Science Is A Boon Or Bane

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Vanshika said:   3 months ago
Hey everyone it's Vanshika.

Science is like a real god for use, yes there are also disadvantages to it. Let me explain the alternately the good and bad impacts on human life of science. Before now when medical science was not very developed many people lost their life in zymotic diseases due to not a perfect diagnosis and also effective medicine. Nowadays medical science is developing very well and this result is showing a decrease in mortality.

We also invented new machines it is giving us a step towards development because or science but is has a bad effect also we should try to spotlight on it. Due to industrialization pollution level also increases and it is affecting the health of all living being. It is harming to nature.

But we can see at the other side of this industrial development, we can live without machines in this civilization. We are rounded by all machines. Railways, car, aeroplanes, and bicycles its all are the result of science. By the use of it we can travel until the end of the world. And the computer and the internet is the greatest invention of all time. We can fill the world into our room. But by the user of this thing, humans are getting lazier and lazier day by day. Before we were using our own minds to calculate any sum but now a day we use a calculator, its an areal fact of modern humans. And people is being addicted to smartphones its the worst effect of good science. The young generation is falling in love of the visual world of the internet they are spending lots of time on social media for time passes. These results are very dangerous, some are being physio patients it is really overused internet effect on our nature, mind and also in behaviour.

At last, I will say that science is full boon and partially a bane. Because there is 1 disadvantage behind 100 advantage.

Shadiya khan said:   5 months ago
Science is a boon:

With the help of science we can study more in less time, according to me we can use mobile for good things like we can learn to code, do business work etc. We live a peaceful and comfortable life in A/C, refrigerator, and machine.

Science is banned:

Cause of science and technologies the UV rays of A/C and refrigerators our ozone layer destroying and because of CFC gases. And lots of accidents are done while using a mobile phone, people call while driving, making videos, and video calls.

Radhika said:   6 months ago
Hii everyone.

If I say, human is a curious beings and this curiosity has led to so many discoveries. These discoveries were then used to fulfil our own selfish desires.

These desires had led to wars and destruction i.e. world wars. These wars are the extreme negative side of science.

But on another side of the coin, science has helped in many many ways which can not be ignored no matter what.

These two extremes sides of science made science boon or Bane a highly debatable topic.

What I think about it is, if we use the technology we discovered efficiently and wisely science can be more of a boon than a Bane.

Udit Narayan said:   7 months ago
Hello everyone,

My name is Udit Narayan Singh Nayak.

Today, I am going to express my views on the topic "Science is boon or bane".

According to me, science totally depends on us and how we use it. Looking at the positive side gives a positive impact and looking at the negative side gives a negative impact.

According to me, science is bad because in the past time there is no technology so people are very healthy and fit and lived a long life but in the present time there is a lot of technology and almost people have addicted to this technology like smartphones, vehicles, TV, laptops, etc. And because of this people are very lazy, unfit and unhealthy. Therefore science is bad in my point of view.

I think we all know about the nuclear attack of America on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is one of the best examples to prove that science is bad. Most of us use fridges and AC nowadays which is also harmful to us because it releases CFC which affects the ozone layer day by day.

Thank you.

Bhagyesh Nitin Nandan said:   7 months ago
Hello one and all present in front of me.

Today we all are present here for GD.

So today's topic is Science is a boon or ban.

So, I think that science Bane for us.

So, how I would like to say by examples of Bane.

1) Nuclear Bombs which destroying our world because of science and technology.

2) Refrigerator is also destroying our ozone layer because of the CFC gas the ozone layer is broken out. If the ozone layer is broken the rays of the sun will affect our skin.

Thank you.

Shivani said:   8 months ago
Hello everyone.

I am Shivani.

So today I want to say you something about science boon and ban.

So you all know science is very beneficial to us because science provides us with many things. Train Mobile etc.

Like lockdown, we worked from home because of science that is beneficial but harmful also.

Many people use mobile and they see useless videos etc. So, according to us, we use science in good way so science is a boon. And we use in a bad way so that science will be banned. So please use it carefully.

Thank you.

Ch Kaushik said:   9 months ago
Hello guys.

Myself Kaushik.

Today, l want to tell whether science is a boon or bane.

First, l would like to say that science is a boon as well as a bane depending upon how we use it.

'For boon'.

Science is an essential part of human life for many this like A/C, computer, internet, mobile, tv etc. We build different buildings and bridges with science.

*For bane.

Science is a bane because in world War people discovered many nuclear weapons and dangerous weapons which destroyed the world.

So, finally, l conclude that we have to use science properly for good discoveries.

A. Chakri said:   9 months ago
Science is a boon.

According to my opinion, it is a boon because when we correctly use science means without misusing that can be a boon for science.

When we are misusing it can be a bane.

As my example for proving that it is a boon.

As time is a science, time travels forward to the future but not back to the past. If we want to prove that the travel time we need the general relativity and quaint on mechanicals for the time machine. For this machine, negative energy is needed.

But, our matter has only positive energy.

For gaining of the negative energy, the gravity of time should increase for the changes of time in the present time and the friction and many other benefits of science according to time are useful for this.

So that we can say that time travels towards the future. So science is a boon.

Lucky said:   9 months ago
Hello friends.

In my opinion, science is a bane. Science gives many things like mobile, internet, refrigerator, etc. Due to these inventions, we face many problems such as;

1) The biggest disadvantage of science is related to the use of the internet by terrorists to transfer their messages.

2) Nuclear bombs also have been given by science which is very harmful to nature.

3) In the refrigerator, a CFC (Chloro Fluoro Carbon) gas is used which affects the ozone layer and makes a hole in the ozone layer through which UV rays passed, causing screen cancer.

4) In today's world, most of people used mobile. Signals used in mobile affect the life of birds harmfully.

So, we can say that science is also a bane.

Thank you.

Aryan said:   10 months ago
The modern age is an age of science. Science is the greatest boon to the modern world. Science has proved to be a boon for human life. Earlier it was difficult to take long trips.

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