31, 2015)  
I totally agree that security cameras are useful in many ways, for example for police man, in malls, in ATM's, etc. But also they are harmful if people use it in a wrong way.

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Daisy said: (Sep 28, 2015)  
From my point of view instead of investing money in such things we can spend the money in some useful things. The crime rate has been increased even after installing such cameras. So its our own responsibility to lead our life and not through the others eyes and moreover I can't be myself in the presence of such cameras and really affects our privacy.

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Sahithi said: (May 5, 2015)  
In my point of view security cameras are very important that we can find your requirements that had lost form us, and very important for police mans, malls, bus stands, railway stations. But some persons are using security cameras for illegal works. But keeping eye-watch every where especially in some privacy places is not reasonable.

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SANTOSH KUMAR said: (Apr 12, 2015)  
Every coins have two sides. Alfred Nobel would never have thought that how much devastation can be bring by his invention. Dynamite were invented for construction but what we did.

In the case of 21st century's technology same thing is going on. How we are using them you can see around you.

- Well if we talk about the security cameras no question it will be helpful in every aspects in mall, in ATM, administrative places, the area which is more vulnerable, traffics etc. It gathers vital information.

- The second thing it improve the efficiency of work by surveillance. Like in private or public offices.

Now I want to talk about the negative consequences.

The first things privacy. Recently in an incidence that happened somewhere in Goa in a mall with our human resource minister Smriti Irani, she found a hidden camera in changing room. It souls be taken care.

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Sumaiya Fathima said: (Jan 2, 2015)  
Hello friends, I am Sumi.

In my point of view, Security Camera is well and good thing in our society but some people use this as wrong manner like hidden cameras in trial room hanger, mirror etc. , and hotel rooms. So people also have a awareness to this. To overcome this issue people who should use the cameras they need a authority from the government.

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P@1 said: (Nov 11, 2014)  
In my point of view Nowadays Security cameras are doing great job. Because of the Security camera Polices are able to find the criminals, thieves etc.

-> Security Camera are need in every Junctions, Malls, Bus Stops etc. Then crime can be controlled.

-> But Some persons are using Security cameras for illegal works, so these security cameras should not available for all.

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Pragadeesh said: (Sep 28, 2014)  
Hello friends My name is Pragadeesh.

I would like to share a fact that security cameras are useful to policemen's and other social people in finding their requirements. I encourage privacy should be there not only in mall's and other places but for people safety security camera's should be there.

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S .T.Kavin said: (Sep 2, 2014)  
According to my point of view all technology contain one good thing and one bad thing we use the technology in good way it make good otherwise it get into wrong way so kindly use these technology in a proper way so using the security camera in proper way we obtain more advantage.

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Vijayalakshmi said: (Aug 21, 2014)  
Security camera is important in Public places like mall, ATM, railway station, bus stands. But not need in colleges & schools.

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Punter said: (Aug 11, 2014)  
Hello friends. Now a days security cameras are solving most of the police cases. They are playing a vital role in some cases. And in some cases they are useless just because of their low quality. Just put good quality camera else no use.

And one more thing is that we have to change the position of the cameras because for example in ATM everybody knows where the cameras are placed and a thief's can easily hide their faces. Put the cameras in some new places where no one knows.

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Vzay said: (Jun 4, 2014)  
According to my point of view security cameras plays a vital role in crime investigations like robbery and kidnapping cases. Especially now a days woman harassment and kidnapping cases are rising day by day it can be controlled by increasing number of security cameras at public places where more people will gather.

But apart from this security cameras are used by some rogues for illegal activities and they do manner less things like they kept cameras in trial rooms and washrooms (especially in women) so everyone should be aware about this and keep yourself safe.

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Harry said: (Jan 8, 2014)  
Hai friends!

This is my first post in 2014! I read all my friends opinions! Nowadays Security system is compulsory in day to life. People moving every where in the world at any time.

Especially security cameras plays a remarkable thing in ATM center. Even though there is lot of security systems, cameras, alarms are set in The ATM center, the incidents (robbery) are continuously happening in our country. So there is no use of setting security cameras in ATM.

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Ravinder Nayak Iiitbasar said: (Oct 24, 2013)  
Hello everybody,

As per my opinion security cameras are playing a vital role for the purpose of security. There are many advantages and a few disadvantages are there by the security cameras.

