Science Is A Boon Or Bane

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Sandeep sen said:   7 years ago
Good morning friends, I would like to say that the science is good if we use properly, it gives better performance but if we don't use properly means the right way it results can be bad for us. So the science is boon and bane is always right.

Yashanshi tiwari said:   7 years ago
In my opinion, it is both boons as well as bane and it only depends on the way how we utilize it.

For example, nuclear bomb and other weapons were made for protection and defense BT when we see it's negative side many countries use it as a means to attack not for defense.

HIYA KASHYAP said:   7 years ago
Science is a boon or benefit to us because it provides us with a systematic way of asking and answering questions about the observable physical and living things around us. Science provides us with a way to model possible outcomes by using the experimentation model with controlled variables. Science provides us with a way to determine if our idea about the way things are is valid or invalid based on whether or not the theories behind that idea can be proven true or false.

If a person comes up with a hypothesis regarding a particular set of events such as Sir Isaac Newton did when he dropped a lead ball and a wax ball from the top of the tower at Pisa. He then learned about the force of gravity which acts upon things dropped with equal force as these items both hit the earth at the same moment in time. Newton's original hypothesis was proven false.

Science provides humanity with a way to experiment with possible outcomes of a particular situation such as earthquakes and tsunamis by building small-scale models and then testing the possible outcomes. By allowing scale model testing to occur, great human tragedies may be prevented by designing early alert systems.

Science can greatly benefit humanity through the discovery of disease agents, genetic mutations, and the effects of radiation on the life forms inhabiting the planet. Based on these findings, scientists can make suggestions or develop medicines to help cure or curb disease causes in living things.

Science has been in the middle of huge religious and political controversies as long as people have made discoveries that ran counter to the currently held religious or political views. One must understand that science is not a "faith" nor is it a "political party".

Ammu said:   7 years ago
I think science is a curse and boon, because it helped in the development of technologies and is a curse because these technologies cause a lot of problems which makes children and also elders the worst, for example, a phone it has many features which are good and bad.

Shruti parate said:   7 years ago
I think science is the boon. Because science has given us many technologies by which our world has been developed.

Then it is upon the humans that science is boon or bane.

Nitin said:   7 years ago
In what ways science can be used is less important than what science has caused us.

Science may seem like a boon when we talk about the ease, comfort, knowledge, curiosity that science has added in our life.

But it's definitely a bane when we see all the practical potential problems that science has been adding.

-> More than 500000 space debris orbit the earth and are a major threat to space stations and satellites and human too.

-> Global warming caused by industrialization.

-> Natural fertility power of earth being disturbed due to toxic and poisonous fertilizers.

Hrishi said:   7 years ago
Science is a boon but we humans made it bane by using the technology wrongly.

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