Advantages are : 1) We can identify the unauthorised activities which take place in public places.

2) Many places like banks, hospitals, bus stands, traffic places are becoming safe with security cameras.

Disadvantages: Some people using security cameras are used illegally to get unauthorised activities.

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Sri Krishna said: (Aug 20, 2013)  
Hello every one,

Security cameras may not prevent the crime on the spot, but they can help the police to identify the criminals. Sometimes it can be a strong evidence like in the cases of kidnaps. It is also useful in organizations so that employees are aware of they are being watched so that they can work without wasting more time in break times. THis makes more discipline. But these must be done without knowing to the people. Then it can work efficiently otherwise the suspects or criminals want make fun or make fools.

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M@ll! said: (Dec 12, 2012)  
Hi friends, in my opinion security camera's are required for any organizations, schools and colleges. Because of that, with these camera's we can to controlled the unauthorized activities happened in organizations. And we can also protects ourselves from the anti-social things.

Thank you.

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Anamika said: (Aug 28, 2012)  
I personally believe that security camera's are good enough. Frequently we watch news about robbery, theft, boned and all, having a security camera over such places as banks, ATM's help our police and other defense forces to trap or monitor over these kind of people doing malicious act. But contrary to this it is also that sometimes security camera's are used in a wrongly manner as in malls people do cheap kind of things putting camera in changing room and all. This kind of behavior should not exist. Thank you!

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Satish Kumar said: (Jun 23, 2012)  
Security cameras plays a keen role in our daily life, But in some hospitals, they are used in wrong manner. These cameras are kept in patients room and are recorded live. In x-ray rooms, In cytology rooms, where patients are some times kept naked are been watched by every one, other than doctors, these cameras are very harmful in our daily life. Without knowing we are watched naked by every one, try to avoid cameras in hospitals. I write these things because I myself am victim on such act by one hospital in Hyderabad. No one knows and no one takes responsible of such incident, till it happens to self.

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Khan said: (May 20, 2012)  
Security cameras are mandatory in public places. Country germs like terrorists, thief etc. Could be caught easily by this. But security cameras shouldn't be a thing or an article like pen cam, in the hands of public. Otherwise they create humors to the normal people. All that I would like to say is security cameras should be the weapon like sword to the media and public.

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Jyoti said: (May 4, 2012)  
According to my views security cameras are necessary in every places to avoid corruption and crimes. It helps police force and other detective forces to find thief and criminals. Security cameras will be necessary to avoid criminal activities.

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Sup said: (Apr 26, 2012)  
Privacy is not at all affected by security cameras.
Basically security cameras help us to seek information about whereabouts.
It should placed in malls, market, public places. A security camera does not only help in these places but also help working parents to know present state of their children sitting at home alone.

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Divya Jain said: (Apr 23, 2012)  
No privacy is not affected by cameras. But there is a need of public camera in public place like malls, temples etc. In India terrorism increases day by day to stop this we need tight security.

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Uma said: (Mar 26, 2012)  
I agree with the people those who are favour to security camera is needed in public places.

I just wanna arise a question who says security camera affects the privacy. Where the security cameras are available?security cameras are available only in public places. So whats the need of doing private activities in public places.

No one would watch yu through this security camera untill yu behave differently or wrongly. Because the place which has security camera would definetly occupied by many people. Monitoring people will not focus only one person untill he/she behave wrongly.

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Lovey said: (Jan 28, 2012)  
Every thing has 2 aspects :positive and negative both.

Having security cameras in public places can be an advantage to decrease the robbery and increase the security at public places. It an make the people working more attentive and active because they know that they are being captured in a camera.

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Kgees said: (Oct 10, 2011)  
I think security very necessary at present time. Because increasing crime and terrarium along with our technology developed more. Then anyone can collect secret data from office then the camera giving solid evidence that why security camera is eyewitness.

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Ramya G said: (Sep 25, 2011)  
Everyone needs privacy. Its a matter of oneself. In the recent past to control the robbery and some related misdeeds the advanced technology is made use. In every invention there will be disadvantages too. Either the effect will be direct or indirect. But some times it doesn't matters as to protect ourselves. Mostly in jewellery, mall and banks by diverting the mind thief's will encounter robbery. In such situations, If there security cameras are installed it will be more useful. Meanwhile people use these security hidden cameras for some other purposes like keeping in dressing room,bath room or in bed room which will really makes the people to feel bad. Hence security cameras should be used in proper way and it should not affect once character.

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Vikky said: (Jul 18, 2011)  
Yep.. In my view, Security cameras are not much secure & it wont prevent any criminal activities.. Its work is just viewing live action.. To manage that sone officers will be appointed and all the officers are not much sincere.. So i think security cameras are not much security.. Better appointing some higher official in important areas to prevent/avoid criminal activities.. :)

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Annu Baranwal said: (May 8, 2011)  
Security cameras are becoming a must for present scenario as, if the employees working in an office, bank etc. Come to know about any lacuna in disciplinary measures they start paying less attention on their work so for this security cameras are a must to make them attentive in there work and also for those which demand tight security and is very sensitive then use of camera is the best thing. But if talk about private places etc where it is killing the privacy of people it becomes a disaster to feel free and to do ones work properly. So it is very important to understand the need of a camera in different places differently.

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Munikumar said: (May 8, 2011)  
According my view security cameras are necessary. Security cameras are also some good and bad benefits are there. Any technology peoples are not using correct way. The security cameras are also some peoples are using wrong way. Every technologies should be used in correct way.

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Muthu said: (Mar 16, 2011)  
According to my view, security cameras are not needed. Because it causes irritation when we know that somebody is watching us. So we cannot concentrate on our work fully. It makes us feel, that they don't trust us. So we cannot involve ourselves in what we are doing.

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Lakshmangollapalli said: (Mar 7, 2011)  
Security is impartant in every where now a days so secret cameras are using widely, but in all cases it is not more impartant.

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Nivetha said: (Feb 27, 2011)  
In my point of view, security camera's are very useful for finding the thefts especially in many shops.But keeping the camera in the office or work place it makes people feel that they have no privacy.

Also just keeping the camera is not use,it should maintain a good database and the camera used should be with high quality then only we can see the face of culprits clearly

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BARUN KUMAR SINGH said: (Feb 27, 2011)  
In the fight against crime, police forces and governments are increasingly using security cameras in public places. Some people are opposed to this, saying that it invades our privacy.

Security cameras have become ubiquitous in many countries. Whereas before they appeared only in banks and at high-security areas, they are now entering public places such as malls, streets, stadiums and transport. Many people feel this affects their privacy. This essay will examine whether the advantages of these cameras outweigh their negative impact.

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Neha said: (Feb 24, 2011)  
I think security camras are must be used in the area where it realy needs. It helps us to catch the theves and corrupted people. But as people do corruption they can also mess or change the original picture or video in the camera. It should be used personaly as in the jewellary shop, malls, big bazzar etc. One more thing security camera must be used in the government office, it will helps much to reduce correption.

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Sukiii said: (Feb 23, 2011)  
According to my point of view, it would not help to avoid any bomb blasting or any terrorist attacks. It does not help to prevent disasters. Then why should we? Especially in offices, this is not necessary. Women's privacy will get affect than guys.

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Ombir Singh said: (Feb 21, 2011)  
Yes, I do agree with above statment that camera's are something which is usefull till the time it does'nt effect our privacy.

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Divya said: (Feb 19, 2011)  
Hi friends. I agree my friends view that based on the place security cameras should be used. But sometimes these cameras are very helpful for finding the fact about any incident as the cases of robbery are increasing highly. But in some of the places cameras are being misused. A few days ago many cases were found in which hidden cameras were used in changing room in some of the shops. So such people should be punished. Otherwise in public places security cameras are helpful and sometimes necessary also.

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Achu said: (Feb 10, 2011)  
It is sure that security cameras broken our privacy. But we think about the present situations, we can understand the need of security camera. There is a great chance to the presence of a terrorists in railway station, airport etc. By using security camera we can prevent such security problems. Our nations safe was more important than that of our privacy. In other places such as shops, it is very useful to find criminals. So in my opinion security cameras are more useful.

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Naga Prasanna said: (Feb 7, 2011)  
Yes. Security Camera plays a vital role. These Cameras are capturing what's going on, at that particular location. If we are using these Cameras, there is no chance to do more mistakes. We use Cameras also, some places happen mistakes. That's not small mistakes, i.e., murders.
If we use Camera, we easily find out where is the corruption happening? where is the murders happening and so many things we know easily and punish that person also. That's help to remaining criminals also want to do like that, but they have the fear to do like that...

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Raj said: (Feb 7, 2011)  
Security camera is critical for keeping an eye on unethical and terrorist activity.

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Radhakrishnan said: (Jan 16, 2011)  
According to my point of view, security cameras are one of the best solution to protect terrerism and in a shop or factories, it is very useful for avoiding theft. In india there are few companies and offices have been using this system, It can be apply in all the offices and the companies.

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Meerugu Ranjit said: (Jan 13, 2011)  
security cameras are a must in public keep a eye on every one this formula works in real when people are watched response well they are well discipline they coperate well the chances of negilence is less when implemented strictly well works wonder there are incendence when crimnical are caught in act caught trailed punished helped the law to decide it in a proper way, the incident in 26/11 where kasab was caught in the act shocked the world, about the privacy when they behave well in public they are not worried about privacy.

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Pravin said: (Dec 20, 2010)  
Security camera's are the best solution for avoiding any crisis or crime before it takes place, we have to be advanced and stick to high technologies to be secure or otherwise these security camera's are of no use. Security camera's should be hidden and it should be kept secret in area's where it is very important. We have a look at the countries which follow a system in developing security of their country, they have security camera's at each and every corner and they been directly seen by the officers to avoid crime. The reason why it is not applied in INDIA is because of the fear by politicians of being caught.

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Happy said: (Aug 25, 2010)  
Security cameras are very helpful. Sitting at a one place you can see what is going on in place where you are using it. Because of these banks ATM and other things are safe, if they get damaged you can see who has done it. There use be must at petrol pumps and other places where security people can't stay for full day and night.

Because of these your privacy do not remains your privacy. Sometimes they can be present at a place you can't think. They can be in hotel rooms, paying guest rooms and in malls trails rooms for recording your activities and for making them publicly.

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Gowthami said: (Aug 2, 2010)  
According to my view, security cameras are not needed. Because it causes irritation when we know that somebody is watching us. So we cannot concentrate on our work fully. It makes us feel,that they dont trust us... so we cannot involve ourselves in what we are doing....

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Karen D'souza said: (Jul 29, 2010)  
Only if the cameras are under proper surveillance, will they be useful.. there should be someone to constantly monitor things live. It may sound silly because may be crimes don't happen everyday but no one alerts us before one happens so monitoring it all the time is essential..

If such monitoring takes place then security cameras serve the purpose, else it is just a so called means of security.. it does invade privacy and also doesn't serve the purpose if not kept under constant surveillance..

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Komal said: (Jul 28, 2010)  
Yes security is good but it's only there where its necessary. We can see today's time people used cameras in bad ways they used there where is not useful like in hotels. Some privacy is necesary but becoz of this its cause only problems.

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Sreelakshmy said: (Jul 28, 2010)  
I feel security cameras should be placed in appropriate places like crowded malls, busy streets, and terrorist prompt places. but the cameras should surveillance with proper security.. moreover as terrorist attacks is increasing day by day the importance of such cameras is coming to picture. By keeping such cameras our privacy is not at all getting affected. Its all for our own security..

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Sudarshan said: (Jul 27, 2010)  
Nowadays every where we are seeing activities like stealing, robbing etc, so i think more or less security cameras will be definitely helpful. Even the existence of such cameras will make a thief mentally week and may do mistake, eventually will be caught.

But what i feel is cameras should be used in places where that are necessary, but in places like trial rooms will ultimately cause severe problems than to solve problems,and in the places like office it's not required, because people cant give 100% when they are under observation.

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Naresh said: (Jul 27, 2010)  
Securiy cameras are useful in public places like railway stations, bus stations, ..etc. But they are not useful for immediate action, they are used after any crime happens for investigation purpose. But keeping eyewatch every where especially in some privacy places is not reasonable.

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Jaya said: (Jul 26, 2010)  
I think so it is waste in most of the cases. It just affects the privacy of the people rather than that security cameras are not doing much....

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Swapnil said: (Jul 26, 2010)  
Security cameras are good but they has to be viewed each and every minute of the day.If somebody does a crime we come to know after crime and most of the times we cant recognize face of the person and we are unable to get the person. Thus even security cameras are there one can do anything taking precaution to hide the face in proper way..

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Divya said: (Jul 26, 2010)  
In my point of view Security Cameras must be available only in the place where it is needed... Hope you know the myriad of activities that go on in a large metropolis. Hidden Camera Detector technology has improved over time just like cameras so you can easily protect yourself from having your privacy invaded.

This should be something you think about whenever you use a public restroom, changing or locker room since a video of that event could wind up on the internet being viewed by thousands of perverts for years to come. And ofcourse for womens it is acting like a bad watchmen apart from the real men.

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Emmanullah said: (Jul 26, 2010)  
Security is the important factor in nowadays. Because the terrorism increase day by day so we have to identified the guys with the help of some camera but camera can placed necessary places like dressing rooms, bathrooms for the guys are misbehaved during some privacy.

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Mano said: (Jul 26, 2010)  
Security is one of the major issue in current senrio. Using camera to monitor the people is most shamefull thing. It affect the Privacy of human. If they think. they watched by someone means they will not be realistic. and also they will be like actree. We cannt able to get their orginality

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Anitha said: (Jul 25, 2010)  
In my view of security cameras to say it has both positives and negatives.. though it is of great use when they are used in colleges it makes us feel uncomfortable ... especially for girls it is a real disturbance which makes them feel as though some one is having a watch on them..

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Sivaram said: (Jul 24, 2010)  
According to my point of my view, the usage of cameras in the office is make the employee that they are not reliable to their company and making so much irritation in the environment of the office and they couldn't manage to think free to deploy their innovative ideas for the developoment of the company.

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Aarti said: (Jul 24, 2010)  
I feel security cameras are unavoidable especially at social places espacially at the places which are under strict terrorist survelliance. When there is tight security den it creates a fear among criminals and thus control crime. However loose security boost confidence among criminals. So security cameras are great help bt should be used depending upon the profile.

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Gopalsamy said: (Jul 23, 2010)  
In my point of view security camers are necessary depends on location and environment in which we working. The people who are right in their work why they bother about cameras. Depends on worth of individual properties they need to safeguard their belongings so security alerts are needed.

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Prasanthi said: (Jul 20, 2010)  
In my point of view security cameras are very essential in present world.It must have privacy and by using these cameras the owner will see and he recognises whether the employees in that garment shop working properly or not.

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Raj said: (Jul 20, 2010)  
In my opinion security camera's are very usefull for everyone. If assume we have a own Garment shop if we have security camera's we can catch theves. Security cameras in offices are not must. Depending on the job profiles we can encourage.

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Maheshreddy said: (Jul 19, 2010)  
In my opinion security camera's are very usefull for everyone. If assume we have a own Garment shop if we have security camera's we can catch theves. Security cameras in offices are not must. Depending on the job profiles we can encourage.

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Titan said: (Jul 19, 2010)  
Yes security cameras is necessary but it has some privacy which means some person only has rights to access.

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Ram Bhardwaj said: (Jul 17, 2010)  
Yaah there is need of security cameras to be installed at different a days everyone has been corrupted.We are doing crimes here and there so it may help us...besides this the other thing that's required we should take apropriate action against corruption.If we are not commiting any thing wrong them why are hesitating with cameras...

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Krishna Ghosh said: (Jul 16, 2010)  
Security cameras cannot prevent any crime. All it can help is to find out the culprit long after the damage has already taken place. Many a times, the faces of the person cannot be even identified using such cameras. Moreover, it requires maintenance and storage.
There is no mean to ensure that such a camera will not malfunction or cannot be damaged by the criminals. It is not even considered as concrete proof in court.

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Mekala said: (Jul 15, 2010)  
Yes. Privacy is affected by using the security cameras. But it is going to be very irritating if it is in office or somewhere else . Based on the place security cameras are being good. If we consider the terrorism means , security cameras more helpful to find the terrorists and watch their activities. So use it where it will be necessary.

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